Best Garage Floor Coating in 2023 – Top 10 Picks & Complete Guide

What do we do in the garage? We keep our vehicles and service them. Some of us go up a notch and even wash our cars here.

Well, these are perfectly fine. After all, these are the purposes a garage is supposed to serve, right?
But have you ever wondered how the garage floor looking after all these errands? To your surprise, you’ll find this area full of chemical spills, oil drips, stains, and road salts.

Oh! Do you see it now? A dirty garage floor will only worsen the environment you work in. Nobody wants to work on a landfill anyway.

dirty garage floor
A Dirty Garage Floor

Thankfully, you can have the best garage floor coating at your disposal. These coatings prevent discoloration, deterioration, and staining on the floor. They hide the cracks on the garage floor. On top of that, they make cleaning garage floor easier than ever.

What Is The Best Garage Floor Coating In 2023?

Garage coatings AKA garage paints do exactly what the name suggests, they add a protective layer. The layer serves as a sealer when dried after application.

best garage floor coating review
After garage floor coating

Some of the coatings work even better and increase the aesthetic look of the floor. They aren’t vulnerable to spills and don’t peel or fade easily. Best garage floor paints are meant to be long-lasting.

Usually, they contain epoxy, polyurethane or acrylic. Some offer high gloss while some offer non-slip finishes. So what you need to do is, determine your floor type and your goals beforehand. Because a wrong veneer can worsen the floor.

Things To Consider When Buying Garage Floor Coating


Usually, products contain information on how much area they can cover. You should measure your garage floor beforehand and make sure the product can cover the area. Generally, a gallon should cover 100-600 square feet of space depending on the product.

If you intend to apply a second coat, cut the area coverage the product promises in half. To avoid any wastage, you should always measure and calculate the area before mixing the coat, otherwise, it will start to dry.


Well, this one may be the deciding factor for many people. How will the floor look after all is done and dried? Usually, epoxy coats deliver a transparent to semi-transparent look. The floor remains the same, but with added shine and glossiness.

Other options usually include gray to black finishes, which look particularly great for garage. With polyurethane paints, you can also get multiple coloring options.

One thing to remember, transparent coats can be applied to a wide range of floor types, while colored paints are usually limited to concrete and stone surfaces.

Protection Capacity

Your floor can come in touch with different materials, each instigating a different kind of damage. You’d want your coat to protect the floor from all these damages, gasoline, tire, engine oils, wastewaters, chemicals, dropped tools.

So it all comes down to the durability of the product. Usually, 2-part epoxy paints deliver the most robust finish. But they also come with a high price tag. You should anticipate the types of damages your floor endure on a daily basis and make sure to buy a product that resists those damages.


You don’t want to apply a coating every month, do you? So you need to choose a product that can withstand the test of time. If you work on your garage regularly, just a nice top coat over your floor won’t suffice.

A garage floor usually faces three kinds of rivals, climate, abrasion, and chemical elements. You coat should be able to handle hot and cold temperatures and resist cracking under these conditions.

Depending on the area, the floor can also experience humidity and sweating. If the coat isn’t equipped to fight them, it’ll quickly lose adhesion.

Also, make sure the coat is flexible enough to absorb impact and abrasions. The more flexible it is, the more endurance it has against impacts.

Chemical Durability

Chemicals deserve special attention because they are silent killers. They won’t instantly inflict damages but will deteriorate the coat over time.

Make a note of the common chemicals, oil, cleaners, greases you use and make sure the coat is resistant to them. Resistant doesn’t always mean 100% imperviousness, so you need to stay careful about not spilling chemicals recklessly.

Adhering And Installation

Great durability doesn’t mean the coat will adhere to your floor strongly. Some of the toughest products have a hard time bonding with the surface, so make sure your floor and coat are compatible. The bonding can be improved by vigorous prepping before application.

Usually, better products take more time and effort to install and cure. 2-part epoxy is harder to install than 1-part epoxy, but they last longer.

As for curing, you shouldn’t be too concerned about the time unless you’re in a hurry. Products that take longer to cure usually bond stronger and last longer.

