Best Grille Guard for Deer in 2023 | Complete Buying Guide

Animals have the right to cross the road as much as we do but unfortunately, they don’t have the timing as we do. They don’t know how to cross a busy road. However, when the vehicle is at a slower pace you might stop the vehicle immediately but when at the faster speed it becomes really tough to hit brake since you have to think about the vehicles behind you as well.

Do you live in an area where deer pops up in the middle of the road all of a sudden? Try your best to not hit them and stop your car to let them pass. But if deer suddenly jumps in front of your vehicle, there is nothing you can do except saving the front side of your vehicle.

How is that? The best grille guard for deer!

Installing a grille guard on your vehicle will save your fragile parts such as headlight, indicator, front kit, etc. Not only for animals, but grille guard will also save your vehicle even when you hit a truck, car, tree, or anything else.

Want to take a look at best grille guards of the market? Take a look at our list of top-rated grille guards, you will get both great quality and classy look!

How to Choose the Best Grille Guard for Deer?

You just can’t choose a grille guard randomly, if you want to get the best out of the grille guard. There are several features that you have to know so that you will be able to judge a grille guard. Below we have mentioned the most important factors that you need to know before you pick a model make sure to consider the following things. You will not end up choosing a wrong grille guard.

Different Styles

Grille guards come in different styles, each style has its specialty and they are suited to different needs. Now which style you should choose that depends on your needs. Since we don’t know your needs, we are describing all the styles so that you can pick the suitable one for you.

Full Grille Guard

These are the most protective grille guards. Full grille guards wrap the entire front side of your vehicle, whether you are driving in town or trails, the grille guard will take care of all the front hazards pretty nicely. As we said, these grille guards cover the entire front area, they cover the headlights as well. And that means full grille guards can give a little bit of side protection as well.

Center Grille Guard

Center grille guards look pretty rugged but they don’t cover the side area of the vehicle like the Full Grille Guards. And they don’t look much dominating as well. But when it comes to protection, they deliver that pretty good. You won’t get side protection but the center protection will be top-notch.

Nugget Grille Bars

These grille guards are lower than the center and full grille guards. And they are not designed for heavy protection, when the vehicle is at low speed, it can withstand some bumps but cannot withstand anything heavy. Since they are not so protective, they come at an affordable price as well.


After the style, you would want to check the quality. Since they are meant to protect the vehicle, so they need to be enough durable. So go for grille guards that made of top-grade steels. And check if they come with coatings as well, otherwise, the bar will get rusty over time.

10 Best Grille Guard for Deer Review

Let us tell you, the following 10 models are not randomly chosen. Our expert team has done all the hard work. They have conducted several tests to bring out the best from more than 30 grille guards. And lastly, they have reached to the users as well to know how those guards are actually working. So after doing intense calculation and tests, finally we are down to the following 10 models.

1. AUTOSAVER88 LED Light Bull Bar – Best Bull Bar for Deer

We would suggest the AUTOSAVER88 to all of those who are looking for a reliable front vehicle protection. Not only protection, but this very grille guard also comes with some other attractive features as well which are worth looking at. It comes with 72W built-in LED light bar that is designed to increase the visibility where the headlight doesn’t work. That being said, the LED light of the grille guard is removable, making it easier for you.

The manufacturer has used top-notch material in the construction to ensure that the guard delivers expected protection. It is made of 3-inch top-grade tubing frame which is extremely durable. It has also got an E-Coat layer both inside and outside. And Dual-stage textured black powder coating. All of these coatings make the guard completely rust-resistant. There is a skid plate as well which increases the protection.

One thing you must know, this AUTOSAVER88 grille guard is only compatible with Dodge RAM 1500 (2009 to 2018). So make sure you are choosing the right grille bar for your vehicle. With the purchase, you will get few items, which are Skid plate, mounting brackets, front bumper, modular skid plate, instruction guide, and wiring harness.

