Best Floor Mats for Jeep Wrangler 2023 | Comparison + Expert’s Guide

A good car or jeep is a remedy and relaxation for a long and hard day when you can just put your feet down and drive away from your troubles.

But, a great car or jeep is much more. It is composed of the care and love you have for it, and that can be seen from the amazing accessories you’ve bought for it.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your car or jeep to keep it clean and organized by buying good floor mats.

floor mat for jeep wrangler review
floor mat for jeep wrangler

If the car or jeep is the body that offers shelter to your daily needs, the floor mats are the best parts of your body.

Out of so many on the market, the question is- which one is best for your jeep/car? Which one deserves the role of the protector of your vehicle interior?

It’s important to choose wisely as the floor mats have the power to keep your jeep wrangler’s carpets new and intact.

Why Best Floor Mats for Jeep Wrangler are Important?

People often wonder why they need the best floor mats for their jeep wrangler or car. Well, the truth is, they are really good to have in your jeep/car. Every time you’re not in the care, you’re walking and collecting dirt on your shoes. Then that dirt ends up in your car/jeep, and it’s really hard to clean up.

When you have good floor mats, they collect the dirt for you, and then you just have to clean them, instead of the whole vehicle. That saves a lot of time.

Not to mention that floor mats make your car look great and provide extra elegance. Even though not many people think about it, they should, because it makes life easier.

Finally, your ride will be much more comfortable if you have good floor mats. You’ll have a nice place to rest your feet, and if some food or something falls down, you’ll know you won’t have to clean the whole car/jeep.

Comparison table of Best Floor Mats for Jeep Wrangler

Image Product Underside
Mopar-82213860-jeep-wrangler Mopar 82213860 Jeep Wrangler
(Editor’s Choice)
Check Price
Mopar-82214855-All-Weather-Floor-Mat Mopar 82214855 All-Weather Smooth
Check Price
Jeep-Grand-Cherokee-Heavy-Duty-Rubber-Cargo-Area-Mat Jeep Grand Cherokee Mat Spikes
Check Price
Rugged-Ridge-All-Terrain-12988.04-jeep-wrangler Rugged Ridge Cargo Mats Spikes
Check Price
mopar-2018-New-Jeep-Wrangler 2018 New Jeep Wrangler Mats
(Editor’s Choice)
All Weather
Check Price
Rugged-Ridge-All-Terrain-12920.01-wrangler Rugged Ridge 12920.01 Smooth
Durable TPE
Check Price
Motor-Trend-4pc-Car-Floor-Mats-Set Motor Trend Car Mats Set Smooth
All Weather
Custom-Accessories-Armor-All-78840ZN Armor All 78840ZN Mat Anti-Slip
All Weather
Motor-Trend-MT-923-BK_NMM-FlexTough-floor-mat Motor Trend MT-923-BK Spikes
All Weather
Husky-Liners-Front-Floor-Liners-Fits Husky Liners Front Floor Smooth


Our 10 Picks of Best floor mats for jeep wrangler

Finding the top floor mats for jeep wrangler isn’t an easy job because there are just too many on the market. That’s why we’re here. With this list, you’ll find out just what the best floor mats on the market are.

It’s important to get a reliable and durable floor mat so that it lasts long and so that you don’t have to spend more money.

1. Mopar 82213860 Jeep Wrangler – all weather for the newer jeeps

This floor mat is made out of rubber which means it’ll be perfect for keeping your car carpet clean from heavier dirt. It has deep rib traps which are perfect for snow and water, as well as mud. That’s why it is an all weather floor mat.

Weather is something we can’t predict, and it’s normal to step in mud or to have some snow on your shoes. What’s important is that that doesn’t get onto your car carpet, as it will surely damage it and be hard to clean.

That’s why this floor mat is so great- it prevents that entirely.

Mopar 82213860 jeep wrangler review
Mopar 82213860 jeep wrangler

It sometimes happens that you need to buy floor mats separately for the back and front of the car, which costs way more money. That’s why this floor mat comes in the set of three. That way you can protect your whole car right away.

What speaks of its high quality more is that the mats are slush. That means that they’re more durable than just regular mats. Just imagine having to change floor mats often. It would cost you a lot of money and will be completely inconvenient.