Top Garage Floor Coating Comparison Chart

Image Product Type
Quantity (Gallons) Coverage
(Sq. Ft.
Per Gallon)
Rubberseal-Liquid-Rubber-Coating Rubberseal
(Editor’s Choice)
Liquid Rubber
1,5 20
Check Price
Rust-Oleum-261845-EpoxyShield-Garage-Floor-Coating Rust-Oleum 261845
2-Part Epoxy
Check Price
Coloredepoxies-10002-Clear-Epoxy-Resin-Coating Coloredepoxies 10002
Check Price
SUPERCOAT-Slate-Gray-Epoxy-Floor-Coating SUPERCOAT Epoxy
(Editor’s Choice)
2-Part Epoxy
0.8 200
Check Price
KILZ-L377711-1-Part-Epoxy-Acrylic-Interior-Exterior KILZ L377711
1-Part Epoxy
300-400 (Rough)
400-500 (Smooth)
Check Price
Liquid-Rubber-Foundation-Sealant-Basement-Coating Liquid Rubber
Liquid Rubber
Check Price
RUSTOLEUM-292514-Contact-Cements RUSTOLEUM 292514 2-Part Epoxy
90 Fluid-
200-250 (Bare)
450-500 (Coated)
KILZ-Over-Armor-Textured-Wood-Concrete-Coating KILZ Over Armor
Acrylic Resin Paint
Garage-Floor-Concrete-Epoxy-Coating Epoxy-Coat
2-Part Epoxy
2 (Epoxy) +
1 (Hardener)
250 (Total)
SUPERCOAT-Waterborne-Urethane-Glaze-Coat SUPERCOAT Urethane Urethane Topcoat

Our 10 Picks Of Best Garage Floor Coating

If you cannot live with the obstinate stains, smell and cracks on the garage floor, it’s high time you use floor paint. The older these things get, the harder their removal process will be.

Usually, epoxy veneers are better than their polyurethane counterparts. Below, we’ve listed some of the top products on the market. Hopefully, you’ll find the one suitable for your purpose and floor type.

1. Rubberseal Liquid Rubber Coating | Best RV Roof Coating

One of the main problems you can encounter with your rubber coating is cracked floor. As the name suggests, Rubberseal is made of liquid rubber, which has a great crack resistance. No matter the climate and the pressure you put it on, it will stay in pristine condition for a long time.

Some people say it’s the best RV roof coating, but its versatile features make it the one for your garage floor too. It offers effective protection against water damages, which includes waste waters, motor oils, and even chemicals.

Best RV Roof Coating review
Rubberseal Liquid Rubber Coating

What you’ll love about Rubberseal is it has no strong, unpleasant odor. But it does have strong UV resistance and reflective nature. Once you’re done applying it, your floor will look glossy and attractive.

This solution has low VOC. Compared to many urethane coatings, this one is safer for the environment and yourself. No wonder it was energy star rated. It has a spread rate of 60 square feet per gallon with 20 imperial mils. You’d probably need the 5-gallon product for covering the entire floor.

Pros And Highlights
  • It’s chemical and puncture resistant.
  • High UV resistance and minimal odor.
  • Energy star rated low VOC product.
  • Seamless rubber membrane provides excellent water resistance.
  • Ceramic rich coating, easy to apply.
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • The solution is somewhat thinner than you’d expect.

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Bottom Line
If you’re using it for RV, the 1-gallon quantity will suffice. For floors, you’d probably need the 5-gallon product. Since it’s a bit thinner, you might need to apply more than one coat. Given it is impressively water and crack-resistant, you wouldn’t regret the investment.

2. Rust-Oleum 261845 Epoxyshield Coating | Overall Best Epoxy Floor Coating

Later in this article, you’ll come to know that 2-part epoxies make the toughest, longest lasting coats. Rust-Oleum 261845 is not a paint, rather a 2-part epoxy coat and concentrated cleaner. Often used with the coat for walls, this one is the solo star when it comes to the garage floor.

