Best Intake Manifold for 5.0 & 5.4 F150 in 2022

In most cases, standard intake manifolds produce less heated air to the cylinders, resulting in less horsepower from the fuel. A cold air intake configuration will fill this energy gap by providing extra oxygen to the engine.

This means more horsepower while using the same remaining fuel. This is why cold air intake mechanisms have long been regarded as one of the most precise methods of getting on additional horsepower. It’s a brilliant way to boost the performance of your F150 that’s simple to install and doesn’t break the bank.

Cold air intakes have a number of advantages, but there are multiple kinds on the market and it’s easy to become puzzled about which one to pick. Before reaching a choice, you must fully understand what is preferred for your vehicle as to the best intake manifold for 5.0 F150, as well as the various types of air intake systems.

Intake Manifold for 5.0 & 5.4 F150

Here’s what we’ve got to help you out!

Top 7 Intake Manifold for 5.0 & 5.4 F150 Comparison

Quick Summary

  • 50% Extra Airflow: K&N Cold Air Intake
    “The K&N intake manifold can provide up to 50% more airflow, increases horsepower, improves acceleration, throttle response, and so on. It clearly establishes a framework of features to serve you the best.”
  • Large Airbox & Tubing: Roush Cold AIR F150
    “This cold air intake has an expanded air box and large tubing system that easily pulls high density cold air into your engine and boosts overall performance, horsepower, and torque!”
  • Prevents Contaminants: Rough-Country-Intake
    “The air intake system performs excellently in terms of preventing dust particles and debris from entering the engine and keeping them away. The high-quality oiled air filters deserve the credit!”
  • Durable Built: AF Dynamic Black Cold Air Filter Intake
    “The combination of stainless steel, aluminum, and silicone materials already ensures the durability of this incredible air intake system and speaks a lot about its capacity to increase the performance of your F150.”
  • Protects the Engine: BLACKHORSE-RACING 4″ Cold Air Intake System
    “The cold air intake filter used in this model is made of oiled cotton fibers that can capture even the smallest dirt and dust and protects the engine from pollutants, excessive heat, and difficult events.”
  • Includes Temperature Sensors: AM Autoparts Upper Intake Manifold
    “This intake manifold features a thermostat that keeps the engine operating within its optimum heating range while also keeping the system running smoothly and efficiently.”
  • Single Piece Design: DNA Motoring Intake Manifold
    “The intake manifold easily confronts OEM specifications, is suitable for your F150, and the gaskets are professionally molded into the intake manifold for excellent efficiency.”

7 Best Intake Manifold for 5.0 F150 & 5.4 F150

While making a decision about automotive parts for the F150, the information and knowledge relating to the aspects must be precise and detailed. Since it’ll have an impact on your driving performance as well as your overall experience with the F150. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve discovered so far to help you fill the information gap while assisting you in getting your hands on the finest.

1. K&N Cold Air Intake- Precision Engineering & Configuration at Its Best for Peak Effectiveness

Features & Specifications

  • 50% Extra Airflow
  • Polyethylene Tubing
  • Non-oiled Dryflow Synthetic fluid
  • Optimized Towing & Throttle Responding
K&N Cold Air Intake

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Many cold air intakes offer to increase the vehicle’s performance, but the K&N Cold Air Intake truly guarantees to give you the ultimate satisfaction in terms of increasing the horsepower of your F150.  This one can increase the airflow 50% more and is able to provide exceptional filtration than the regular intakes. 

When you install this incredibly powerful intake, you’ll notice an immediate boost in airspeed and throttle response. It pumps up the horsepower and improves the acceleration. From within, you can hear this beast roaring with power.

Also, the cold air intake’s strong polyethylene (HDPE) tube greatly increases the flow of air to your engine, resulting in 100 percent power improvements. Not only that, but the high-quality tubing system also prevents rust and corrosion and has a heat shield to safeguard from heat emission.

This intake system was designed to last approximately 100,000 miles under normal conditions before needing to be serviced. The oversized air filter, which can capture more dirt than normal filters and makes the system more capable, deserves all of the credit. Plus, the air filter is coated with oil that helps to catch the filth and debris more effectively.