What’s more, you’d have to keep spending the money until you eventually bought great floor mats. That’s why it’s better to invest right away.

These floor mats also have the jeep logo engraved into them, which testifies that they’re perfect for jeeps. That’s better than buying a generic brand because the interior of your car has been taken into account and your floor mats have been made accordingly. That’s a sure fire way to know you’ve got quality stuff on your hands.

These floor mats are most suitable for a 2014 wrangler, but newer jeeps can also try them.

All in all, this is one accessory that you can’t afford not to buy. The rubber is extra convenient because it will keep your car carpet safe from extra damage, like spills caused by children, for example.

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Important Benefits
  • Made of rubber
  • It’s Durable in Build
  • Great for all weather conditions
  • It’s Custom fit for all.
  • Bit pricy

2. Mopar 82214855 Floor Mat – best choice for unique and out of the ordinary

Whether you’re looking for great floor mats for the whole of your car, then you should check these out. They’re for the 2014 4 door Wrangler and will fit it perfectly. They’re made of rubber and are therefore extremely durable. You’ll have no worries about stains or spills anywhere in your car.

That’s great news if you have kids because all those messes they make will be a thing of the past. You’ll just need to take out the floor mats and clean them instead of having to clean the whole car. These floor mats are perfect for all weather.

If it’s rainy outside and you step in mud, they’ll be sure to contain it. If it’s snowing, the water will get nowhere near your carpet. And if it’s sunny, they’ll keep your carpets safe from the UV lights.

Mopar 82214855 All Weather Floor Mat review
Mopar 82214855 All Weather Floor Mat

The back floor mats are connected and will keep the space between the backseats protected, too. It’s often a problem with floor mats that they leave this space unprotected,and then you can see how much it wear and tears. It doesn’t look nice at all, so it’s good that these protect it.

One of the best features they have is the unique pattern. Anyone can get just plain black floor mats,but these have a track pattern. That makes them very interesting and appealing to the eye but is also very practical.

Not only will they be a great addition to your car visually, but they’ll also do a better job at protecting your carpet. That’s because the tracks on the pattern act as rubber ridges which get even the smallest particles or dirt out of your shoes and away from the carpet.

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Important Benefits
  • Great unique pattern
  • Made of rubber
  • Durable
  • Great for all weather
  • Custom fit
  • Not as affordable as it could be

3. Jeep Grand Cherokee Mat – heavy duty for cargo clean lover

People focus on protecting their car interior in the seating area because they think there’s a most chance that it will get ruined there. That’s why floor mats are so popular and needed.

They’re not wrong, but the thing is they forget about the cargo. Yes, the front and back of the car get dirty because of the shoes and outside elements, but they’re not the only ones that need protection. You’ll need to protect your cargo as well.

The seating area of the car gets dirty from mud and water, as well as accidental spills which are unavoidable so you may think- those can’t happen in my cargo, why do I need to protect it? The answer is simple. There are a lot of things one carries in their cargo which can damage it.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Heavy Duty Cargo Mat review
Jeep Grand Cherokee Heavy Duty Cargo Mat

The most obvious example is groceries. Every time you go shopping, you will put the stuff you bought in your cargo. Even though it’s in bags, it can always spill and stain the carpet in your cargo.

Nobody wants that. That’s why it’s great to have a rubber cargo liner. It will keep the liquids contained and will make sure your carpet is not stained.

Another good example is the equipment people carry in their cargo. Some need to carry gardening tools which are often very dirty and stained with mud. You don’t need any of that getting on your cargo carpet. Whatever you might carry there, it’s bound to ruin the interior unless you take measures to prevent that.

Remember that keeping your cargo clean and intact is as important as keeping the rest of the car in order. After all, the cargo might just be the most sensitive and important part of the car due to the things you carry in it.

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Important Benefits
  • Made of rubber
  • Durable
  • Custom fit
  • Made of rubber
  • Design is too basic for some people

4. Rugged Ridge All-Terrain Liner Kit – durable and perfect for passengers in the back

Liners for cars are as excellent as floor mats. The only difference is that they fit the back better than the front. That’s why they’re ideal for anyone who drives people in the back of the car often. For instance, families will benefit from this floor liner because there are bound to be members riding on the backseat.

