10 Best Leveling kits for 2018 F150 2023 | Expert’s Guide

Does your truck seem slightly askew? Is it making you feel out of sorts along with your vehicle? We understand entirely. For a lot of us, our cars hold a special place in our hearts, and rightly so.

For this reason, we believe in introducing the very best products for your vehicle. Here is a list of some of the best leveling kits for 2021 F150. Together, we can hopefully find the perfect leveling kit for your truck and having it looking good as new in no time!


Best leveling kits for 2018 F150 Choices

When it comes to automotive parts, all of us have been to the ends of the Earth and back looking for the perfect tool that will sit just right with our vehicle. However, as experience shows, this ordeal isn’t always the easiest on your health or your budget.

So, here we have some of the very best leveling kits that the market currently has to offer. Hopefully, you can find your calling here and bring home the very product that appeals to you and your needs in the best way.

Best Levelling Kit for 2018 F150 Comparison

Image Product Dimensions
MotoFab-Lifts-F150-Front-Levelling-Lift-Kit MotoFab Lifts F150
(Editor’s Choice)
8 x 8 x 6
Billet aluminium
Check Price
Rough-Country-52200-Levelling-Kit Rough Country 52200
15.8 x 7.5 x 3
Composite material
Check Price
YITAMOTOR-Levelling-Lift-Kit YITAMOTOR Levelling Kit
7.6 x 6.9 x 4.5
Billet aluminium
Check Price
Levelling-Lift-Kit-for-Ford-F150 KSP Levelling Lift Kit
6.3 x 6.3 x 5.1
Billet aluminium
Check Price
ZY-Wheel-Front-Levelling-Kit ZY Wheel Levelling Kit
7.6 x 6.6 x 4.7
Billet aluminium
Check Price
6.3 x 6.3 x 5.1
Billet aluminium
Check Price
ReadyLift-Levelling-Kit ReadyLift Levelling Kit
10 x 10 x 10
MotoFab-Lifts-F150-Front-Levelling-Lift-Kit MotoFab Lift Front
8 x 8 x 6
Billet aluminium
Daystar-Ford-F150-Levelling-Kit Daystar Ford F150
12 x 8 x 8
Supreme-Suspensions-Front-Levelling-Kit  Supreme Suspensions Kit
7.4 x 7.3 x 6.9
Billet aluminium

Top 10 Best Leveling Kits for 2018 F150 Review

So, without further ado, let’s get into the description of our top picks. Whether you are looking for something edgy, modern, or budget-friendly, we are sure you will be able to find something in this list that suits your vehicle to the T.

1. MotoFab Lifts F150 Front Levelling Lift Kit

These MotoFab Lifts are the very embodiment of grace and functionality at its best. With a simple ergonomic design, these are particularly among buyers in the automotive department.

MotoFab Lifts F150 Front Levelling Lift Kit Review
MotoFab Lifts F150 Front Levelling Lift Kit

The leveling kit has been manufactured from high-grade billet aluminium, which is quite a testament to how sturdy it really is.

If we’re talking numbers, then let us just say that the MotoFab levelling kit can comfortably lift your truck by two inches.

On the outer surface, there is a powder coat finish that prevents the leveling kit from getting marked or damaged, while it gets the job done. Besides, it goes well with your factory suspension as well.

The best part about the MotoFab levelling kit is that it can be installed in under two hours and that too, without the need for any extra tools such as coils.

As compared to other leveling kits, you don’t have to worry about investing in additional gear for the disassembling process.

Given that this leveling kit has been manufactured in the United States, buyers can rest assured when it comes to performance and quality.

Owing to the billet aluminium construction and powder coat finish, it is durable and will not rust or deteriorate any time soon.

Pros and Highlights
  • Sturdy billet aluminium construction
  • Protective outer surface with powder coat finish
  • Minimal installation time
  • No extra gear required for disassembly
  • Long term durability and performance assured
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • Does not work with ’08 Honda pilot
  • Nuts and bolts included but may not fit all trucks

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Bottom line

As long as you get the specifics on point, the MotoFab levelling kit will not let you down. It is ideal for beginners, owing to the ease of installation and disassembly.

Therefore, it is definitely in our good books!