This product is intended for professional grade use and delivers a thick veneer. The thickness means it will protect the floor from both oil and chemical spills. Additionally, it will resist peeling and cracking of the floor.

Rust-Oleum 261845 Epoxyshield Coating review
Rust-Oleum 261845 Epoxyshield Coating

These features make it one of the best-rated epoxy floor coatings. The coat itself comes with the complete package, the epoxy solution, concentrated etch and concentrated concrete cleaner. Since it’s low in VOC, you can save yourself from the guilt of harming the environment.

The product itself has no strong unpleasant odor. The product cover areas up to 500 square feet. Once applied, you’ll be able to walk on it within 24 hours and drive on it within 72 hours. The super adhesion makes sure you don’t have to worry about recoating for a long time.

And yes, the semi-gloss gray finish and all new floor look will leave your visitors in awe.

Pros And Highlights
  • It’s a two-part epoxy formula, very durable.
  • It provides a gray, semi-gloss finish.
  • It’s resistant to chemicals, hot tire, and impacts.
  • The two-gallon quantity covers 500 square feet.
  • Rust-Oleum is low in VOC and has minimal odor.
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • It takes quite some time and effort to prep the formula.

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Bottom Line
Good things don’t come easy, do they? You might need substantial time and effort to prepare the formula. But once it’s done and dried, you’ll be saved from hours of potential maintenance work. I mean, you can just use soap and water to clean the floor and it won’t lose glossiness.

3. Coloredepoxies 10002 Clear Epoxy Resin Coating | Best Concrete Floor Paint Basement

This is a flexible resin, two-part epoxy coating. This three-gallon kit can cover 125-170 square feet of area with each gallon. Budget-conscious buyers might the coverage under par. But when you hear about the features it has to offer, you’ll find Coloredepoxies very recompensing.

For instance, it’ll form a very thick and long-lasting surface. It’s not like ‘huge coverage’ products that need repetitive application. Contrary to most epoxies, you have 18 options from clear to bright color to choose from. The formula facilitates a very glossy finish.

Best Concrete Floor Paint Basement review
Coloredepoxies 10002 Clear Epoxy

It’s not exactly a liquid per se, it’s rather a flexible 100% solids product. However, it’s very convenient that you can use it on concrete and plywood. This solution has an almost unnoticeable odor and low VOC. This professional grade epoxy protects the floor from water and chemicals, fungi and molds.

The basement floor waterproofing paint is UV resistant, so you don’t have to replace the floor anytime sooner because of oxidation and environmental damage. The application process includes proper and heavy prepping beforehand. Once applied, it’ll take 8-24 hours to dry.

Pros And Highlights
  • Non-water based, two-part professional epoxy formula.
  • It’s made in the USA, chemical, mold, and UV rays resistant.
  • It comes with 18 color options, including clear.
  • It works equally well on concrete and plywood.
  • It contains resin and curative, impressively waterproof.
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • The products start drying within 40 minutes after mixing.
  • The colored options aren’t solid, more like a tint.

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Bottom Line
Coloredepoxies has a short pot life, which is great for those who want to get it done with quickly. But you also have to be careful and do all the prep works before mixing the solution. Once it’s mixed, there’s no wasting time.
Also, the colored coat won’t actually give a paint vibe. It’ll look more like a shade. It’s not exactly bad, because many users actually liked the colors. We’re just making sure you know what you’re in for.

4. SUPERCOAT Slate Gray Epoxy Floor Coating | Best Floor Paint For Stairs

As the name suggests, this is an epoxy floor coating. But it has a unique feature that proves expedient for extreme climate areas. This is a breathable floor coating. It allows moistures and vapors to pass through and resists damages like peeling and blistering.

Breathable paints usually cure stronger than regular paints. Thus this paint is suitable to use on high traffic garages. It’ll stand strong against abrasion, hot tire life, chemical, and oil spills.