Moreover, the installation procedure is simpler than ever. It’ll only take one to two hours if you use the factory mountings on your Ford F-150. You can simply install the system and go. There is no necessity for tuning!

  • Provides 50% extra airflow than original equipment manufacturers’ systems.
  • Engine protection of the highest caliber is included.
  • Helps to improve horsepower & throttle sensitivity.
  • Powerful polyethylene tubing system.
  • Enhances engine sound.
  • Heat shields are included. 
  • Simple installation with longer service life.
  • Simple to maintain and configure.
  • The filter makes harsh noise and becomes louder above 1700 RPMs.

Verdict: From my point of view, the features clearly characterize it as the best intake manifold for 5.4 F150s and 5.0 G150s. Especially the extra airflows and increased horsepower are surely praiseworthy. The K&N Efficiency Cold Air Intake technology will facilitate you to get the utmost out of your F150.

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2. Roush Cold AIR F150-The Ideal Combination of Improved Performance, More Airflow, and Fuel Efficiency 

Features & Specifications

  • EPDM Rubber Couplers
  • CAD-Designed Leak Proof Lid
  • Injection Molded Airbox Plate
  • Airflow Tube with a Diameter of 105 mm
Roush Cold AIR F150

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If you want to get the ultimate horsepower and speed off your F150, why not decide to give it a boost with this brilliant Roush Cold Air intake? This cold air intake kit improves engine performance while requiring no PCM recalibration and providing significantly less intake restriction than standard models.

This one has two significant advantages: it unlocks potential power and fuel efficiency, and it also reduces pressure loss. Plus, the one characteristic that differentiates it from the others is its large size, which allows it to pass through maximum airflow to ensure maximum performance.

Speaking of the air filtering system, the air filter requires no oiling or additional maintenance, is dishwasher safe and reusable, and eco-friendly. And on top of that, the high capacity and high flow system simply put it ahead of the race.

Another noteworthy unique feature is the shielding system. This air intake method incorporates CAD to build a fully enclosed and shielded system that erases any type of leak for optimum improvements in performance. A strong, injection-molded airbox with a sturdy supply air tube is also included to ensure that there is no shortage of boost, only efficiency!

Consequently, you’ll be relieved to know that the product has a simple bolt-on setup process without needing you to do any metalwork, cutting, or collect complex tools for installation.

These unique characteristics have already cleared the way for it to compete and win over other standard models as the best air intake for 5.0 F150.

  • Expands the size of the air intake and airbox to compensate for the extra airflow.
  • Increased compression performance without the need for PCM recalibration.
  • Additional induction noise and active efficiency sound.
  • Excellent filtration capabilities.
  • The air filter is easy to wash and reusable.
  • All tools to assess and instructions are included.
  • While installing, it must be tuned with professional assistance.

Verdict: Based on the detailed findings, I can say that the product is top-notch, with a variety of great features such as an enlarged airbox, brilliant air filtering, a leak-proof shielding system, and more. It’s capable of exceeding expectations by providing long-term dependable support for your F150!

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit, or the Roush Cold intake manifold; Who is Ahead?

Well, it’s time for a quick comparison of these two. To begin with the contrasts, the K & N intake manifolds have a Sophisticated oiled synthetic filter, which is not available in the Roush cold air intake reusable air filters.

Secondly, the K&N’s thicker and enlarged polyethylene (HDPE) tubing system adds another benefit for engine air circulation. Whereas the Roush Intake Manifold has a 105 mm Airflow Tube for maximum airflow. Also, the superior CAD-designed leakage-proof feature found in the Roush Air intake is missing in the K&N product.

Aside from the differences, both of the enlisted products have a fairly large size airflow tubing system for increased airflows, which serves the primary purpose of intake manifolds. Both of their incredible abilities to improve the engine performance of your F150 are noteworthy!

3. Rough Country Cold Air Intake- Increasing Power Capacity With No Re-tuning Requirements

Features & Specifications

  • High Flow Intake
  • Black Intake Tube
  • Re-tune Not Required
  • High-quality Oiled Air Filters
Rough Country Cold Air Intake

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Rough Country’s Cold Air Intake Service includes much stronger air circulation due to its cylindrical configuration and heavy steel large tube. This intake system relocates the air filter away from the fuel tank, allowing cooler air to flow freely through the engine which gives the engine a boost in power.