2. Rough Country 52200 Levelling Kit

The Rough Country 52200 Levelling Kit is trailing right behind our top pick here, i.e., the MotoFab levelling kit, as a close second and a worthy contender for one of our top spots on this list.

Rough Country 52200 Levelling Kit Review
Rough Country 52200 Levelling Kit

For starters, this leveling kit has ground clearance for vehicles that travel both on and off-road, making it one of our most versatile packages.

The cherry on top is that you get to experience a smooth, bump-free ride while the leveling kit is in place.

Although the name itself, ‘Rough Country’ might be slightly misleading, you can rest assured that your journey will be a comfortable one.

As with standard leveling kits, the Rough Country 52200 levels the front part of the vehicle with the rear. The working mechanism is quite simple, and the heavy-duty composite material construction ensures that the leveling kit does not fall prey to damage such as rust, etc.

For a vehicle that is often on the road, such as a truck, it is quite common that it succumbs to the wear and tear, or any unhospitable weather conditions. However, this leveling kit is armed to defend itself against any such unpromising factors, which definitely puts buyers at ease.

Pros and Highlights
  • Levels the front parallel to the back
  • Heavy-duty composite surface
  • Durable and sustainable performance
  • Does not get damaged from rust or other elements
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • Manufacturing isn’t 100% steel
  • The spacer doesn’t rust, but the hardware may be rust sensitive

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Bottom line

So, folks, as you can see, you can’t really go wrong with the Rough Country 52200 leveling country.

It would be wise to do your research before taking the plunge, but if the shoe fits, then you should definitely go for it!

3. YITAMOTOR Levelling Lift Kit

If you have a bit of a rebellious streak in you and want to make your truck look a little edgier, the YITAMOTOR leveling lift kit is definitely your ball game.

YITAMOTOR Levelling Lift Kit Review
YITAMOTOR Levelling Lift Kit

At first glance, you can see that is has a beautiful billet aluminium exterior and a shiny black finish that adds a lot of character to your vehicle.

Additionally, you can level the front and back of your vehicle to perfection without compromising on the quality of the drive.

So, you will be just as comfortable cruising around in your sweet ride as before, maybe even more so.

To be specific, the YITAMOTOR leveller works with almost all the Ford F150 from 2004 all the way to 2018, save for the 2004 Ford Heritage.

We sincerely apologize to any Heritage owners here but don’t be disheartened because we still have a few tricks left up to our sleeves.

The outer surface of the leveller is anodized, which protects it from rust and corrosion, in addition to maintaining the sturdy structure. The icing on the cake is that despite all of the above, the leveling kit is still quite lightweight as compared to other leveling kits, which makes it easier to install and handle.

Pros and Highlights
  • Lifts front of the vehicle up by 2.5.”
  • Heat-treated and hardened with 10.9 bolts (pre-installed)
  • Exceptionally strong and durable
  • Easy bolt-on installation process
  • No extra gear required for installation
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • Does not work for 2004 Ford Heritage
  • Does not come with an instruction manual

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Bottom line

Perhaps the only thorn in this rose is the installation time, which amounts to a good three hours. However, if you can spare a few hours, you will end up with a perfectly leveled vehicle and trust us, it will be well worth the wait and the effort!

4. Levelling Lift Kit for Ford F150

Alright, folks, let’s get straight to business. This leveling kit for the Ford 150 is explicitly designed for the 2004 to 2020 Ford F150 along with the 2003 to 2018 Ford Expedition.

Levelling Lift Kit for Ford F150 Review
Levelling Lift Kit for Ford F150

Besides, it also works with the 2005 to 2008 Lincoln Mark LT models. If your truck lies in any of these categories, this is definitely a strong contender for your attention.

In terms of leveling, this kit will raise your truck by three inches. According to suspension specifics, the ratio of the kit thickness and lift height might not necessarily be 1 to 1.

Therefore, it is recommended that you have your vehicle properly aligned once after the installation of this leveling kit.

Manufactured from billet aluminium, it is particularly sturdy and makes for quite a smooth ride even when riding conditions are not optimal.

The outer surface has a powder coat finish, which resists corrosion and rust. The 12.9-grade bolts make for an easy installation process.

Not to mention, the matte black finish of the levelers gives your vehicle that aesthetic air that will make it stand out anywhere. These make for additional ground clearance as well and go great with off-road travel and off-roading trucks.