Key Features of the Product:

  • Constructed with top-grade 3inch tubing frame.
  • It comes with 72w LED lighting.
  • The bar is completely rust-resistant.
  • Features skid plate for increased protection.
Pros and Highlights
  • Looks pretty good.
  • It offers great protection.
  • LED increases visibility.
  • The bar is highly durable.
  • Very reliable.
Cons and Flaws
  • The bar is a little small.

Bottom Line:
The bar is a little short but still delivers great value. If you are looking for a decent looking guard with great durability, this AUTOSAVER88 definitely fits the job.

2. Tyger Auto TG-GD6T60028 Front Bumper Guard

Do you own a Toyota Tacoma? You are most welcome to get the Tyger Auto TG bumper. This bumper gives the Toyota Tacoma a rugged look which is why a lot of people have fallen for this very bumper guard. The brand Tyger is serving the market with top-notch quality products for long and this one is no different. It comes with greater strength and durability. The manufacturer has designed this bumper thinking about the night adventures which is why they have added an LED lighting channel in the guard.

The manufacturer has used heavy-duty 2.5-inch tubing frame in the construction which ensures you win every time your vehicle counter any obstacle. This very bumper comes pre-drilled as well, so if you want to relocate the license plate, it becomes easier. With the purchase, you will get all the mounting hardware, plus an instruction guide as well which will make mounting the bumper very easier for you.

Along with top-grade material construction, it comes with an e-coating textured black finish as well which makes the bumper look very classy and rust-proof. Installation is very easy and the manufacturer offers a long 5-year warranty.

Key Features of the Product:

  • Got seamless welding for better strength.
  • Constructed with a 2.5-inch tubing frame.
  • It comes with all the mounting hardware.
  • Features e-coating texture for rust.
  • It has an LED channel for better visibility.
Pros and Highlights
  • LED lighting channel.
  • E-coating texture.
  • Easy to install.
  • Highly strong and durable frame.
  • Looks very classy.
Cons and Flaws
  • The side adjustment plate fades early.

Bottom Line:
If you are looking for the best bumper for deer protection, then look at this Tyger Auto TG-GD6T60028, one of the bests. Compatible with Toyota Tacoma, highly durable and strong, installing is easy and comes with an LED lighting channel as well. It would be a good choice.

3. Westin 57-2505 HDX Truck Grille Guard

Looking for the best truck bumper for deer? Have a look at the Westin 57-2505 HDX Truck Grille Guard. There is a couple of reason why should pick this beautiful thing. Once installed in your vehicle, it will look dominating which will make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. When it comes down to reliability, this very bumper wins that too. Got top-notch construction which will always win doesn’t matter what obstacle you run into. For that reason, some users have named it Street Warrior.

As we mention, this bumper comes with a very attractive exterior but along with that, it has black powder coating and polished stainless steel finish as well. When you hit anything that might hurt your vehicle bad, with this guard the chances drop to 1%, literally.

It is suitable for giant trucks, there is a 2-inch tubular outfit that comes with a plate center which adds extra protection to your vehicle. With the purchase, you will get a mounting kit and brush guard. Having that said, the instruction manual comes with the purchase is horrible.

Key Features of the Product:

  • Constructed with black mild steel.
  • It comes with a 2-inch diameter tube.
  • Features rubber pads for extra protection.
  • It has a wrap-around headlight design.
Pros and Highlights
  • Easy to mount.
  • It offers great protection.
  • Gives a dominating look.
  • Highly durable guard.
  • Rust-resistant.
Cons and Flaws
  • Worst instruction manual.

Bottom Line:
The Westin 57-2505 HDX is the best brush guard for deer you will find in the market right now. You might choke in installing if you follow the instruction guide that comes with the purchase. There are a lot of videos and articles on the web, follow one of them.

4. Dee Zee DZ501819 Ultra Black Bull Bar for Deer

Are you looking for a grille guard that will provide you with good light for better visibility? Then you might want to have a deep look at the Dee Zee DZ501819 grille guard. There is a bunch of features in this very bar. It comes pre-drilled holes so that you can easily add the lights, any lights you want. Plus, the pre-drilled holes will allow you to customize and set the bar according to your needs.

