Best Headlight Bulbs for Night Driving 2023

Tired of replacing those crappy headlight bulbs get blown, again and again, cutting a deep hole in your wallet? I have a kickass solution for you. I am dealing with cars for pretty much a couple of years. Have tested a number of headlight bulbs.

From my experience, I am sure you may find lots of guys replace their burnt out headlight bulbs once in a blue moon. Now it may be a burning question, why my headlight bulbs get burnt faster while other guys using the same bulb for a minimum of 2-3 years.

best headlight bulbs review
Headlight bulbs

Don’t worry; I will let the cat out of the bag and make the issue crystal clear. But, for that, we will have to dig a bit deeper. As this issue is causing a good amount of penalty, very often, a dime a dozen, I would recommend you to have a cup of coffee with you so that we can cover the whole nine yards with ease.

But if you have bigger fish to fry, don’t worry we have got you covered also. Paying a bit of attention to the key points will come in handy, especially if you have a limited span of time in your hand. Okay, let’s get back to the drawing board.

Comparison Table of Top 13 Headlight Bulbs

Image Product Color
Bulb Type
SNGL-Super-Bright-LED-headlight SNGL Super Bright
(Editor’s Choice)
6000 K
LED 12,400 Lumens
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VoRock8-R2-COB-H7-8000LM-LED-Headlight VoRock8 H7 LED
LED 4000
Check Price
RCP-D3S6-D3S-D3R-6000K-Xenon-HID RCP – D3S HID
Xenon HID
3800 Check Price
Glowstick-LED-headlight-bulbs Glow stick LED
(Expert’s Choice)
6500 K
12,000 Lumens
Check Price
LASFIT-H10-9140-9145-LED-Fog-Light-Bulbs LASFIT H10/9140/9145
Check Price
Marsauto-12000LM-M2-Series-Led-Hi-Lo-Beam-Headlamp Marsauto H13/9008
Check Price
Philips-D3S-Xenon-HID-Headlight-Bulb Philips D3S HID
Xenon HID
Check Price
VoRock8-R2-COB-9006-HB4-9006XS-8000LM-LED-Headlight VoRock8 9006/9006XS
Check Price
Philips-9012CVB2-CrystalVision-Ultra-Upgrade-Headlight-Bulb Philips 9012CVB2
Auxbeam-H11-LED-Headlight-Bulb Auxbeam 9006/HB4
LASFIT-H11-H8-H9-H16-LED-Headlight LASFIT H11/H8/H9/H16
OEDRO-H11-LED-Headlight-Bulb OEDRO H11 LED

Our 13 Picks of Best headlight bulbs for Night Driving

As I have already promised, I will make everything clear. Now you are quite known about the various types of headlight bulbs, their positive and negative aspects. But my duty doesn’t end here. I know, you tend more. You want to the point guide to picking the best one for you.

To help you in this aspect, here we are presenting our top 10 picks from the wide array of headlight bulbs. Have a closer eye on the pros and cons and I think that will be enough to pick the best one according to your budget. Let’s start:-

1. SNGL Super Bright LED headlight conversion Kit – the ideal pick for your Car

If you own a pickup truck, then the SNGL Super Bright LED headlight is the best option for you. It has been explicitly designed to illuminate the road so that you can avoid all safety hazards while driving.

It has a sleek design, so you need not worry about its fittings. The LED bulb provides an output of 6000 K which is typically white light. Therefore, this bulb gives you clarity and helps you to see farther. It is a 55 W bulb per unit.

It also has a rain coating solution thus rendering it waterproof. If you install this in your truck, your headlights shall remain unaffected during mild or heavy rains.

SNGL Super Bright LED headlight review
SNGL Super Bright LED headlight

You can easily attach these bulbs in a reflector or projecting light system of your truck. The bulb also has adjustable beam technology using which you can adjust the beam angle according to your requirements.

Pros And Highlights
  • Requires less input, and therefore, Doesn’t put a strain on the battery.
  • Easily used in the reflector as well as projecting style lighting system.
  • Long-lasting, offering 50000 hours of consistent lighting.
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • Provides average lighting when compared to others

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Bottom Line
It is one of the best led headlights for trucks. It is reasonably priced so it can help you to save both energy and money. The other LED headlights that you can consider for your vehicle have been enumerated below.

2. VoRock8 R2 COB H7 8000LM LED – A Good Fit For Hyundai Santa, Toyota, BMW & Nissan


  • Its cool shiny look will take your heart away. Very few headlight bulbs are there in the market that makes use of air class aluminum and VoRock8 R2 COB H7 8000LM LED is one of them.
  • High edged COB beam technology makes sure that there is clear focused brightness. 6500k color temperature provides you with ultra white, crystal clear lighting. No crack or dark spot in the lighting.
  • Advanced air class heat-sync technology with 2 ball fan reduces the heat dramatically and ensures a longer lifespan of your headlight bulb.
  • It is actually a hassle-free solution as it comes with a built-in ballast. Being tiny in size the bulb gets fitted with most of the headlight housing and plug & play installation calls for a small span of time.
  • Actually, this is one of the most suitable bulbs which are picked as the best headlight bulbs for long distance.