Best Floor Paint For Stairs review
SUPERCOAT Slate Gray Epoxy Floor Coating

Being an epoxy solution, it sticks well to wood and concrete. Another noticeable thing about this product is decorative flakes. It comes with different decorative flakes that’ll enhance the appearance and glossiness of your floor.

The manufacturers also provide degreaser and anti-slip additives with the package. The application is very easy. You don’t have to go thorough mechanical prep or acid etching. Use the degreaser to clean the floor, mix the formula and apply with a roller.

If you want added decoration, spread the flakes on wet epoxy. Allow it 10 hours to cure fully. Depending on the floor, you can cover up to 200 square feet area with each gallon.

Pros And Highlights
  • Water-based 2-part breathable epoxy formula.
  • Easy prep work with the provided cleaner/ degreaser.
  • You can choose from several color options.
  • It’s suitable for heavy foot and car drive traffic garages.
  • Anti-slip additives are included with the package.
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • The formula has a very short pot time.

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Bottom Line
This one doesn’t come with the high price tags epoxy veneers usually have. Yet, this breathable paint has no shortage is performance. It’s almost equally chemical and abrasion resistant. And you can use flakes for added glittering. Since the product dries up fast, mix only half a gallon at a time, and you should be okay.

5. KILZ L377711 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Paint | Cheap Garage Floor Coating

What to do when you want the benefits of a water-based paint but don’t want to leave out the benefits of an epoxy formula? Well, you get a 1-part epoxy paint. It comes in liquid form, easy to use, and low priced, all you get with regular paint. But, it’s spiked with epoxy, so definitely stronger than regular paint.

While it might not be as tough as 2-part epoxies, it brings a nice balance between low budget and high performance. So unless you have a high traffic garage, Kilz L377711 should suffice. Moreover, it’s crazy cheap!

Cheap Garage Floor Coating review
KILZ L377711 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Paint

It’s acrylic paint. So it’s likely to cover a larger area with the quantity. But you probably have to apply more than one coat in order to get the desired performance. With 1-gallon, you can cover 300-500 square feet depending on whether the surface is smooth or rough.

The color is gray and since it’s basically a paint, you’ll get more gloss than 2-part epoxies. Once applied, wait for 4 hours to recoat. Stir the whole paint well so that the color blends properly. The final drying might take 24-48 hours.

Roll, brush or spray on, use it as you like. It resists stain, chemical, and water damages. Since it’s a flexible paint, you can use it on different surfaces like brick, concrete, masonry, and stone.

Pros And Highlights
  • It’s a very cheap, flexible, easy to use veneer.
  • The single component paint needs no mixing.
  • It avails better gloss than usual epoxy formulas.
  • You can apply it by using different methods.
  • Fast drying, you can touch the paint after 2 hours of application.
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • Not suitable for high traffic areas.

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Bottom Line
We won’t sugarcoat things saying it doesn’t have its downsides. It’s not suitable for vertical surfaces and needs more than one coat. Also, if you’re looking for heavy garage use, try 2-part epoxies instead. But for residential garages and normal uses, this one is enough. I mean, you’ll be renovating your garage with a mere few dollars. That’s hardly a mistake, right?

6. Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant | Best Concrete Floor Paint Basement

If you have a floor that went beyond repairing with regular paints, try this product. It’s not regular paint. In fact, it’s called a liquid rubber sealant for its amazing characteristics to conceal cracks. More importantly, you can use it on many surfaces including metal, wood, concrete, etc.

The product is very flexible. The final membrane can facilitate 900% elongation. This is what makes it suitable for impacts and rough uses. Unlike 2-component coats, this one doesn’t need any mixing. You can even use some and save the rest for later.

Best Concrete Floor Paint Basement review
Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant

The basement concrete floor paint solution has no unpleasant odor or harmful VOC. It’s safe and environment-friendly. Since it’s water based, you can use it with roller, brush or high-pressure piston sprayer.

Once applied, allow 24-48 hours for the surface to totally cure. If you want more thickness for your floor, apply it 3-4 times, which should give you a 1.5-2 mm thickness.