The design of this grille guard looks pretty cool, your vehicle will get an attractive new look with this model. Not only the look, but the quality is also on point as well. The manufacturer has constructed this bar with 18-gauge steel tubing along with a 3-inch mandrel bent bar which makes it highly durable. Doesn’t matter whether it is wildlife, brush, or any other obstacle, your vehicle will be safe with this very Dee Zee DZ501819.

One more thing, you have to purchase license plate separately, it doesn’t come with the purchase. And the mounting brackets are attached to a set of factory bolts and that is what holds the front bumper. So there is a very small space for taking even a decent torque. And lastly, you have to purchase the LED lights as well, if you want to attach lights on the bar.

Key Features of the Product:

  • Constructed with 3-inch mandrel bent bar.
  • The skid plate delivers extra protection.
  • The bar comes pre-drilled for the light setting.
  • Got powder coating and is rustproof.
Pros and Highlights
  • Very easy to install.
  • Looks pretty cool.
  • Highly durable bar.
  • Option for the light setting.
Cons and Flaws
  • Doesn’t come with the lights.

Bottom Line:

5. Go Rhino 3160B Black StepGuard Grille Guard

Stuck in a short budget? Looking for an affordable option? We have the Go Rinho 3160B black grille guard for you. With this very model, you get an auxiliary lighting option and not only that, this grille guard looks pretty decent as well. An issue that some grille guards make is accessing the engine. Some guards make it really hard to access the engine, but this Go rhino allows you to do that effortlessly.

This is a durable grille guard, can save the front side of the vehicle if it runs into any obstacle. The manufacturer has used top-grade material in the construction and has given black powder coating as well which makes it rust and corrode proof. And this guard is suitable for most kinds of trucks (American models). The best perk of owning this grille guard is the price, comes at an affordable price.

It comes completely pre-drilled, so installing won’t be a tough job at all. There are lighting holes as well where you can add the lightings. With the purchase, you will get the mounting kit and an instruction guide as well. Having that said, the instruction guide is worst, very complex. There are a lot of tutorials on the web, follow one of them if you are facing trouble.

Key Features of the Product:

  • It comes with a black powder coating.
  • Constructed with top-grade materials.
  • Features step pad and lighting channel.
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy installation.
Pros and Highlights
  • Easy to install.
  • Offers front protection.
  • Durable bar.
  • Rust and corrode proof.
  • Affordable price.
Cons and Flaws
  • Low-quality brackets.
  • Complex instruction guide.

Bottom Line:
If you are in a tight budget, this Go Rinho 3160B black grille guard would be an excellent choice for you. You will get both a good look and good quality within a low price.

6. Rough Country LED Bull Bar

Do you need a bar to cruise around the countryside? We have exactly what you need. The Rough Country LED Bull Bar. As the name implies, this one is actually a rough bull bar that is going to give you amazing front protection. You don’t have to worry about running into tree branches or anything, this bull bar is going to tackle everything.

Let’s move onto the construction of this grille guard, the manufacturer has used top-notch material in the construction. It is constructed with top-grade steel material and comes with 3-inch thicker tubing. This grille guard also comes pre-drilled like others.

If we talk about the installation, that is super easy. There are hundreds of tutorials on the web about the installing of grille guards. Apart from that, you will get an instruction guide with the purchase which is enough to guide you easily.

There is a major drawback of this grille guard, it becomes rusty with time. There is no coating in this guard which is why it is not resistant to rust. But you shouldn’t worry much, the manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty for this very model. If it gets rusty before, the manufacturer will be there to back you up.

Key Features of the Product:

  • It comes with 3-inch steel thick tubing.
  • This is a pre-drilled grille guard.
  • Features lighting channel for extra lights.
  • The manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty.
Pros and Highlights
  • Highly durable.
  • Extra visibility.
  • Looks decent.
  • Easy to install.
  • Protective guard.
  • 5-year warranty.
Cons and Flaws
  • Not rustproof.