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A Good Fit For Hyundai Santa, Toyota, BMW & Nissan
VoRock8 R2 COB H7 8000LM LED Headlight

VoRock R2 is the last but not the least. The brightness this model provides is pretty cool, 4000lm per bulb and 8000lm per pair. Thing tiny model of fog light bulb requires no more extra modification; it gets shamelessly fit with the factory headlight housing. This pair of the headlight is also your budget friendly. Let’s check some of the cool features of this.

Being tiny and compact in design, this model of headlight bulb fits shamelessly will almost all types of the headlight housing. Not only its competing price but also its long lasting smooth performance will help you stand out from the crowd.

Pros And Highlights
    • Waterproof technology saves your bulb on rainy days.
    • Built-in driver provides a compact and tiny look
    • COB Beam technology shapes the beam pattern perfectly
    • Consumes much less energy and provides good performance
Cons And Potential Flaws
      • A few models of cars like Hyundai, KIA calls for additional holder adapter to install the bulb properly.

3. RCP-D3S 6000K Xenon – Perfect For Audi, Jaguar, Ford & Mercedes-Benz


  • RCP – D3S comes with two headlight bulbs inside the packing box. While most of the HID bulbs offer only a single bulb and costs an arm and a leg for just one, RCP offers more bangs for your bucks.
  • Fits seamlessly with almost all types of cars including Audi, Jaguar, Ford & Mercedes-Benz. This is really a very handy solution for all types of automobiles.
  • RCP – D3S provides Crystal White Colors, approximately 6000k. No, I am not telling you a cock-and-bull story. The first experience, then comment.
  • Much smarter than other types of headlight bulbs could ever be. Engineered to comply with your needs. Its beam pattern is uniformed in such a way so that you can have the optimum night vision experience.
  • Its shock-proof mechanism takes care of the risks of electric shock. I am sure you are not a new-comer to replace the headlight bulbs – are you? So, you know better about those bloody ass-holes, shock you every-time. How irritating those are!

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best xenon headlight bulbs review
RCP D3S6 D3S D3R 6000K Xenon HID

The most notable point of RCP D3S is affordability and lighting proficiency. Its visual appearance is really mind-blowing. Diamond white metal base and compact in design. Let’s have a brief review of this:

However, the supported cars models are listed on the Amazon product page. Before purchasing, having a look over the models will prevent any further hassle in installation.

This pair of RCP – D3S is comparatively cheap than other headlight bulbs. Where you will find low-quality products with a higher pricing tag at a dime a dozen, But RCP has put quality in its products, costing much lower than those expensive ones. That’s the reason why this item is being sold like hot cake in the market.

Pros And Highlights
  • 5X more longevity than halogen bulbs
  • Eco-friendly, spray and mercury free
  • Water and dust proof
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • You may face trouble installing in a few models of cars.

4. Glowstick LED headlight bulbs conversion Kit – the best solution for a quick light upgrade

When you are considering changing the headlights of your car, truck or bike, and upgrading it to the latest LED lighting system, Glowstick brings you the perfect conversion kit thus ensuring that your new light source is perfectly compatible with your vehicle.

Glowstick is reputed as a headlight manufacturing company that excels at producing high-quality headlights and converters to its customers. The converters aid their customers to upgrade their vehicles with the best quality LED lights. These lights are powerful, and their illuminating capacity is adequate.

Glowteck LED Headlight Bulbs review
Glowteck LED Headlight Bulbs

A noteworthy feature in Glowstick LED headlight bulbs is the SCS technology, which offers you 6500 K bright white light, thereby lighting up the roads which you travel. Its installation process is quite straightforward.

Pros And Highlights
  • Offers an ideal beam pattern as you can easily set the angle of inclination
  • The bulb is equipped with SCS technology.
  • Offers a super bright white light
  • The installation is quite simple, only 15 minutes.
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • This light is quite small.

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Bottom line
This LED light is appropriate for you if you are seeking a headlight that fulfills all your requirements. It has a low price compared to others.

5. LASFIT H10/9140/9145 LED Fog Light – Best with All Models of Mazda, Nissan, Cadillac & Honda


  • Consume 60 watts (two bulbs) and deliver 7600 lumens per pair. Actually, this a great option of choice and definitely the best value for money.
  • This series of LED bulbs utilize Air-Flux cooling system integrated with 9000 RMP Hydroid fan which ensures long-lasting performance.
  • This is the smallest one I have ever experienced and that’s the reason why I recommend this one, for those who are wired about their bulb housing.
  • This can be a perfect, the most suitable replacement (often better) of your OEM. Considering the brightness – no doubt, I will rate it as 5 stars for sure. Drive with ease in the night because 6000k delivers crystal white without any dark spot or irritable foggy light.

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best Fog Light Bulbs review
LASFIT H10/9140/9145 LED Fog Light Bulbs

“Customer satisfaction or money back”- first time, while going for this product I just thought this as a bull-shit trap. There may thousands of reasons why I would not like any product. But, it didn’t take long to break my wrong attitude towards this one.