Having the floor liners there ensures that the back of your car is clean and neat. Children are most often those who ride in the back, and they can be very clumsy which is why the floor liners are there. They will prevent the spills to become stains on your car carpet and will keep it as clean as it was on the first day.

What’s more, no damage will be done to your car carpet. People often underestimate how much shoes wear and tear and stain the carpet. The floor liners retain all the dirt and stains. They’re much easier to clean, and your interior is safe and sound. What’s not to love?

Rugged Ridge 12988.04 jeep wrangler review
Rugged Ridge 12988.04 jeep wrangler

Another important aspect of the car liners is the cargo. This is also a part of the car which can get dirty and damaged easily. Everything is carried there, and without the liners to protect the carpets, it’s easy to damage and stain them.

Most people carry their groceries in the cargo, and we all know that those can sometimes leak and cause damage.
What’s more, it’s not rare that people carry gardening or sports equipment in the cargo. Those things are dirty, and that’s okay as long as they don’t ruin the interior of the cargo. So it’s always better to have rubber cargo liners.

These come as a set, and that means you’ll spend less money and protect more car interior for the price. You’ll get everything you need in that set to keep the back and car intact.

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Important Benefits
  • Custom fit
  • Made of rubber
  • Great for all weather
  • Come in a set
  • Could be more durable

5. 2018 New Jeep Wrangler Floor Mats- strong and durable for the new car owners

So you’ve got a new jeep wrangler. Congratulations. That car will serve you for a long time and has amazing characteristics. Of course, now you need to take care of your new friend properly. And that means getting all the adequate equipment for it. The best way is to start with the floor mats.

You don’t want to get some universal floor mats that fit any vehicle because your jeep deserves better. There are special rubber floor mats designed just for the type of car you have.

That means that they’ll fit better and last longer. They’re made out of rubber so as to be more durable and useful against spills, stains, and damage.

mopar 2018 New Jeep Wrangler review
mopar 2018 New Jeep Wrangler

They’re bound to keep your car interior safe from anything from the outside which might hurt it.

Furthermore, this is a set of four floor mats which means that you get your whole car protected for the same price.

The design is elegant and fitting for a jeep wrangler. They’re black with the jeep logo written in red. That contributes to the elegance of the floor mats and makes them perfect for any color your jeep wrangler might be. The rubber is soft but in no way delicate.

It’s able to handle anything you throw at it. The design is meant to appear soft so as not to draw any attention to the floor mats and to keep them sophisticated. They’ll be a snug fit for your car and will protect every inch of the carpet.

This is good news because we all know how pesky dirt can be. There’s no reason to worry though; these floor mats will contain everything.

They’re great if you often have passengers in the back too, as the set covers the backseat as well. That also means they’re suitable for any family.

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2018 New Jeep Wrangler Floor Mats Pros & Cons

Pros and highlights
  • Great for all weather
  • Custom fit
  • Made of rubber
  • Durable
Cons and potential flaws
  • Design is too basic for some people

6. Rugged Ridge Front Row Floor Liner – all terrain mats for everyone’s daily needs

Whether you’re looking for floor mats to meet your daily needs, you should really check these out. They don’t cost much, but they do a lot to protect your car interior from all the wear and tear that’s inevitable from the daily use of your car.

That’s where your feet go, and after a while, it’s inevitable that they’ll damage the car carpet, so it’s good to have something in between. And that “in-between” is the rubber floor mat. You’ll be very happy with its performance as it is rather durable despite its price.

Rugged Ridge All Terrain 12920.01 wrangler review
Rugged Ridge All Terrain 12920.01 wrangler

It’s perfect for any jeep wrangler and any owner who doesn’t wish to spend a fortune on floor mats.
Sometimes you just don’t need heavy duty mats, and regular ones will do the job. They’re bound to protect your car carpet and collect the dirt off your shoes.

What’s remarkable for their price range, they also have a raised edge which means they’re able to protect you from spills. Sometimes it happens that we spill our drink while driving but it doesn’t have to be fatal for our car interior if we’re prepared.

That’s why it’s great to have floor mats. The rubber ensures you’re thoroughly protected and keeps everything clean as it can be.

What’s more, that’s great for anyone who has kids. If your kids are older and don’t really make a mess in the car anymore but can still be occasionally clumsy, these floor mats are ideal for you.