The product can cover 100 square feet with a gallon. You have to understand, it isn’t a regular epoxy coat. It’s meant to conceal cracks and provide water-chemical resistance. Also, it comes with a low price tag.

Pros And Highlights
  • No additional mixing needed for the application.
  • It has no pot life, so you can save it for future uses.
  • It seals cracks, also protects the floor to a level.
  • It contains no harmful solvent, VOC or odors.
  • Multiple convenient application methods to choose from.
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • You’ll need several coats to achieve a significant thickness.

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Bottom Line
Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant is a great catch for the price. If you’re worried about water induced problems for your garage floor or roof, this rubber sealer is an apt choice. It enhances the look of the floor by hiding the dreadful cracks. However, for rigorous garage floor uses, I’d recommend 2-part epoxies.

7. RUSTOLEUM 292514 Contact-Cements | Best Garage Epoxy Floor Coating

Fancy high gloss protective veneer on a bare or finished concrete floor? No extra color, just a clear coat that’ll enhance the aesthetic look of the floor? Then RUSTOLEUM 292514 Contact-Cements will serve you just right.

It’s suitable for heavy traffic areas. Apart from chemical damages, these areas often seal with wear, abrasion, and impact. A regular coat will peel off when challenged with such trials. But not Rust-Oleum. Being a 2-part epoxy formula, it’ll form a thick and long-lasting veneer that’s difficult to chip.

Best Garage Epoxy Floor Coating review
RUSTOLEUM 292514 Contact-Cements

Not only physical damages, this product work well against chemical and water-based damages too. The fine molecular structure makes sure it is spread evenly and seals those ugly cracks. Once the veneer is finished, you need no other maintenances except cleaning with soap.

The application is easy, at least it should be thanks to the detailed instruction manual. Apart from the epoxy formula, anti-skid additives were added to avail easy walking on the floor. Use a 3/8 In. nap roller to apply it, wait for 72 hours and you’re done.

For bare concrete, it’ll cover 200-250 square feet with each gallon, for coated surfaces, the area increases to 450-500 square feet. If you want to spice up things a bit, add metallic flakes provided by the manufacturers.

Pros And Highlights
  • A 2-part epoxy coating with added anti-slip additive.
  • It’s suitable for heavy foot and vehicle traffic areas.
  • The package comes with a mixing stick and several metallic flakes.
  • Detailed instructions to help you do the job by yourself.
  • Brown, white or black metallic flakes to choose from.
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • The metallic flakes might seem too shiny to some people.

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Bottom Line
RUSTOLEUM 292514 comes with every advantage a 2-component epoxy provides. It’s durable, chemical resistant and abrasion resistant. On top of that, you get multiple color choices with metallic flakes.
Some people might not like the added glossiness, but a lot of people actually prefer it. So it’s up to your personal taste.

8. KILZ Over Armor Textured Wood/Concrete Coating | Best Floor Paint For Wood

This is the cheapest product on our list. I mean it’ll feel like a catch to have the decent performance it provides in such a cheap price. It may not be the most performing product over there, but it definitely brings a bang for the money.

The texture paint comes in a one-gallon container. As the name suggests, it’s basically aimed for textured painting on your floor. The 100% acrylic resin formula will bring your old, dull wood and concrete floor back to life. And the texture will last for a significant time.

Best Floor Paint For Wood review
KILZ Over Armor Textured Wood/Concrete Coating

The product offers three color options, red, brown, and gray. Be it horizontal or vertical surface, these paints will conceal splinters and cracks up to 1/4-inch. On top of that, they are slip resistant.

Now, this one can cover 75 square feet with the one-gallon pot. So might need several containers to fully cover your floor. Make sure the surface is clean. Use a spray on, brush or roll, any method you see fit to apply it. Wait 4-6 hours before the next coating. For complete curing, you might need 72 hours.

Pros And Highlights
  • The best floor paint for wooden floors conceals splinter and cracks.
  • Works on both wood and concrete surface.
  • This water-based formula can be horizontally or vertically.
  • Several application methods to choose from.
  • One gallon covers two coatings for 75 square feet area.
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • It might not be suitable for high traffic garages.