I must say, that’s really cool! No Doubt, LED is the boss considering this aspect of “Performance”. It is worthless talking about power, lumen, and brightness simply because LASFIT consists of some built-in potential, hardly found on other types of bulbs.

Let’s check the brief review below:

The Installation is pretty simple, nothing rocket science here, instead, it is just like a push of the button. The plug and play installation process will not take more than 30 minutes if you are even a complete newbie.

Dealers often charge hundreds of bucks just for re-installing or replacing bulbs. You can replace any type of headlight bulbs yourself. Other types of bulbs call for a bit of previous experience in this field. But LASFIT has really done a great job illustrating the entire installation procedure carefully.

Pros And Highlights
  • Doesn’t flash the upcoming traffic
  • Doesn’t call for cutting holes in duct cover;
  • Affordable, competing, and long lasting performance
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • Not Canbus ready, need additional load resistor to avoid flickering in some cases

6. Marsauto H13/9008 Bulbs – Best Match For Ford, Toyota, Volvo & Honda


  • 6000lm, yes it is 6000lm. Where others bulbs’ brightness is limited in 3000LM to 4000LM, Marsauto H13/9008 LED Headlight Bulbs provide 6000LM brightness with 6000k colors which ensures Crystal white light.
  • This bulb provides extra comfort and eases while driving at night. No dark spot, no flicking except clear stable brightness.
  • We all know that LED comes with the built-in cooling system, so what is the specialty of H13/9008 LED. Cool, the most amazing fact is H13/9008 LED comes with Aluminum Alloy Shell with ultra-silent cooling fan integrated. This advanced cooling technology ensures long-lasting performance eliminating extra heat of the emitting diodes.
  • This model of LED shines from 360-degree angle. Its LED chip is engineered to be so. No mess, no waste, no scattered focus. Enjoy your night driving in its full swing.
  • Using all in one conversion kit, the replacement of your old one with the new H13/9008 LED is as easy as pie. Just load the bullets and pull the trigger.

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best Hi-Lo Beam Headlamp review
Marsauto 12000LM M2 Series Led Hi-Lo Beam Headlamp

Now, let’s talk about Marsauto H13/9008 headlight bulb. This model of headlight bulbs really comes with some cool features including ultra light and compact design, energy efficiency and mind-blowing performance. Let’s check them out.

The trouble that comes with the HID ones is vision problem of vehicle riders coming from the opposite side. This is actually treated as a major problem while driving but Marsauto H13/9008 LED Headlight Bulb can be a hassle-free solution of this. It is beam pattern is engineered in such a way, so that it does not blind the upcoming traffic.

Pros And Highlights
  • Canbus Ready.
  • Don’t blind upcoming vehicle drivers.
  • Laser aligned headlight delivers a perfect lighting beam pattern
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • A few models of vehicles including Jeep, BMD, Dodge and & Mercedes-Benz need load resistors to avoid flickering.

7. Philips D3S Xenon HID Bulbs – A Perfect Match For All Types Of Cars


  • You will have almost Xenon bulbs and you will like its performance. Definitely, it is a standard and trustworthy solution that you can rely on.
  • Provides more than 200% light than the usual halogen bulbs.
  • Saves more than 50% of energy, while halogen bulbs waste lots of energy by producing unnecessary heat.
  • This product by Philips tends to last at least 4-5 years. Quite a long lifespan, isn’t it? Just sit back and relax.

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best car headlight bulbs review
Philips D3S Xenon HID Headlight Bulb

Philips is quite a well-known brand among electronic gadget manufacturers. There is hardly any person who never used any product of Philips. As all of us are familiar with this brand and still using lots of products of Philips, so it is worthless talking about the quality and the term “trust” in this particular aspect. Rather let’s jump to a quick review of Philips D3S Xenon HID Headlight bulb.

Each pack contains one bulb. It is always a wise decision to replace the two headlight bulbs at the same time. This series of bulbs comes with two years replacement warranty. Halogens are not bad but replacing them with the HID ones can bring 2X more bangs for your bucks.

As the bulbs are not Canbus ready, I would recommend you add an additional resistor to avoid flickering or any kind of error while installation. And don’t forget to justify the originality by scanning the barcode. Thanks, Philips adding this awesome feature. This is really cool.

Pros And Highlights
  • Consumes much less power
  • Instant lighting, absolutely zero warm up period
  • It is a DOT compliant headlight bulb
  • Competing performance & affordable pricing
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • Not Canbus Ready
  • Number of fake products available in the market

8. VoRock8 9006/9006XS/HB4 Fog Light – best suited for Audi, Toyota, Honda & NISSAN


  • Only a real-time sufferer can experience how important it is to have a Waterproof model of headlight bulbs. There is hardly any model in the market which is waterproof. Install it and forget about the rainy days.
  • Actually, it is a small and tiny kit, compact in design. If you are worried about the proper fitment with your vehicle, go home and have a sound sleep because this compact model fits with most of the autos. This is quite a good replacement for your halogen ones.
  • This model of headlight bulbs also provides with 6000k colors which creates a crystal white light for your safe driving. One pair of bulbs provides total 8000LM brightness which is pretty enough.
  • There is something innovative, something outstanding far cry from the typical ones. This is VoRock’s cooling technology. 12000 RPM is quite rare, hardly found on the common headlight bulbs. But here is VoRock’s specialty, Japanese 2 Ball fan which is 20X more powerful than the typical ones. This keeps the system cool and provides a much longer lifespan.