Pros and Highlights
  • Durable billet aluminium construction and powder coat finish
  • Extra ground clearance for off-roading
  • Stable and comfortable riding experience
  • Easy to install
  • Rust-proof and anti-corrosive properties
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • Alignment is necessary after installation
  • Shocks may need to be replaced

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This leveling kit is compatible with quite a few models of the Ford F150, and we can clearly see why it is a crowd favorite. The strong build, coupled with the ease of installation, is enough to draw us to it!

5. ZY Wheel Front Levelling Kit

Onto to the next, this ZY Wheel Front Leveling Kit is in a league of its own when it comes to front leveling.

To be exact, it raises the front of your truck by two and a half inches. However, the ratio between the lift height and kit thickness will not always be 1 to 1 on the dot.

ZY Wheel Front Levelling Kit Review
ZY Wheel Front Levelling Kit

The kit itself does not amount to two and a half inches worth of thickness, so you should be vigilant here.

For the best result, it would be best to get a proper alignment once the kit has been installed in place. In terms of compatibility, it comfortably fits the Ford F150 2WD 2004 to 2019 models along with the 4WD.

Also, it works well with the 2003 to 2017 Ford Expedition, for both 2WD and 4WD models, as well as the 2005 to 2008 models of the Lincoln Mark LT.

The kit is quite balanced in itself and does a beautiful job of leveling the front of the truck with the rear, offering additional ground clearance and fender clearance as an added bonus. Besides, it makes your vehicle look even edgier owing to the matte black finish of the kit.

It is quite easy to install. The whole process will barely an hour or two from start to finish. Another advantage you have here is that no extra gear is required for the installation process.

As part of the package, you also get 2.5-inch billet aluminium spacers that act as the solid bolts keeping the kit in place.

Pros and Highlights
  • Does not require extra tools for disassembly
  • Bonus aluminium spacers included
  • Minimal installation time
  • Parallel leveling from front to rear
  • Works with several models of the Ford F150
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • Alignment required for raises over two inches
  • Lift height and kit thickness may not have 1:1 ratio

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Bottom line

Overall, the ZY leveling kit works well with numerous trucks, so it should be easy for you to find a match. The ratio of height to kit thickness may be a bit of a letdown, but for under two inches, you should have no such trouble with the kit!

6. KSP Levelling Lift Kit for Ford F150

Similar to various of its counterparts, this leveling kit is compatible with the Ford Expedition 2003 to 2018, the Lincoln Mark LT 2005 to 2008, and the Ford F150 models from 2004 to 2020. All those mentioned above include both 2WD and 4WD models as well.

KSP Leveling Lift Kit Review
KSP Leveling Lift Kit

With this leveling kit, you will be able to raise the front of your truck by a maximum of two and a half inches.

The suspension ratio may not necessarily be 1:1 in every case, so it is recommended that you get an alignment after having the kit installed. This will ensure that your truck is evenly raised from both ends.

In addition to providing an extra security blanket amidst unhospitable riding conditions or off-roading, this leveling kit also results in a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. So, you are getting the best of both worlds in this deal.

The leveling kit includes solid billet aluminium bolts that keep rust and corrosion from damaging the kit.

Besides, you get a significant amount of ground clearance, which is ideal for off-roading or rough terrain, making for a better riding experience.

Pros and Highlights
  • Gives your truck an edgy look
  • 9 solid bolts for holding the kit in place
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with numerous models of the Ford F150
  • Comfortable ride even in rough conditions
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • Alignment needed after installation
  • Does not work with vans

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Bottom line

If you are looking for a simpler, low-maintenance model, then this one does fit the bill. Not only that, but it is also quite sturdy and durable.

7. ReadyLift Levelling Kit

If the phrase ‘less is more’ had an automotive application, it would be the ReadyLift leveling kit.

Yes, we know, Ernest Hemingway and automotive parts may not be the best analogy, but it’s the only one that comes to mind here.

ReadyLift Levelling Kit Review
ReadyLift Levelling Kit

In terms of compatibility, this one is a bit restrictive. In that, it works with 2017-UP F250 and F350 trucks, both in 4WD. These kits can raise the front of your truck by as much as two and a half inches.

For raises over the height of two inches, you should have your truck aligned after you install the leveling kit.