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Bottom Line
For decks, patios, walls, even low traffic garage floors, this one should work well to a certain level. However, we wouldn’t recommend it for high traffic garages. It delivers a nice texture for sure but lacks toughness or chemical resistance. But that shouldn’t stop you if you’re just looking to decorate and renovate the floor.

9. SUPERCOAT Waterborne Urethane Glaze Coat | Best Garage Floor Sealer

This is not like other products we have reviewed so far. We thought since we’ve been discussing floor coats, why not mention the one that protects the protectors. SUPERCOAT is a water-based urethane coat that is used as a top coat for floor paints.

Now, why is this necessary? Technically, you should be fine if you only use coats, especially epoxy coats. These coats can deliver unmatched performance for years, what they can’t stop is oxidizing. The floors come in touch with water and oxygen and slowly turn yellowish over time.

Best Garage Floor Sealer review
SUPERCOAT Waterborne Urethane Glaze Coat

SUPERCOAT Waterborne Urethane Glaze Coat serves two purposes. One, it provides a top coat to garage floor veneers that prevent yellowing. Two, it protects the floor from chemical damages, battery acids, and water induced harms even more.

In short, this is the next level epoxy. Use it 12 hours after applying the epoxy coat. Use ¼ inch nap roller to apply it. Allow 24-72 hours to dry completely.

Super Coat dries clear so it won’t muddle with your floor coat. It provides an added glossiness to the floor. As if it wasn’t enough, the manufacturers even provide decorative flakes as well. With each gallon, you can cover 250 square feet of your garage floor.

Pros And Highlights
  • Water-based urethane top coat for epoxies.
  • It dries clear without damaging the paint color.
  • It bonds with the coat and prevents oxidation.
  • It protects the floor from chemical damages.
  • Protect the floor from abrasions, easy to clean.
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • It might feel expensive for a top coat finish.

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Bottom Line
Applying epoxies on your floor is a costly and long term investment. Since they last for a few years, you should be getting value for the money. But high performance might seem inferior if the floor turns yellowish.
Although it might seem costly for a top coat, think of the protective features it’ll provide to your garage floors. The lifespan of your epoxy veneer will extend and the look will remain unscathed for years.

10. Epoxy-Coat Garage Floor Concrete | Best Floor Paint For Wooden Floors

This one isn’t much different than Coloredepoxies we just reviewed. They’re both made in the USA, two-part epoxies, and contain resins. What makes Epoxy-Coat different is it comes with every single kit you need to apply it. I mean, you don’t need to run outside over and over because you keep forgetting things.

The kit includes 2 gallons of epoxy resin formula, 1 gallon of hardener, 1.5 pounds beige flakes, 0.5-pound aluminum oxide, and one clean and prep solution. As for the user, the kit contains a pair of gloves, a measuring stick, chip brush, a squeeze, and a roller cover.

Best Floor Paint For Wooden Floors review
Epoxy-Coat Garage Floor Concrete coating

All you need to mix it and dedicate one holiday to get your job done. With the first coat, you’ll get a DTF of 9.7 mils. So unlike many products, you basically need only one coat to have a thick, long lasting veneer.

The coat enables a non-skid floor, thanks to the aluminum oxide additive. If you want more UV resistance and smoother finish, you can use additives. This coat is a perfect choice for your concrete due to its self-leveling nature.

This 100% solids formula has no to minimal odor. Also the 12 hours quick dry will let you walk on the garage floor the very next day.

Pros And Highlights
  • The formula can cover 500 square feet of area.
  • The best floor paint avails excellent thickness with just one coat.
  • No-odor and quick dry features make it user-friendly.
  • The kit contains everything you need to apply it.
  • Glossy non-skid finish, suitable for both concrete and wood floor.
  • It can be used for both residential and commercial purpose.
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • It has a short pot life of 20-30 minutes.

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Bottom Line
This is a complete package for those who don’t want additional shopping. The application process is very easy too. The thickness this product provides at the first coat is impressive.