Bottom Line:
Though this is not rust-resistant but is highly protective. That being said, for this guard to get rusty it will take more than 2-years. So, I don’t think that would be a major issue. On top of everything, the manufacturer offers a 5-years warranty.

7. Hooke Road Black Front Grill Mesh Inserts Clip-in Honeycomb Grille Guards

Before you proceed any further let us tell you, this Hooke road black front grille mesh insert guard is not a thing that will cover the entire front side of your vehicle. There are some models which cover the front side of the vehicle along with the headlights, this provides greater protection to the vehicle. But with this very grille guard, you will get less protection. And importantly, this grille guard is suitable for 1997-2006 jeep wrangler TJ.

Having that said, it will surely add a style to your vehicle. This grille guard is completely rustproof and corrodes proof as well. Heavily constructed with the ABS plastic, yes, that is less durable compared to other steel made grille guards. This guard might not save the front side of the vehicle when running into any obstacle. But since it comes at an extremely cheap price, that justifies it.

The installation process of this grille guard is very simple. It comes pre-drilled, so there is not complexity. Moreover, it comes with LED light channels, if you need visibility then you can attach some LED lights in that.

Key Features of the Product:

  • Crafted from ABS plastic material.
  • Completely rust and corrode proof.
  • This grille guard comes pre-drilled for installation.
  • Features lighting channel for visibility.
Pros and Highlights
  • It comes at an extremely cheap price.
  • Easy to install.
  • It comes with lighting channels.
  • Completely rustproof and corrode proof.
  • Looks cool on vehicles.
Cons and Flaws
  • Less durable compared to other grille guards.

Bottom Line:
People who are looking for an extremely cheaper option, the Hooke road black front grille mesh insert guard is for them. But you are not going to get top-notch protection. We would say, if you have a small vehicle which runs very slowly, then this grille guard would be enough.

8. WARN Grille Guard Tube 102355 Jeep JL OE Rubicon Low Height Front Bumper

A jeep without grille guard and a jeep with one, both have bigger differences. Without a grille, a jeep looks decent, but with one, it looks like a beast. And who doesn’t want their jeep to look like a beast? Everyone does! However, presenting the WARN grille guard tube 102355, one of the best low height bumpers for the jeep. It comes with a simple design but when installed in the jeep, that changes the look of both jeep and the guard itself.

This very grille guard comes in three different variations, low height, medium height and tall. Choose one that suits your needs. The manufacturer has used top-grade 2-inch tubes in the constriction which makes it highly durable and stylish. Not only that, this guard has a powder-coated finish as well which makes it rustproof and corrode proof. It comes pre-drilled and with all the mounting accessories, so installing process is very simple.

Key Features of the Product:

  • Available in three different variations.
  • Constructed with the solid 2-inch tube for better strength.
  • Completely rustproof and corrode proof.
  • Features powder coating which makes it look good.
Pros and Highlights
  • Very easy to install.
  • It offers decent durability.
  • Looks classy.
  • Rustproof and corrode proof.
Cons and Flaws
  • Not as strong as top models of this list.

Bottom Line:
If you own a Jeep and want to give it is a rugged look, this WARN grille guard tube 102355 grille guard won’t be a wrong choice. The front side of the vehicle gets decent protection.

9. Westin 57-3555 HDX Grille Guard.

This is the second Westin product of this list. This is a reputed brand and having a couple of their items on the top list is no surprise. If you want your truck to look dominating, this is the mask you would want to install at the front of your truck. Presenting the Westin 57-3555 HDX grille Guard. Heavily constructed with powder-coated steel which is both durable and rust-resistant. Plus, it is corroding proof as well.

The way this guard is designed it delivers full protection to the front side of the truck. It has wraparound wings as well that increases the protection. To make sure that, the grille doesn’t get damaged or scratched, it comes with rubber coating as well.