They fit comfortably in each vehicle and will be very easy to set up. Sometimes it happens that you buy the floor mats for a car model that you don’t own simply because the description online was not precise enough. That’s why it’s a safe bet to buy floor mats that fit universally.

Rugged Ridge Front Row Floor Liner Pros & Cons

Pros and highlights
  • Custom fit
  • Made of rubber
  • Great for all weather
  • Durable
Cons and potential flaws
  • Can wear and tear easily

7. Motor Trend Car Floor Mats Set – a whole set for the frugal soul

If you’re not very keen on spending a lot of money on car floor mats, but still want to get good quality ones, then you should look into these. That’s because they still offer great quality and durability while not costing so much.

Sure, the overall price might be a little high, but you get more than just one mat. You get the whole set. That means you’ll be able to fully furnish the interior of your car for a steal. Just think, no surface in your car will be left unprotected.

Motor Trend Car Floor Mats Set review
Motor Trend Car Floor Mats Set

That’s perfect if you drive more than just one person around. The back and the front will be safe from any spills and stains. They’re heavy duty which means there’s nothing they can’t handle.

If you live in a place with a lot of snow or rain, they’ll be ideal. That’s because they’ll leave your shoes spotless from the mud or snow you might have stepped in.

These are made out of odorless rubber, and that’s great because you won’t get that rubber smell in your car ever. Even if it’s hot outside and you need to leave your car in the sun, the rubber won’t get damaged.

They’re extremely durable, and you probably won’t need to buy another set of floor mats ever again. The odorless rubber also means they’re eco-friendly and you won’t have to feel bad about having rubber in your car.

Their rounded shape makes them fit into cars effortlessly, but also means that they’re able to retain water without a problem. Nothing will spill on your car carpet during the ride, and you can just take them out and throw the water out once you’ve arrived at your destination.

That’s also good news for people with small kids who like to snack in the car. It’s not rare that children spill their juices onto the floor mats. And that stops being a problem when you get rubber floor mats as good as these.

Motor Trend Car Floor Mats Set Pros & Cons

Pros and highlights
  • Custom fit
  • Great for all weather
  • Durable
  • Made of rubber
Cons and potential flaws
  • Isn’t very affordable

8. All Season Rubber Floor Mat – custom for the driver who likes it that way

One of the best things you can find in a good floor mat is the level of customization. If floor mats are highly customizable, it means they can fit more models and that you can cut them the way you want.

That means that you can do whatever you want to your floor mats and make them fit according to the way you deem best. There’s nothing stopping you from protecting just certain parts of your vehicle or making sure everything is covered by the floor mats, millimeter to millimeter.

That’s why these floor mats are perfect for anyone who likes to customize their car interior their way.

Custom Accessories Armor All 78840ZN review
Custom Accessories Armor All 78840ZN

That’s also why these floor mats are made out of rubber. Rubber is easiest to mold into what you want.

No driver who likes customizing their floor mats according to their car should miss out on these. What’s perfect is that you can use them without any problems regardless of the model you have. So even if you have an older or a newer model of a jeep wrangler, the floor mats will be suitable.

Another perk of them being made out of rubber is that they are perfect against spills and dirt. They will be able to contain everything they face and protect your car interior effortlessly. It’s much easier to clean them than the whole car, which is their selling point, frankly.

Who wants to spend all that time rubbing away the mud and dirt or getting the water stains out of the car carpet when you can buy rubber floor mats? All you need to do is take them out and clean them then put them back in.

Since they are made out of rubber, they won’t have any stains on them, and you can just hose them off from any dirt. What’s more, they have special ridges which make sure your shoes are clean when you shuffle them against the floor mats.

All Season Rubber Floor Mat Pros & Cons

Pros and highlights
  • Durable
  • Made of rubber
  • Custom fit
  • Great for all weather
Cons and potential flaws
  • Might not always be an exact fit

9. Motor Trend MT-923-BK_NMM Contour Liners- heavy duty for those with children

These are thick rubber floor mats which means they’re perfect for heavy spills and dirt. That’s something every parent likes to hear. Children are known for making more messes, which is okay, but we do need to clean that up.