The noticeable differences will be visible immediately after replacing the stock factory intake with this one. You’ll observe and feel an increase in steering wheel horsepower & engine efficiency.

Each unit of this intake system comes with a top-quality, durable air filter that is also cleanable and you can use it over and over again. The air filters are very effective in collecting the debris and dirt with their layered structure and will act as a barrier to prevent contaminants from entering the engine section.

Additionally, if you’re more into aesthetic styling, then you must consider this intake which also adds a fine sturdy appearance to your engine with its black-coated intake tube along with increased performance.

If we highlight the setup process, no special toolkits or additional adjustments are necessary for the simple installation. Everything will be settled in about an hour and a half. Furthermore, detailed instructions will be provided to help you.

  • Increases power by enhancing airflow.
  • Throttle response and efficiency are improved.
  • Fairly well instructions are included with proper guidance.
  • Heat protection included.
  • No drilling is required.
  • High-quality built.
  • Clamping the hose clamps may cause them to scatter apart.

Verdict: As we can see, the Rough Country cold air intake is not going to let you down in terms of performance and product quality. When you install the Rough Country cold air intake, you are optimizing everything from efficiency to throttle response and overall engine performance for your F150.

4. AF Dynamic Black Cold Air Filter Intake- Ideal Choice for Increasing Fuel Efficiency and Gas Mileage

Features & Specifications

  • Silicone Coupler
  • Increases Gas Mileage
  • Soft Silicone Vacuum Tubing
  • Aluminum Pipes & Reflective Heat Shield
AF Dynamic Black Cold Air Filter Intake

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The AF dynamic air intake filter does not compromise on quality a bit while meeting the client’s expectations. It uses strong stainless steel for a sturdy and long-lasting build; the combination of silicone and steel material construction makes it the ideal piece for long-term use.

The product’s praiseworthy construction complements the performance boost; the throttle response and overall horsepower are greatly enhanced. Not only that, it effectively upgrades your fuel efficiency, which, as you may know, is a challenge for most systems. 

The air intake system also includes a well-built air filter with a heat-protective cover and an insulation mat. The brilliant high-flow air filtration system allows the engine to pull in cold air more effectively. The insulation mat, in conjunction with the heat shield, helps in temperature control and prevents the engine from overheating.

Furthermore, this intake package has everything you need to get started. It should be mentioned that throughout the setup process, no splitting, drilling, or fabrication is necessary.

To sum it up, the incredible air intake system can meet the requirement of those individuals who are seeking an air intake service similar to an authentic intake manifold for NA 5.0.

  • Greatly enhances filtration efficacy up to 90% more than standard paper filters.
  • Horsepower and torque increase by up to 10%.
  • Intense and sporty sound makes the driving enjoyable.
  • Compatible with (OEM) software systems.
  • Includes a heat shield & an insulation mat.
  • Stimulates gas mileage.
  • The installation is a bit pricey and must be done by a professional.

5. BLACKHORSE-RACING 4″ Cold Air Intake System- Get 10% Expansion in Horsepower and Torque

Features & Specifications

  • Alloy Steel Material
  • Cotton Fiber Air filters
  • Includes a MAF sensor
  • Up to 10% increased Horsepower
BLACKHORSE-RACING 4 Cold Air Intake System

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The BLACKHORSE air intake system can genuinely improve the performance of your F150 by pulling in colder air effectively which results in better throttle response, increased torque, and more exponential horsepower efficiency.

One of its standout features is the air filters. It has a visually appealing filtration system that involves thousands of tiny cotton fibers. It keeps hot air out of the compartments to maintain the intake air charge cool.

Also, the high-efficiency structure of layered, oiled cotton media works as a safeguard for your engine from pollutants. The cotton fibered filters effectively prevent all microscopic contaminants from escaping; even the tiniest dust particles cannot flee its shielding.

It’s also dishwasher safe, can be cleaned with regular soap, and the filter is reusable. It’s advised to clean it every 5,000 miles.

In terms of durability, the anodized alloy metal-bodied pipes are highly resistant to rust and corrosion, and they help to improve the performance of your F150. It also has an incredible ability to withstand harsh conditions.