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best car led headlamp review
VoRock8 R2 COB 9006/HB4/9006XS/8000LM LED Headlight

VoRock8 R2 COB 9006 HB4 9006XS 8000LM LED Headlight is the new rock and roll of the trend. Its performance, design, the hassle-free installation has made it simply cool, that’s the reason why it is selling like hotcakes.

I can assure you; this is something which will not make you cry over the spilled milk. Consider what? Quality or performance, experience this and you will also say, this is the best of both worlds.

Let’s have a look at what I have found while going for this.

The price is quite affordable. You can install it in most of the cars without encountering any further problem. In most cases, it is seen that the bulbs housing cover needs to be modified to install the new bulb. But for this model, there is actually nothing to worry about, as it is a perfect suite for your car because it is very small in size and gets fitted with any type of bulb housing.

Its visual appeal cannot be ignored and it’s tiny & compact design makes you stand out from the crowd. Through some car requires additional resistors adjusted, yet it is not a big deal considering its outstanding performance and longevity.

  • Fits seamlessly with almost any type of vehicle. No modification required of the headlight housing
  • The smallest LED conversion kit available in the market.
  • High edged beam pattern ensures powerful focus.
  • Legitimate for street driving
  • Built-in driver saves space in bulb factory housing.
  • Not Canbus Ready
  • Some models of vehicles, let’s say Jeep, BMW, Ford may call for additional load resistors to get rid of flickering.

9. OEDRO H11 LED with 4-side Patch – Best Match for Mazda, Honda, Mitsubishi & Toyota


  • The coolest feature of this model is 4-Sided LED. Every side contains 6 LED chips. So the whole kit contains total 24 chips. That’s the way this kit is generating light from a 360-degree angle. While most of the LED headlight bulbs are two-sided, this cool 4-sided LED patch model will definitely help you to stand out from the crowd.
  • This model comes with the most advanced CSP chips and positioned on all four sides of the kit. This ensures all the rays reflected by the headlight housing get mixed on a specific point. That’s the reason why this provides a perfect beam pattern, better and wider visibility.
  • Aircraft grade aluminum can tolerate enough heat, yet this is integrated with a 10,000 RPM high-speed fan which ensures the temperate is about 60 degrees Celsius in usual hand feeling. Actually, it is proven that the more a chip will remain cool, the longer it will last. That’s why this model lasts over 50,000 hours. Pretty cool, isn’t it?
  • Provides 6000k crystal white color and 8000 lumen brightness, this is 150% brighter than the standard LED ones.

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Best jeep headlight bulbs review
OEDRO H11 LED Headlight Bulb

OEDRO H11 LED – is lightweight and compact in design delivering 200% more brightness than your stock halogen ones. It’s quality, performance and lifespan are pretty cool. Let’s jump to a short review.

The installation procedure is quite cool. Just plug and play the system and will not cost more than 20 minutes. This series of this model comes with two years replacement warranty.

If your budget is limited but doesn’t wanna buy those damn ass products, you can go this one without any tension. Any hesitation? experience this first, then you will also say – hmm, OEDRO knows what they make!

  • Fully compatible with vehicles canbus system
  • No additional resistor required to avoid flickering
  • Water, shake, and dust proof
  • Competing price while compared with the same specification of LED bulbs
  • Actually, there is nothing to criticize.

10. Philips 9012CVB2 Crystal Vision – Most Suitable For Jeep, Ford, Dodge & Toyota


  • If you notice carefully, the filament of the bulb is covered with a bluish cap. Actually, the bluish cover is playing the role behind it. Blue cover and 4000k colors work together to ensure an outstanding white brightness to help to keep your headlight bulbs stand out from the crowd.
  • This model is featured with 1400-1500 lumens and you will not face any vision problem while driving at night. The xenon look will provide you Xenon with a visual experience. Trees, roads, animals, other vehicles, however, any object – everything is clearly visible and you will not encounter any problem with this.
  • If you have previous awful experience upgrading your headlight bulbs, especially because of headlight housing or installation slot, this upgraded model of Philips can be a pretty cool solution for you.
  • The most noticeable feature that attacked me most is – you can use this model for both high and low beams. This comes too worthy for me, as my lazy as doesn’t always want to concentrate on every specific detail.
  • The average life-span is 1 year. However it varies, usually, it is expected that it will last at least 1 year.

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best crystal headlight bulbs review
Philips 9012CVB2 CrystalVision Ultra Upgrade Headlight Bulb

“Bright White Xenon Look”- what kind of joke it is, how a halogen bulb can provide Xenon like white brightness. Really, it was a very hard puzzle for me to solve unless and until I ordered this item.

Later on, what I realized – this is actually nothing but a quality upgrade of halogen bulbs. Philips is investing a lot of both time and money to improve its product quality. And the model 9012CVB2 is an output of their research and development.

