Best Dog Ramp in 2022 – Top 10 Ramps for Car, SUV, Truck

As heartbreaking as this might sound, our dogs grow older every year. Once little, adorable puppy ages and finally enters its golden years.

While we can ignore the graying muzzle out of love for them, it’s their body that starts to deteriorate. They might face a hard time jumping up and down into a car, truck or SUV.

Even for young canines, jumping repeatedly from high places can be dangerous, leading them to joint pain or hip dysplasia.

Best Dog Ramp You Can Choose
Dog Ramp You Can Choose

Since a dog can be one’s loyal and trusted friend, we humans also need to be receptive to different ideas to improve its life.

One such support can be acquiring the best dog ramp. If you are a dog owner, you’ll definitely need it from time to time for different purposes.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top products on the market. So, let’s hop onto the juicy stuff!

Best Dog Ramp You Can Choose In 2022

The market has no scarcity of good quality doggie ramps, just like it has no scarcity of cheaply made ones too. However, the most suitable one for you will depend on the purpose of using.

If you need one for using around the house, i.e. bed, sofas, couches, and furniture, a lightweight but portable dog ramp (wooden, PVC) will suffice. These pieces of furniture are of a delicate nature and you don’t want to damage them by using a heavy ramp.

As for the driveway, back of a truck/ SUV, more robust ramps are needed since they’ll come in contact of concrete. You can go for aluminum or concrete pup ramps as they tend to stick around longer and withstand agonies of a rough surface.

Types Of Dog Ramp And Which One Is Best For Whom?

There are different types of canine ramps. You can do the classification by different functions, such as portability, foldability and surface material.

There are mainly two types of dog ramps when you take portability into consideration.

1. Portable: This type of ramps are usually made of aluminum, thus lightweight in nature. They can be folded into a compact structure to carry around. They are suitable to use around home, boat, stairs, and vehicle. When you are out on a road trip, portable ramps offer a convenient pathway for your canine.

2. Permanent: These ramps usually rest on top of a concrete pad, floor or driveway. Some of them are made of woods and aluminum, being permanently attached to the place by bolts. Other permanents ramps are fixed tilted structures made of concrete.

Considering fold design, dog ramps can be classified into two types, telescoping and folding.

1. Telescoping Ramps: They are the easiest type to use. You can outspread the walking surface just by sliding one panel over another. Lock the position and it’s ready for use. You can use it around the house as well as for your vehicles.

2. Folding Ramps: They can be folded two or three times (Bi-fold/ Tri-fold), and reach a compact size when folded completely. Among all types, they come with the smallest size, without compromising the walking length. This feature makes them the most suitable for vehicle owners on the run.

Considering build materials, dog ramps can be of several types.
Ramps made of concrete and aluminum are definitely more durable, but lack portability.

More lightweight doggie ramps are made of plastic, wood or PVC. Obviously, they aren’t as durable as the previous ones, but they can be carried around easily.

Comparison table of top 10 dog ramps

(Made Of)
Weight Capacity
Heininger-Automotive-PortablePetHeininger Automotive
Editor’s Choice
Semi-Permanent Twist Step
Rubber Padded
Check Price
Pet-Loader-Light-dog-rampPet Loader Light
CarpetCheck Price
Gen7Pets-Natural-Step-Ramp-for-PetsGen7Pets Natural
Bi-Fold Ramp
Poly Grass
Check Price
Pet-Gear-Tri-Fold-RampPet Gear Tri-Fold
Tri-Fold Ramp
CarpetCheck Price
Pet-Studio-Pine-Frame-Dog-RampSteps-1Pet Studio Pine Frame
Pine Wood
Check Price
Solvit-Ultralite-Bifold-Pet-RampSolvit Ultralite Bifold
Bi-Fold Ramp
Textured Carpet
Check Price
Goplus-Pet-RampGoplus Pet Ramp
Bi-Fold Ramp
Grip Tape
Check Price
Solvit-PetSafe-Deluxe-Extra-LongSolvit PetSafe PupSTEP
Check Price
CertiPUR-US-Certified-Foam-Pet-StepsBest Pet Supplies
Fleece Like Fabric
Check Price
Solvit-PetSafe-Deluxe-Extra-LongSolvit Telescoping
Textured Carpet
Check Price

Our 10 Picks For The Best Ramps For Dogs

Despite having a plethora of options, choosing the ultimate doggie ramp isn’t easy. You will have to take a combined decision based on the product’s portability, durability, gripping surface, the slope angle. As if they weren’t enough, you’ll have to check if these products come with sincere after sales service.

We are ready to help. We have done extensive research to find the best quality dog ramps on the market. Not all of them possess the same features, but one thing is common, they’re all market leaders!

1. Heininger Automotive Portable Pet TwiStep | Best Dog Ramp For Jeep Wranglers

Dogs are a surprisingly active animal. With a little help, it shouldn’t be tough for them to get into the vehicle. You don’t always need a full length ramp, only a simple step will suffice. The Heininger Portable PET Twistep is a semi-permanent solution for dogs who dislike walking on a ramp.

This is a single step but serves like more than one. For instance, it comes with height adjustability of 6 inches, which means you can pick up the height comfortable for your dog. The step is quite large (22″ x 19″) to help dogs of any age, size, and weight.

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best dog ramp for suv review
Heininger Automotive PortablePet Ramp

The Heininger has an anti-slip gripping surface. The soft rubber surface helps the dog place his claws firmly on the platform. You can adjust the clearance height, even sit on it after a tiresome hike! After all, it’s supposed to carry up to 400 pounds!