That eliminates most of your troubles are these floor mats which are bound to keep all the spills in one place. That way, your car interior will stay intact for sure. That’s the exact reason why they have such a unique shape.

It allows them to retain liquid without it finding its way to the rest of your car interior. What’s more, the rubber ridges mean that the dirty caught in your shoes will end up on just on the mats, too.

Motor Trend MT 923 BK_NMM floor mat review
Motor Trend MT 923 BK_NMM floor mat

They come in a set of three which means your whole car will be protected. Even though floor mats seem irrelevant, they definitely make a difference and are a great asset for any family.

Aside from spills, children often run into snow and mud. Having rubber floor mats means that all that mud and snow will be safely on the mat instead of all over your car.

These mats may seem rather expensive but will serve you for a very long time. They’re of great quality and will keep your car carpet as good as new for a very long time.

It’s better to invest in something right away than to learn your lesson the hard way- by spending money on floor mats that don’t do the job properly just because they’re cheaper.

They’re guaranteed to fit newer models of jeep wranglers but if they don’t, you can always just cut them a little, so they’re your perfect fit. Don’t worry about causing any damage to them by cutting them; they were designed for it.

Finally, you should know that this isn’t just any kind of rubber- it’s odorless. That means you’ll have Eco-friendly rubber on your hands so you’ll be helping the earth by buying these floor mats.

Motor Trend MT-923-BK_NMM Pros & Cons

Pros and highlights
  • Made of rubber
  • Durable
  • Great for all weather
  • Custom fit
Cons and potential flaws
  • Can be hard to get out

10. Husky Liners Front Floor – detailed contours for the classiest of drivers

These are one of the classiest floor mats on the market. They’re completely black which stands for elegance, and the design is both practical and sophisticated.

The rubber lines on it serve as décor, but also to catch all the dirt which might be on your shoes. That’s the advantage rubber floor mats have over all others- they’re better against things like water and mud.

The weather changes often and it’s normal for us to get some water or mud or snow on our shoes. What’s important is that it doesn’t stain the car.

Husky Liners Front Floor Liners Fits review
Husky Liners Front Floor Liners Fits

These floor mats will make sure that doesn’t happen. They are designed in such a way to fit the specific contour of your car, which will leave any driver satisfied. That’s because that way you’re sure no damage will come to your car carpet whatsoever.

Plus, thanks to the aforementioned design, your car will look really classy. And since the floor mats come in a set, the whole interior will match.

Furthermore, these floor mats have a form fit edge. We’ve already talked about how rubber floor mats protect your car from dirt you inevitably bring into it, but what happens to that small unprotected space when the door is open.

Most floor mats can’t reach it, and that’s why the interior becomes dirty. This is where the form fit edges come into play. They protect all the small spaces and edges normal floor mats can’t reach. Thus, they eliminated the weak spot which may cause your whole car carpet to become dirty.

Another problem most floor mats have is that they move or shift when you sit down and shuffle your feet. This is especially a problem for people with children, as we all know they’re not the most patient in cars.

That’s why these floor mats have cleats that make them stay exactly how you put them. They won’t move an inch, securing any dirt finds its way to your car carpet.

Husky Liners Front Floor Mats Pros & Cons

Pros and highlights
  • Made of rubber
  • Custom fit
  • Durable
  • Great for all weather
Cons and potential flaws
  • Only for the front

Expert’s Guide: Features to Look When Buying Car floor mats

Believe it or not, floor mats come with features that make them better or worse. Before you opt for the perfect floor mats for you, you should know what they have to offer. Knowing what features to look for will let you know if you’ve got the right value for the money.

You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for. What’s more, you’ll understand what you’re buying. That’s right, being informed about what floor mats have to offer means that you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for.

Types of floor mats

Carpet floor mats

If you want a more classic look, then you should get carpet floor mats. They still protect the car carpet effortlessly, too. They’re the perfect choice if you park your car in sunny places for longer periods of time. That’s because they protect the car carpets from UV rays.

There are a lot of options for your carpet floor mats, as they need to meet the interior of the car and the preference of the user. You can also choose thicker designs and different textures. Those are both good for spills. So if you have children, they might be the solution for you.

Rubber floor mats

This is another type of floor mat for cars, and it is as useful as the carpet floor mats. These are also called all-weather floor mats. They’re better for protecting your car against dirt, spills, and stains. The higher level of protection means that they are just perfect for any family with small children.