First of all, installing a new pair is always troublesome work. Very often we need to make major/minor modifications in the housing of the bulb. In most cases, it takes at least 30 minutes to alter old ones with new ones.

But surprisingly, the Philips 9012CVB2 installation procedure is quite simple. Believe me; this will not take more than five minutes to change the bulb of one side, and max 10 for both two sides.

You may fetch lots of questions inside yourself about the durability of the bulbs. This is a very common issue lots of guys go through. But, the most interesting fact is, after installation most of the guys are satisfied with the awesome performance in this particular aspect of durability. In a nutshell, I must say, a kickass product for badass guys.

  • Xenon like 4000k white lighting performance.
  • Can be used for both high beam and low beam.
  • Its beam pattern is engineered to provide you with a strong guided focus, no dark spot or scattered rays.
  • Much less yellowish color cast while compared with the typical halogen bulbs.
  • Being a Halogen bulb may, it may burn out any moment.

11. Auxbeam F-16 Series 9006 / HB4 LED – Perfect for Ford, Toyota, & Honda


  • 6000k color temperature offers you a crystal white lighting which is considered an ideal replacement for your stock halogen one.
  • This ensures clear brightness without any dark spot – which is considered as the first condition of safe night driving.
  • Its brightness is 3000LM, pretty cool considering its affordability, longevity, and proficiency.
  • These LED ones are powered by 2X powerful CREE. The CREE LED technology is adorned by the whole world because of proficiency and durability.
  • 30,000 hours long lasting lifespan. This is the minimum time span. The actual longevity is far cry from this.

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best truck headlight bulbs review
Auxbeam H11 LED Headlight Bulb

No doubt, I would announce the Auxbeam F-16 series as the true all-rounder, if I didn’t notice that lumen it is providing. It is 3000lm for each bulb. This is the only issue which was not okay with me from my perspective. But, the other features of this F-16 series are just WOW.

It’s a gold metallic body, waterproof seal and four LEDs – actually, there is nothing to say badly. Sometimes affordability, quality, and longevity get more priority than visual performance. I must say, the F-16 is pretty cool considering these aspects.

If I talk about its visual look, it will definitely score high than the typical ones. It is built by aircraft class gold aluminum. Two-way heat dispassion ensures the bulbs last longer. Comes with one-year replacement warranty and dedicated after sales support.

  • Water & Dust Proof
  • Canbus Ready
  • Compact Design & built-in Ballast
  • Sometimes you notice effort notification as built-in decoding doesn’t work properly with all models of cars.

12. LASFIT H11/H8/H9/H16 LED – A Good Fit For Toyota, Honda, Prius & Nissan


  • Standing out from the conventional COB chip LESFIT is making use of the high-end Flip chip. This is the most updated technology in the era of LED lighting.
  • Dual-sided flip cob technology which we call “Arc-True Edge Cutting” provides the brightest illumination, no crack, and no dark spot except diamond crystal white brightness.
  • This Flip Cob Chip ensures a perfect beam pattern, wider view range without any dark shadow or foggy view in your vision.
  • Compared to the traditional chips the Flip COB Chip is much more energy efficient. It consumes less power, much more thermal resistance.
  • This series of LASIT headlights are powered by 60W voltage and provide 3800lm per bulb. These have a great positive impact on your night vision especially because of the wider clear lighting area. 6000K crystal white ensures a safe driving environment.
  • No additional driver/ballast is required, when the conventional LED lights come with wired ballast calls for extra space for installing, LASFIT H11/H8/H9/H16 LED Headlight Kits comes with built-in ballast. Just install the bulb in the factory housing, then play and play. It is as simple as that.

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best suv headlight bulbs review
LASFIT H11/H8/H9/H16 LED Headlight

While this came for the first time in my hand, I just got confused. Because prior to this I had several bad experiences. Some manufacturers only keep quality in what they advertised but not in their products. Action speaks louder than words – this is what I realized after installing this bulb. Hmm, This is cool!

Below we have quoted the core features of this model. Hope this will come handy.

To get rid of the polarity issue just unplug the bulb, reverse it in 180 degree angle, and plug it in again. Now you are all set to go. Actually, the polarity issue is very rare nowadays and happens few and far between.

The quality of this specific model of lesfit product definitely scores high in my experiment. And its performance also deserves the same marks similarly. And finally, a great option if choice from my perspective.

  • High Edged Flip Cob Chip Technology.
  • Illuminates Powerful brightness from all the angles of the LED chip.
  • The integrated compact driver deals better with high/low voltage and ensures the longevity of your LED.
  • Water & Dust Proof technology builts extra layer in bulbs protection shield.
  • Being compact in design you can use the same piece of bulb as both high beam and low beam.
  • Some model of Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler may call for additional load resistor to avoid flickering.
      Some older classic models of Toyota may fetch polarity issues.

3 Types of Bulbs at a Glance:

Type Of Headlight Bulbs Brighter Side
Darker Side

Halogen Bulb
Cheap Old-School Technology

Waste Lots of Energy


Xenon Bulb
Lasts much longer than halogen ones

Produces High-Intensity Lumen

Not Cheap but Affordable

Cost Higher than Halogen ones

Need some time to deliver its max level of brightness

LED Bulb
Last the longest span of time while compared with the others.