There will be no dent, scratches, or chips in the guard. Your truck’s headlights will remain secure as well, thanks to the wraparound wing bars of the guard. And like any other grille guards of this list, it also comes pre-drilled and is super easy to install.

Key Features of the Product:

  • Constructed with black mild steel.
  • Features 2-inch diameter tube.
  • Rubber coated for guard protection.
  • The wraparound wing protects the headlight.
  • It comes pre-drilled and easy to install.
Pros and Highlights
  • Rubber coated grille guard
  • Rust and corrode-resistance.
  • Protection for the headlight.
  • Looks dominating.
  • Easy to install.
Cons and Flaws
  • Short bolts.
  • Little expensive.

Bottom Line:
The Westin 57-3555 HDX grille Guard is a decent grille guard but the look of this model is very dominating. Along with the front side of the vehicle, it provides protection to the expensive headlights as well. And is pretty durable.

10. TAC Bull Bar Fits 2004-2020 Ford F150/2003-2017 Front Grille Guard

You might not know, TAC is one of the top North American high-quality aftermarket vehicle accessories suppliers. They are serving the market for over 20-years now and within that time, they have made a huge fan base, obviously with their top-notch quality. And now presenting a grille guard which comes from the TAC and the quality is on point as usual. Have a look at the TAC Bull Bar Grille guard if you want rugged front protection for your truck.

The way this grille guard is designed, it suits more than a hundred different trucks (American truck models). The manufacturer has used top-grade stainless steel in the construction which ensures that great quality. They didn’t stop there, it also got black powder and textured black finish which makes this bar rust and corrode proof. Plus, it gives it an attractive look as well.

It comes pre-drilled, so you can easily mount it to your vehicle. And you get channels for attaching LED lights as well if you need extra visibility that is also sorted with this grille guard.

Key Features of the Product:

  • Constructed with engineering-grade stainless steel.
  • It got a textured black powder coating finish.
  • It comes with a skid plate.
  • Compatible with most kinds of truck models.
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy mounting.
Pros and Highlights
  • Super easy to mount.
  • Looks classy.
  • Rust-resistant.
  • Highly durable.
  • Light channels.
Cons and Flaws
  • Though it is advertised as rust-proof, it still gets rusty with time.

Bottom Line:
Need top-notch front protection for your truck? You would not regret choosing the TAC Bull Bar Grille guard. Delivers excellent value for the money.

Why Should You Use a Grille Guard?

We are going to give you three reasons why exactly you should use a grille guard in your vehicle. Take a look at them

1. Front Protection

If you have a vehicle and you travel to different places most often, then grille guard is for you. People who live in an area which is covered by tree branches, big rocks, etc. A grille guard is a must for them. The main purpose of a grille guard is to keep the front side of the vehicle safe. An accident can occur at any time, it doesn’t matter who’s a mistake it is, everyone might pay the price.

But when you have a top-notch grille guard in your front, we can assure you that most of the damage will be on the guard which will save the entire front side of your vehicle. The headlights will be saves, there will minimal scratches if the accident is major, nothing will happen to your engine. All this means you are going to save a lot of money.

However, the safety depends on the quality of your grille guard as well. If you choose a low quality one, that is not going to withstand heavy hit and the vehicle front section will get damaged eventually.

2. Look of the Vehicle

If you own an off-road truck, installing a grille guard on that will make it look extremely dominating. Trucks without any front grille guard look dull. Though this is not related to safety, still, look also matters a lot. That being said, for a classy look, you definitely have to go for classy looking grille guards which comes with powder coatings and etc. They might be a little pricey but they worth it.

3. Visibility and ease of install

If you need little visibility when you are somewhere dark, grille guard can pay a big role there. Some grille guards come with light channels where you can add LED lights according to your needs. Those lights on grille guard look pretty cool and you get the needed visibility as well. Besides that, installing a grille guard is not a daunting job at all. It is very simple.

These are the major things that you need to consider when you are about to pick the right grille guard for you. And you must have gone through the list of best grille guard for deer. Hope this article did help you to choose the ideal guard for your vehicle.

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