The best part about the ReadyLift Leveling Kit is that it includes a bunch of extra goodies.

These include sound isolators, sway bar spacers, shock extensions, and track bar relocation brackets. Using these tools, you can quickly assemble, install, and disassemble like a pro.

Pros and Highlights
  • Factory three-inch block at the rear
  • Can raise your truck by two and a half inches from the front
  • Includes extra gear for assembly and installation
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • Only compatible with a few trucks
  • Only works with 4WD trucks
  • Alignment needed after installation

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Bottom line

For a model as simple as this one, even beginners will be comfortable installing in their trucks.

Although it is not compatible with many models of the Ford F150, you should be able to find a match for the 2018 Ford F150 in 4WD, fingers crossed!

8. MotoFab Lift Front Levelling Kit

Alright, folks, it seems as if we have come full circle (almost) back to another excellent leveling kit from MotoFab. Similar to its counterpart, it can raise the front of your truck by full 2.5 inches.

MotoFab Lift Front Levelling Kit Review
MotoFab Lift Front Levelling Kit

The lifts are manufactured from aircraft billet aluminium with a powder coat finish that goes great with your factory suspension.

You do not need any additional tools for installing the kit. The installation process takes a little more than an hour and a half.

It is compatible with both 2WD and 4WD models of the Ford F150 2004 to 2018, which makes it slightly restricted in terms of compatibility, but nevertheless, it is no less compelling.

Pros and Highlights
  • No extra gear needed for installation
  • Short time required for installation
  • Sturdy build due to billet aluminium and powder coat finish
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • Restricted in terms of compatibility
  • Does not fit 2018 Ford F150

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Bottom line

If you are looking for a leveling kit for a Ford Expedition or Lincoln Mark LT, this might not be the best choice.

However, for the models above that are compatible, you should find no complaints with this kit as long as you have your truck properly aligned after installing it!

9. Daystar Ford F150 Levelling Kit

If you want something slightly different from other leveling kits on the market, then the Daystar Ford leveling kit is an excellent place to start.

Daystar Ford F150 Levelling Kit Review
Daystar Ford F150 Levelling Kit

Starting with the manufacturing material, it sets itself apart from most other packages out there.

Instead of the standard billet aluminium, it is manufactured from high-density polyurethane, which has the ability to raise the front of trucks without damaging the body or compromising on the driving experience or quality.

For trucks, in particular, there is no danger to the load-bearing capacity so you can rest assured on that front.

Instead, you can count on some significant ground clearance without having to worry about any metal on metal clashing, which is a common risk among most leveling kits.

Pros and Highlights
  • Added ground clearance up to 20 to 22 inches
  • No metal on metal rubbing or scratching
  • Enhanced ride quality
  • Durable and lightweight
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • Bolts do not come installed
  • Compatibility may be restricted

View Features on Amazon

Bottom line

The Daystar leveling kit really is quite different from most of its counterparts on this list, but that does not make it any less superior. If you find that it checks all your boxes, then do not hesitate to pick this one!

10. Supreme Suspensions Front Levelling Kit 

We’re ending on quite a strong note here, and what better way to do that than to introduce the Supreme Suspensions Front leveling kit. Let’s see what we have here in terms of compatibility.

Supreme Suspensions Front Levelling Kit Review
Supreme Suspensions Front Levelling Kit

For both the 2WD and 4WD, it covers the Ford F150, the Ford Expedition, and the Lincoln Mark LT.

It works great for most models from 2003 to 2017, but it does not work for any FX-4 models. Besides the leveling kit, you also get a few other tools, including front struct spacers, installation gear, and installation instruction as part of the Supreme Suspensions Pro package.

All of this makes it relatively easy to follow the installation process from start to finish. The whole process should not take more than an hour or two at max. You will have to keep an eye out for the ratio of lift height to kit thickness.

It may not necessarily result as 1:1, so it would be best to have your vehicle properly aligned to yield the best result. Be sure to check how far the vehicle is raised to see if the kit is installed properly.

You should be able to spot a noticeable difference in ground clearance once the kit is in place.

At the end of the day, it plays a significant role in enhancing the outer appearance of your car, along with allowing for bigger rims in place of your old ones.