Provides extraordinary brightness. Considering this aspect, this is the best of all.
Bit Expensive

Calls for the extra cooling system to cool down the diodes

Now it is your turn – a penny of thoughts. After considering the various aspects, it is very clear HID/Xenon bulbs can bring more bangs for your bucks. You can also opt to LED bulbs but for that, you have to pay a bit more.

Which Headlight Bulbs Are Best for Whom? Why?

First of all, we will learn about the three types of headlight bulbs available in the market. It is very crucial to learn about these because if you skip this, you will not be able to pick the best one that suits best according to your needs. Let’s have a look.

Halogen Bulb:

More precisely, this is known as the tungsten bulb. This old-school bulb is built on the principle invented by Sir Thomas Alva Edison. In the recent few years ago, the usage of this type of halogen bulb was very wide-spread. But nowadays, the trend demonstrates that it’s popularity is decreasing dramatically.

The brighter side of using this type of headlight bulb is cost efficiency. It is quite cheap. On the other hand, the darker side is its short lifespan. In addition, it’s performance is not up to marks while compared with the LED and Xenon headlight bulbs.

Xenon Bulbs:

The smart option of choice. Now you may ask – why? Okay, prior to this have a look to its working mechanism. There are two types of electrodes are there inside these types of bulbs. One is called a cathode and another is an anode. Nothing rocket science is here, very similar to the positive and negative ends of our used electric wires.

As the name demonstrates, the Xenon headlight bulbs contain a mixture of gases, the max of which is Xenon. When sufficient voltage is applied, the bulb starts emitting on glow discharge formula. As this mechanism depends on “glow discharge formula”, this is the reason why these types of bulbs take a little span of time to deliver max level of brightness. These are much energy efficient.

While halogen bulbs produce yellowish lighting by wasting a lot of energy; xenon bulbs provide enough bright white light consuming less energy. The price is affordable but not dirt cheap like halogen bulbs. If you want more bangs for your bucks, look nowhere, opt to HID bulbs.

Car headlight bulbs review
Car headlight bulbs

LED Bulbs:

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Before you look for it, just have a closer look at its pricing tag. Much higher, right? As this is manufactured through a complex mechanism the price is a bit higher. LED bulbs functionality depends on small electronic diodes.

When electricity flows the electrons get excited and produce light. The brighter side is this produces max lumens while compared with Halogen and Xenon bulbs. This is very energy efficient and consumes a little amount of energy and lasts years after year. That’s the reason why this worth the money.

How to Choose Best Headlight Bulbs:

Choosing the best quality headlight bulb is not rocket science. Actually, the term “BEST” varies from person to person. One which is best for you is worst for others. Sounds confusing, right? Okay, let me dig a bit deeper. Some bulbs are comparatively cheap but short-lived & lighting performance is not up to marks. Some provide high lighting performance but costs a bit more.

Actually, there are three types of bulbs are there in the market. The price varies depending on longevity and lighting performance. I know you are waiting eagerly to pick the best one for you. But how? In the next few steps, I will discuss various aspects of different types of bulbs. I will also go through the brighter and darker sides of all types of bulbs. I am damn sure; if you go through the next few steps carefully, this comprehensive context will guide you enough in picking the best one that suits your needs.

Features to Look When Buying Best Headlight Bulbs

If you have gone through the upper text carefully you should notice some terms again and again. Let’s say, brightness, lifespan, color etc. Actually, why do we replace our headlights? The answer is pretty simple, our headlight is performing well like it was before or the bulb has burnt. There are some specific units to measure the brightness, color, and lifespan.

As for example, brightness is measured in the lumen, color temperature is measured in Kelvin, and lifespan is measured in hours. That’s the reason why vendors never forget to enlist these attributes in Amazon. In the next few steps, I will go through all the key features, and things to consider before you go to replace your stock ones with new ones.


Brightness is measured in the lumen. You can easily measure the lumen via your smartphone by installing the specific app. By the way, now you may ask, I am going to replace my headlight bulbs, what lumen would be perfect. Actually, there is no specific answer to this question. Because, the more you are going to pay, the more lumen you will have and the more performance you will receive.

So, while it is the question of brightness, check for lumen, explore a wide array of products in Amazon. You can also follow our picks. Then decide which pair you are going to buy.


This is the burning point, I must say. The most annoying experience while driving at night is yellowish light from the headlight. The old-school halogen ones are responsible for this. Halogen, HID, LED all are the headlight bulbs, but why the halogen is delivering yellowish light and LED is producing crystal white light.

The fact varies here is the color temperature which is measured in Kelvin and expressed by capital “K”. Let’s say, halogen ones provides 1000k to 2000k, HID in most cases 4000k and LED 6000k. These are just for example, but the quantity varies. The more color temperature the more whiteness. That is the mathematics of yellow and white.


Who wants to replace his headlights twice in a month? This really happens; actually, situations lead the uses to replace their headlight bulbs. I actually don’t know whether you are concerned about this or not – there is a large number of low-quality products available in the market having a very short lifespan.