However, be careful about the short pot life. Prep your floor beforehand and don’t waste time after mixing the formula. Otherwise, it’ll start to dry.

Garage Floor Paint Types

Choosing the right type of garage paint is the key to durability, cost reduction, and satisfactory service. There are four types of garage paints to choose from.

1. Concrete Stain

They are the most basic and cheap option. If you intend to just improve your current floor condition and hide the cracks, then they are sufficient. However, they don’t come with color options like latex paints.

The application process is simple, just acid wash the floor to remove old stains and apply it. Let it dry. If you want, you can add more layers.

They have two types, acid stain which chemically bonds with the lime on your concrete floor, and acrylic paint AKA masonry paint which is more like a sealant.

2. Latex Paint

They are like wall paints, thus less effective than specialized floor paints of course. But the performance improves if you use the ones intended for floor use. One advantage is they come with different color options.

If you don’t use your garage for service and washing purpose, rather just keeping and displaying cars, this one can be suitable for you. With the diverse color options, you can get creative and increase the aesthetic look of your garage.

3. Urethane Paint

They come with high VOC (volatile organic compounds) and don’t stick to the floor that much. For that reason, they have always been the least favorite choice for concrete surfaces.

However, they have a variety called ‘Polyurea’ which works well on concrete surfaces. They also tend to dry quicker than usual paints. Polyurea paints are usually costlier and need professionals for installing.

4. Epoxy

They are the most popular options for garage floor paint. Or more precisely floor coating, since they are more of a veneer than a paint.

They cover the surface cracks well and resistant to stains, chemicals, climate, and temperature. It usually lasts longer than other options and needs lesser maintenance.

Epoxy paints have different types, one part, and two parts, water based and solvent based, decorative and self-leveling.

The application process is a bit trickier than other paints as well. You need to clean the floor thoroughly and apply the veneer evenly. If you miss any section, the coating will be uneven. They have a longer curing time too.

Benefits Of Painting The Garage Floor

If I had to say one reason to love garage floor paints, I’d just say, it looks great! I mean, the transformation will make you stay longer on your garage and appreciate the look. Here are some of the benefits of garage floor paints-

1. Protection

Your garage floor needs protection from a lot of things. The list starts with dust. But they are the least harmful. Oil spills, chemicals, wastages from car wash, grease, and lubricant, all of them can change the color of your floor than it originally was.

Not only that, they can damage the floor, and the cracks on the surface make it worse. Over the years, they can form an almost permanent layer which will be very hard to clean. A floor veneer, of course, forms a protective layer against these contaminants.

2. Impact Resistance

If you’re accustomed to seeing a cracked concrete floor, a coating can change your perception. You can drag a toolbox over a floor without fearing any peeling or cracking of the floor.

Slip-offs are regular occurrences in a garage. Epoxy paints form a hard and thick finish. You don’t have to worry about cracking the floor or damaging it if you accidentally slip a hand tool or spill oil drops.

3. Aesthetic Value

Just like I said, I’d even use it if it was only for the aesthetic value. Your garage will turn into a car showroom from a graveyard for cars. With different color options, you can get creative and choose attractive textures.

You can also improve the lighting condition. A stained floor absorbs lights make the room look dull. A glossy, colorful coating will do the opposite, it’ll increase the effect of lighting, making your garage look like a showroom.

4. Less Maintenance

First of all, paints, especially epoxy, seal the cracks on the floor. This makes the cleaning and maintenance very easy on the owner’s end.

They all prevent further cracking. In some areas, it’s not uncommon to see floors getting uneven, even cracking up with the temperature change. This makes cleaning and maneuvering difficult for the person working on it.

Usually, the basement concrete floor paints last 7 to 10 years. During this time, you don’t need to do any extra maintenance other than mopping and sweeping. The overall ambiance will look clean and professional in general.

Is Epoxy Garage Floor Worth It?

Epoxy garage floors are cheap, but cheap doesn’t necessarily mean a few bucks. You need to clean the floor thoroughly before applying the coat. You might have to do repairs to existing cracks if needed.