We all know how clumsy a child can be, especially in a car. These floor mats make the clean up much easier for any parent. What’s more, having one of these means that your actual car carpet will be safe and sound.

You can even personalize rubber floor mats, and they are available in different colors and patterns. Nothing’s stopping you from getting floor mats with cartoon characters or any other personalized pattern you think of.

Cargo liners

This is the last option you have for protecting your car carpet from dirt and spills. Cargo liners are actually an alternative to floor mats and can be of lesser quality if you’re not careful what you’re buying. You should mostly use them in your boot as they will best protect it.

They’re also very good against spills, dirt, and water damage. The boot might just have the most potential to be dirty. After all, that’s where you keep your groceries which can spill and most people use their boot for storage of the stuff they need in the car.

These are also available in carpet and rubber form, depending on what you like better.

The benefits of using floor mats

Floor mats also come with some benefits, regardless of what material they’re made of.

A fresh look

Car floor mats give the car a whole new look. If you’re tired of the interior of your car, you can spice it up with some floor mats. You could either go for the elegant and slick design, opting for black, or you can choose anything from your wildest dreams.

They are highly customizable, and they will surely freshen up your car. Everyone gets tired of the same old, same old carpet color after a while, don’t they?

Keeping the car carpet clean and intact

Every car owner will notice how their car carpets wear out after a while. This is because our feet are always on it and it’s natural for the carpet not to be as it once was.

That’s why you should use a floor mat. It will protect the carpet from wearing out. Every time you take it out, you will see that your car carpet is as intact as it was on the first day. Preserving your car’s interior is important, and using floor mats proves you understand that.

Keeping the car carpet safe from damage

Let’s face it, many of us like to eat in the car. That means that there are often food stains on the car carpets which damages the interior of the car.

What’s more, our shoes are dirty and can stain the carpets as well. But when you use floor mats, none of that ends up on your car carpet. Once you see your mat is dirty, you can simply take it out and clean it. It’s much easier to maintain than your car carpet.

No type of dirt will get in the interior of the car, and you’ll have a much safer and cleaner ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though buying floor mats for your jeep wrangler may seem like an extremely easy thing to do, there are some frequently asked questions every new buyer has asked. They are here to clarify everything and to make your shopping experience much more enjoyable.

Most people are afraid to even ask these questions in stores or to their friends, but there is no such thing as a stupid question. That’s why we’re here. To help you on your journey of getting the best floor mats you can.

What actually are floor mats?

Floor mats are very useful tools to have in your car. They are basically an accessory that serves as protection. They’re mostly made to match the flooring of your car.

Is there a difference between floor liners and floor mats?

Yes, even though we use the term as synonyms. The floor mat has deep pockets and ridges and lays flat along with the car floors. And floor liners have outer edges that contour to the sides of the vehicle and its floorboards.

How to know you have a good floor mat?

Avoid the generic fit most companies offer because they’re not durable at all. They tear easily and won’t serve you for more than one ride. If you didn’t buy a generic one, chances are you’ve got a good quality mat.

What’s a laser cut floor mat?

That just means that the mat has been laser measured to ensure a snug fit. They’re tailored for specific car models, and that’s what makes them better than the average floor mat, but an average one still does the job more than well.

How important is the price?

It’s not too important, but you definitely shouldn’t go for the cheapest option. You’ll end up with a floor mat that you can’t even really use. It’s best to get the more expensive models because of their superior quality.

last Words at End

As you can see, there are a lot of options out there for your perfect jeep wrangler carpet floor mats. It all depends on what you prefer and what kind of model you have. One thing’s for sure, though, thanks to this article, you’ll be equipped with enough knowledge to purchase the right floor mat for you.

All of the information you need has been provided here and the only thing left is to go shopping.

Remember that a jeep is more than just a car, it is a friend, so treat it that way. Good luck with your new mats!

If you think I missed anything or any product which is better than these, let me know or you can ask me anything related to car floor mats, I will answer you ASAP.

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  1. Great reviews. I currently have the Rugged Ridge floor mats and love them. Any of the rubber mats with a good sized lip is usually how I decide on which set I buy. Gotta keep that mud and gunk off the carpet!

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