A wise person always looks before he leaps. So when you go for the best headlight bulbs for night driving don’t forget to check the lifespan. Or this will cost you 3X replacing penalty.

Reflector Support:

The halogen and the HID calls for additional reflector support for performance and beam direction. For halogens and HIDs, the matter seems okay. But when you are going for LEDs, don’t forget to check for the built-in reflector of the LED headlight bulbs. But why? Simply because the built-in reflector guides the beam properly as directed and provides you with an outstanding lighting performance.

What kind of headlights produce white light?

The brighter and whiter headlights that you see on the road are mostly Light-emitting diode (LED) headlights or xenon-based headlights. The brightest white light is emitted at a temperature ranging from 6000-6500 K. This light affects our eyes minimally thereby enabling us to see objects in the dark without any problems.

Since LEDs tend to have the coolest color temperature at 6000 K, and therefore it makes them appear brighter than both xenon and halogen lights. Xenon headlights turn at about 4500 K, whereas the halogens turn yellow at 3200 K.

When it concerns reflection, LEDs typically produce less light than xenon ones. LEDs, as well as Xenon lights, offer a large visibility range on the road while the halogens only light up a small area on the front of your vehicle.

LEDs do not rely on gas and filaments. Instead, they depend on small diodes which produce light when their electrons are excited by the electric current. They require a meager amount of power to work, but the diode heats up quickly.

Although your vehicle shall require heat control systems below the headlights, LED lights are the best investment because they can form into different shapes. Moreover, their light is naturally directional instead of diffuse thereby rendering them the best choice for headlights.

The latest technologies in the market enable the LED lights to produce proper output without harming other people or animals on the road.

Are LED or HID headlights better for car, pickup and Jeep? Which is better for whom?

The halogen headlights use gas to enhance the brightness of the lights. When you use a halogen headlight, both heat and light are produced, and much of the energy is usually wasted in the production of heat rather than light. In the past, halogen lights were widely used as headlights, but with the evolution of technology, people are increasingly turning towards LED and HID headlights.

Halogen bulbs typically emit yellow lights, and they are well-suited for small vehicles or two-wheelers as they have a visibility range of only 100 meters. Halogen bulbs do not provide long distance visibility in the dark.

Xenon headlights are also called high-intensity discharge lights. These lights are powered by xenon gas which is electrically charged. Unlike halogens, there is no filament for getting heated up. The heating up of xenon produces a bluish-white light that is proximal to the natural light.

Xenon lamps are costlier than halogens. However, they are more durable and energy-efficient. They typically take some time before lighting up and gradually come to their full brightness. Xenon headlights can have both high or low beams.

Typically, a single xenon lamp is used for providing a high beam. It is later shaded or moved when you require a low beam. It is referred to as bi-xenon technology. Xenon lamps can be used for cars, pickup trucks, and jeeps because of their high efficiency.

LED or Light Emitting Diode: LEDs consist of tiny chips that are embedded on a structure. When the current is passed through it, the microfilaments light up. LED discharges the light using the movement of the electrons. The LED lights are gradually becoming the most preferred lights for headlights because they light up quickly; they are useful and are much more reliable than the other sources of light. Since LEDs can emit lights that are closer to the color of daylight, they are suitable to be used as headlights in all vehicles, whether jeep, car or pickup truck.

With the availability of digital LED headlights, you can now drive easily. The headlights can shut up selected areas of light that depend on the position of the oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, and animals. Using this technology is beneficial because it prevents you from blinding other drivers. Although it is expensive, you can adopt this technology for reducing safety hazards on the road.

Thus, if you own a car, it is better to pick either LED of HID, but if you own a huge vehicle such as a pickup truck, you must opt for HID. It is because HID provides a higher amount of light than LED and halogens. If you own a Jeep, you can either choose a LED or HID.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