Pros and Highlights
  • Covers most 2WD and 4WD Ford F150 models
  • Minimal installation time
  • Instruction manual easy to follow
  • Improves the outer look of your vehicle
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • Alignment needed after installation
  • Suspension ratio isn’t always 1:1

View Features on Amazon


All in all, there is a lot we could say about the Supreme Suspensions leveling kit, but we’ll just let the material speak for itself.

We hope you will see why we appreciate this kit as much as we do. So, we hope you successfully find a match for your truck with this one, folks!

Expert’s Guide: Things to consider when buying Leveling Kits For 2018 F150

As a customer, it’s important to understand the various key factors that you should look for in a leveling kit.

We have compiled a few things which are common in all the quality leveling kits to help you choose the best available in the market.


For any kind of automotive equipment, installation may just be the biggest concern because that is the very first step of the process. Most leveling kits are relatively easy to install, but some do not come with instruction manuals.

If yours does not come with a manual, then you should be prepared to scour through dozens of YouTube videos trying to figure out the process. So, it would be best that comes with the complete kit, including any extra gear that you may need.


Let’s face it; a leveling kit isn’t something that we would like to splurge on. Therefore, really take your time to assess your options here. Keep in mind your personal needs and the specifics of your truck before settling on a kit.

You may not necessarily need a kit with all that extra gear. So, taking some time here could really save you from spending too much and even from gathering unnecessary hardware.


Depending on your truck, you will most likely need a leveling kit that raises the front of your vehicle by about two to three inches. As long as the kit meets those marks, you should be good to go.

Simply ensure that you are investing in the right product that you can actually use with your vehicle. Check for compatibility as well, so you don’t end up with a kit that doesn’t work with your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a leveling kit? 

Answer: A leveling kit is used to level vehicles such as trucks. The front part of the vehicle is raised by a couple of inches in order to make it even with the rear. This results in the vehicle becoming parallel with the road, allowing for a better driving experience, particularly in off-road terrain.

Q2. Why should I put a leveling kit on my truck?

Answer: The primal motivation for installing a leveling on a truck is to increase ground clearance.

This comes in handy if you tend to travel in off-road terrain or bumpy terrain because it reduces the impact on the actual body of the vehicle and makes for a smoother ride.

Also, a leveling kit allows those larger stock tires to operate on all fours with full power. For dessert terrain, this is helpful as it prevents vehicles from getting stuck in ditches, etc.  

Q3. Do leveling kits affect mpg? 

Answer: In short, yes. Leveling kits primarily raise your truck by a few inches, which increase air drag on the truck. This reduces the mpg performance by a fair amount.

Q4. What does a leveling kit look like? 

Answer: Leveling kits often have hollow band-like cylindrical structures with billet aluminum solid bolts embedded in between. These are installed under trucks to raise them by a couple of inches such that the front becomes level with the rear.

Q5. Are truck leveling kits bad?

Answer: When it comes to making changes to your vehicle’s suspensions, there will always be some sort of risk involved.

However, if you are using a good quality leveling kit, you need not be too worried because it will not result in any permanent damage to your truck.

Q6. Do leveling kits affect ride? 

Answer: A leveling kit works by raising the front of your truck while the rear is hardly affected. Therefore, there isn’t much impact on the load-bearing capacity of the truck or the truck bed, so it is not harmful to your vehicle.

Q7. Does a leveling kit affect the camber?

Answer: If a leveling kit has been installed properly, it should not have any impact on the direction of the truck bed.

If you notice your truck being tugged to one side or another, it is not due to the camber, so you should look into other potential factors.  

Q8. Do I need front end alignment after installing a leveling kit?

Answer: For most leveling kits, if you are raising the front of your truck by more than two inches, it is recommended that you get a front-end alignment once the kit has been installed.  

Q9. Does a leveling kit void warranty? 

Answer: No, installing a leveling kit does not affect the warranty. However, if something is damaged or broken because of the kit, the warranty will not cover that.

Q10. Do you need an alignment after getting bigger tires?

Answer: No, getting bigger tires does not have much of an impact on the alignment of your vehicle. If you install a leveling kit that raises the front more than two inches, then you might want to look into that.   

Final Thoughts

Whew! We agree that a lot is going on here. However, now that you have read through this entire review, you will feel much more at ease deciding regarding a particular product.

If yes, then we can pat ourselves on the back on a job well done. Feel free to contact us via email for any further queries or questions.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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