All things considered, the whole process might take 1000$ to 2500$. It’s a lot for the moment. But if you consider the durability, which is 5-10 years, the cost pays off.

The coat prevents any future damages on the floor, thus saving money for further maintenance. Also, the garage looks way better and the cleaning becomes easier. Overall, you’ll be getting multiple times benefit of what you originally spent.

How Durable Is Epoxy Garage Flooring?

Officially, an epoxy floor needs to be 2 millimeters thick. Otherwise, it’s just a coating, which is also considerably strong by the way.

An epoxy flooring has a flexural strength of 10000 psi, sometimes even more. On top of that, it is usually scratch resistant.

So how long do they last? Usually, they tend to last 5-10 years without any problem, sometimes, even more, depending on the usage. You can add additional layers of coats if you want.

When they finish off their life cycle, you’ll get value for every penny spent already. Also, replacing them is easy. Remember, improper surface preparation, inadequate thickness and mediocre top coat can damage the epoxy flooring performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why Is Epoxy Better Option Than Urethane?
Answer: Urethane contains high volatile organic compounds, while epoxy contains lesser of these. Epoxy forms better bonding with the floor. Also, they fill up the cracks more efficiently.

2. How Long Will It Take For A Regular Garage Floor?
Answer: It depends on the coating. Some coats dry almost instantly, while some might take up to 1 week to dry fully. But taking a long time to dry usually means the coating is thicker and more effective. You might also need considerable time to clean and prep the floor.

3. How Much Does Garage Floor Coating Cost?
Answer: While epoxy kits can be bought at a cheap price, the main cost resides in applying it. You might need professional help to apply an epoxy coating properly. Service providers usually charge 6-12 dollars for per square feet of floor. Which means for a 500 square feet room, you need 3000$- 6000$ in expenditure.

4. How To Apply Garage Floor Coating?
Answer: The coating application includes a good amount of prep work. First, you have to clean and wash the garage floor with an acidic solution. Then, you have to profile the garage floor to make it smooth and even. Repair any cracks on the floor. Mix the coating and apply it evenly.

5. What Is A Good Garage Floor Coating?
Answer: A good garage floor coating will be durable, scratch resistant and chemical resistant. It not necessarily needs to be fast drying, but once it’s dried, it should last for several years.

It should seal the cracks and be thick enough to resist cracking. Some coatings come with color options, which is great if you want to get creative.

6. How Long It Might Take To Dry?
Answer: Taking longer to dry is actually a good thing because means the solution has a higher epoxy count. For urethane paints, it will take lesser time to dry. For epoxy paints, do not expect to walk on the floor in less than 24 hours. Some paints even take 72 hours and more to dry.

7. Can I Coat Damaged Or Marred Concrete Floor?
Answer: Epoxy paints aren’t magical pixie dust. They won’t heal your damaged concrete floor. A big prerequisite for sustainable coating is a well-prepped floor. So it’s better to repair any damage on the floor beforehand.

That doesn’t mean you cannot coat a damaged floor at all. You can, but it’ll reduce the quality and durability of the end product.

8. Do Chemicals Effect The Coating?
Answer: Although some products say they’re chemical resistant, no coating can be 100% immune to contaminants like motor oil and road salt. Yes, good quality products will last longer and the deterioration will take years.

From your end, you can make sure to delay the process. Try not to spill chemicals often and mop the floor every now and then. Do not leave salts and oils on the floor for too long.

Final Words
Your garage floor isn’t something you can abuse constantly. Eventually, it’ll look bad and worsen the total garage environment. With a little care, it can make your time at the garage enjoyable.

Your floor reflects your personality. A dirty floor represents you as a disorganized, careless person. On the contrary, a colorful, glossy, clean floor will reflect your passion for a neat, clean environment.

You need to find the best garage floor coating that suits your floor. Hopefully, this article will help with the selection process. The better your coating, the more you save on maintenance and damage repair. So don’t hesitate to throw some extra bucks on better coats if you have to.

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