  • Question: How to select the best headlights for cars?
    Answer: Check for lumen, color temperature, and lifespan. And then go for the one which you can afford to buy, and that is the best one for you. That is the simple answer. But, if you want me to guide you on the process, I would recommend you to have a look over our top 11 picks. Actually, before picking these we have considered lots of factors including performance, price, lifespan, and difficulty of the installation procedure. We strongly believe that these will come in handy on the go.
  • Question: How to select the brightest headlight bulb?
    Answer: The more you pay the more performance you receive – that is the bitter truth of the running world. We have already covered the three types of bulbs. If you have gone through that portion of texts carefully; you should know the primary differences among the three types of headlight bulbs.HIDs are better than halogen ones and LEDs are better than HIDs. So, now it should be crystal clear that LED ones are the best of the three types of bulbs.
  • Question: HID or LED – which is better?
    Answer: When it is all about performance LED is better. And when it is all about affordability halogens are better. And when you are concerned about both performance and affordability HIDs are better. Now it is up to you to pick the best one that suits you best.
  • Question: Do HIDs loose brightness?
    Answer: Yes, HIDs lose their brightness after a span of time. Before the final burn out, you will notice that the brightness has been decreased by 70%.
  • Question: When should I replace my headlight bulbs?
    Answer: You will notice a significant drop of the brightness before your bulb got finally burnt out. Actually, it is the high time you replaced your headlight bulbs.
  • Question: How Long LEDs Last?
    Answer: Actually, LEDs last 50X more than the typical Halogen ones. Most of the LEDs last more than 10 years if you use 12 hours on average per day. Actually, LEDs are chosen for their mind-blowing brightness and long lasting lifespan. The price is a bit higher, but considering the performance, it is worth the money.
  • Question: How much it costs to replace headlight bulbs?
    Answer: Auto experts usually charge $50 per installation, the price varies. You need to contact your nearest auto experts to learn about the cost.
  • Question: Does whiteness vary on color temperature?
    Answer: More preciously, yes, it varies. 2000k-3000k provides warm white, 5000k -6000k provides crystal white and above 6000k delivers a bluish-white cast.
  • Question: Are LEDs illegal?
    Answer: Not at all. LEDs are totally legal. But if you are using colored LEDs, let’s say blue or green – this may be illegal.
  • Question: How much the LEDs do cost?
    Answer: Actually, the price varies depending on performance. There is a wide range of products available in Amazon of various pricing starting usually starting from just $50.
  • Why should I opt for LED headlights?
    Answer: Opting for LED headlights is one of the wisest decisions that you can take. LEDs are energy efficient, have a long lifetime, and are made up of SSL technology (Solid State Lighting) because they are made of entirely solid materials so that there are no filaments that break. They light up quickly, and they remain unaffected in cold weather. Unlike halogens, LEDs are directional which implies that you can direct the light exactly where you need it. Therefore, it prevents the wastage of power. LEDs do not contain any hazardous substances, and they can be controlled for color and brightness. Although LED bulbs emit UV rays, their emissions are lesser when compared to the halogens or other headlights. However, it does not include the wavelengths that damage our skin over time.
  • How do I upgrade my old halogen lighting to the latest LED lighting?
    Answer: If you want to upgrade your old halogen lighting to the latest LED ones, the process is straightforward. You have to ensure that you are buying the proper bulbs. Then attach a converter before you begin putting your new headlights on the vehicle.
  • Why are my LED lights flickering?
    Answer: Since it is unusual for LED lights to flicker, you need to find out the reason for flickering or humming. The flicker in light may be caused by multiple reasons including changes in the electric current, faulty wiring, driver issues and incompatibility with the dimmer. In case your LED lights are flickering, check whether you are using a compatible dimmer and that there are no issues with the drivers which you are using for the bulbs.
  • Should I focus on the size of the headlights of my vehicles?
    Answer: Yes, it is crucial for you to focus on the size of the headlights. If your vehicle is huge, you need to use large lights so that they offer a large area of visibility in the dark.
  • Can I use the LED lamps as fog lights?
    Answer: Yes, LED lamps can be used as fog lights to add illumination to the surface and corners of the roads. LED bulbs fulfill the purpose of fog lights because they can offer clear visibility even in the conditions such as rain, fog, snow, or dust.
  • What temperature should I look for when I am buying LED headlights for my truck?
    Answer: The range of color temperature should be between 6000 to 6500 K. It is ideal because it provides the best white light.
  • Will I be able to remove the Hikari 9007 bulbs and then fit them with a retainer?
    Answer: The LED bulbs on both Hikari 9007 as well as Hikari 9004 are removable which implies that you can customize their fittings according to your requirements, and finally set the LED bulbs after they meet your expectations.
  • Shall the light levels decrease during the lifetime of the bulbs?
    Answer: Lumen Degradation or the fading of the bulb as it gets to the end of its life is inevitable. The term L70 denotes it. It is the duration which the light takes to get to 70% of the initial lumen output.
  • Will the headlights mentioned above fit my car?
    Answer- It is essential for you to check the measurements of your car before purchasing LED lights. Since they are expensive, do not buy the lights before ensuring that they will fit your vehicle. The car headlight bulbs are usually of two types: single beam bulb, and dial beam bulb. The single beam bulb has the high and low beams in different lamps whereas in the dual beam bulb the high and low beams are combined in a single bulb.
  • What is the warranty associated with LED bulbs?
    Answer – The manufacturers typically provide you with a warranty for the bulbs. Warranties cover only the normal use of the bulbs. They exclude all sort of misuse.
  • What are the common problems with LED headlights?
    Answer- LEDs tend to heat up quickly. Since people place them in airtight recessed cans, it can burn out the electronics in your lightbulb. Therefore, ensure that there is proper airflow around your bulb.

Final Verdict:

It is frequently apparent from the above discussion, picking the best pair of headlight bulbs is never going to be a hard puzzle to solve if you already know the key factors to check before going for a quick replacement. Picking the best one is all about your personal choice, affordability, and having crystal clear concepts about various aspects of headlight bulbs.

I will never be glad to see the back of you. Your feedback is highly appreciated- a penny of your thoughts – please. If you have any questions, queries, just leave a comment below and I will be happy to assist before you start barking up the wrong tree.

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  1. Hi, your recommendation of the SNGL Super Bright LED is a good suggestion. I see that they have a combined 12400 lumens and do both high and low beam. They also seem to have a good quality fan, rather than a heat sink, which is a plus. Thanks for the review and keep up the good work.

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