Many people admire the system’s intense growls and sounds, which it regards as a desirable feature for your intake manifold. You can consider it as one of the finest 5.4 3v intake manifolds for your F150, undoubtedly.

  • Optimized throttle response.
  • Better air filtration mechanism.
  • Increases Horsepower and torque up to 10% more.
  • Simple installation tool kits are required.
  • Shields the engine from dust particles.
  • The joints are too delicate, overtightening can cause a fracture.

6. AM Autoparts Upper Intake Manifold-  A Good choice for a Reliable And Consistent 5.4 3v Intake Manifold

Features & Specifications

  • Material: Plastic
  • Includes temperature sensor
  • Kit contains Original O-ring and screws
AM Autoparts Upper Intake Manifold

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When you experience engine performance issues, such as lowered power, a leakage in the cooling system, or an overheated engine, you might have to update your air intake manifolds and gaskets. And here’s a good alternative: the AM Autoparts Air intake manifold with gaskets.

The product is designed specifically for the Ford series and F150s to improve engine performance. If we look at the construction, we can see that it’s made of a sturdy plastic material. The compact and lightweight structure assists in minimizing extra pressure on the assembly.

Next, the gasket or seal is molded into the intake system for better efficiency. Apart from the gaskets, the O-rings are also included. Though both serve the same purpose, O-rings outperform gaskets in high-pressure applications and provide better sealing. As a side benefit, you get both in one!

Plus, the system includes a thermostat to measure the temperature of the air circulating inside the intake manifold. It greatly helps in keeping the engine operating smoothly at its optimal temperature.

There’s no need to make any additional modifications because it’s a direct replacement fitment with factory fittings, making installation quick and easy.

Not to mention, this intake air manifold differs slightly from the previous ones on this list. That is the placement; as you can see, it is an upper intake manifold that can be used in the front part of your F150.

  • Thermostats effectively keep the engine operating within its optimum range of temperature.
  • Has high strength and durability for long-term use.
  • O-rings provide a good sealing system.
  • Lightweight frame.
  • There is no detailed instruction manual included.

7. DNA Motoring Intake Manifold- Excellent Air Intake Supporting System with OE Specifications

Features & Specifications

  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Direct-Fit OE Design
  • Includes manifold gaskets
  • Seamless Surface finishing (Black)
DNA Motoring Intake Manifold

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Finally, one brand new DNA Motoring intake manifold that can serve as the ideal substitute for your previously damaged intake manifolds. This intake manifold’s primary purpose is of course to sweep air in a direct fuel injection engine, allowing more cold air into it.

Apart from that, this brilliant replacement along with the new gaskets, will greatly benefit you and help to ensure proper engine functionality for your F150.

The material is solidified ABS plastic with an aluminum coolant fusion that effectively reduces failure from unwanted rusting and excessive vibrations. The Intake manifold gaskets are framed and molded inside the intake system for better efficiency. Clearly, the injection molding produces a long-lasting structure with optimized system performance.

The installation will be straightforward. It’s a one-piece configuration with factory-direct replacement fittings. However, getting the assistance of a professional for fittings may result in a better outcome.

The features may be simple and basic compared to others, but the quality and service will easily cover it as the best intake manifold for 5.4 F150. Moreover, it may also be used as a mount for the spark plug, throttle body, intake valves, and other engine components.

  • The body is built of a robust plastic and alloy material.
  • Ensures proper engine functionality.
  • Matches up to OEM specifications.
  • Includes aluminum coolant.
  • Direct-Fit.
  • In some cases, uneven fittings make it difficult to install spark plugs.

Final Words

There are countless ways and changes that you can make to boost the performance of your F150 and other large trucks. One of the first changes that vehicle owners make to their vehicles is replacing the factory-made intakes with cold air intakes.  As the replacement greatly benefits the engine’s overall efficiency and the air filters are a great asset for increasing the horsepower and performance. 

However, before selecting the air intake manifold, you should have a clear picture of the aspects and your vehicle’s fitting criteria. For some, the seemingly limitless range of choices available could be confusing. Take a good look at these best intake manifolds for 5.0 F150s and make it easier for yourself to choose among them!

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