The mounting process is rather easy. Just attach the TwiStep to the hitch receiver of your truck, pickup or SUV. You don’t have to carry it every time you go out, it stays attached to the car. You just have to swivel it back into the under of bumper when it’s not in use.

If you’re someone who tends to forget things, Heininger dog step will be a blessing for you. The step locks firmly in both open and closed positions, so even if you forget to twist it back in, it’s not going to move and damage your car.

  • The step comes pre-assembled and very easy to mount on your car.
  • The height can be adjusted to suit different vehicle models.
  • The Heininger uses ‘twist and step’ mechanism. Easy to use and tuck back in.
  • Wide anti-skid platform forms a safe pathway for the dog.
  • You can adjust the level of clearance (distance from the car).
Highlighted Cons
  • The latch/ pivot area isn’t made of stainless steel, thus prone to rusting.

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Bottom Line
This is one strong, durable ramp with a massive weight bearing capacity. As for the latch, a little lubrication from time to time will keep the rust away for a long time.

Please Note: There’s an almost identical model of Heininger Automotive that come in the name of Heininger 3052. While the previous one only fits 2” receiver hitches, the latter fit both 1.25” and 2” receiver hitches.

2. Pet Loader Light 16″ Platform | Best Dog Stairs

Pet loader doesn’t just think about dogs, they take care of the owners too. That’s the reason they’ve come with Pet Loader Light Platform. If you’re a ‘traveling’ type person, you won’t face a problem carrying this foldable, portable dog stair.

While they can be spread into a pretty long platform, they take very little space to be stored once folded. There are three models you can choose from, 3 steps, 4 steps, and 5 steps. All you need to do is take an educated guess about your dog’s capacity to purchase one that matches it.

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best dog ramp for truck review
Pet Loader Light dog ramp

Being comprised of steps, this platform is more stable than usual ramps. The wide deck and low angle structure will help the dog to quickly habituate with the new arrangement. This dog stair platform actually comes with solid steps covered with carpet, while most of the cheaply made products compromise with fabric/nylon steps.

Each model of the Pet Loader Light provides a varying range of adjustable height. The 3 step model can be adjusted between 16-20 inches, the 4 step model between 20-30 inches and the 5 step model 29-40 inches. The corresponding weight all three models are 18 pounds, 24 pounds, and 30 pounds.

The steps are 16 inches wide, enough for small to giant dogs. However, the structure is made of heavy-duty plastic, thus carry up to 150 pounds of weight. The steps are carpeted which not only help the dog walk securely but also comfortably.

  • The Pet loader lays a convenient pathway for old dogs, especially ones with arthritis.
  • Deeper stair depth to accommodate the wider space between a dog’s front and back paws.
  • These stairs can be folded easily and stored in tight spaces.
  • The adjustable incline makes the platform usable against different vehicle models.
  • Solid, carpeted stairs instead of fabric made replica stairs. Comes with a handle.
Highlighted Cons
  • Hinge locking knobs are bulky.

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Bottom Line
Not all dogs feel comfortable walking through a ramp. Also, ramp surfaces need to be very gripping in order to prevent an accident. However, the stairs of Pet Loader Light offers a more suitable solution for old dogs. You can adjust the incline depending on your canine’s capacity.

3. Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp | Best Dog Ramp For Truck

Familiarizing a dog with a ramp can be pretty challenging, even time-consuming. What if your dog can’t distinguish between ground and the ramp? Making it climb will be a piece of cake.

Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp is a burning example of this idea. It arranges a natural grassy pathway for your dog, the one he knows and feels comfortable with. The poly grass surface is so soft that it won’t leave any harsh scratch on his paw pads.

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dog ramp for truck side door review
Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp for Pets

This is a folding ramp. The two parts can be folded and attached securely by a lock. You won’t face problem moving it around thanks to the carry handle. The Gen7Pets is lightweight at 17 pounds but can carry quite some load, up to 250 pounds to be exact.

But the most impressive feature is probably the length of this ramp. It comes with a whopping 72 inches length. With that length, the slope angle will be so low that you won’t find it different than walking on the ground. Despite being lengthy, the 3” thickness and the compact nature of the ramp make it suitable to store behind the truck seat, door, furniture, even under your bed.

  • Poly grass surface with a scratch resistant texture.
  • Bi-fold design with thin structure can be folded and stored easily.
  • Automatic locking mechanism and a built-in rubber handle for easy transportation.
  • Despite being thin, can carry mature dogs up to 250 pounds of weight.
Highlighted Cons
  • The carry handle is attached to the lower part of the rap, which is a bit awkward.

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Bottom Line
Walking on Gen7Pets Ramp is just like walking on the lawn. If your dog is extra skittish, the look of this ramp will soothe him and let him habituate with it pretty soon. Also, the tall length and low slope angle will make sure your dog doesn’t endure any unnecessary pressure on his joints.

4. Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp | Best Dog Ramp For SUV

Pet Gear TRI-FOLD proves that you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket to get a quality pet ramp. It comes with versatile features which make it a complete package.

The ramp is 71 inches long, one of the longest on the market. The width is relieving for bigger dogs at 19.5 inches. It can carry up to 200 pounds of weight. The ramp comes in 3 parts, all of them form a compact structure when folded. The ramp weighs 26 pounds and has a handle to carry it.

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best dog ramp for car review
Pet Gear Tri Fold Ramp

The surface is slip-resistant, which provides reliable traction for your dog. Not only that, there are rubber grippers on the bottom of the ramp to help it stay attached to the ground firmly.

The ramp comes with one of the most important safety measures for road hitters. There are reflective markings on top and side of the ramp. Not only that allows you to guide the pet, it glows at night to help distant drivers spot you and your dog.

  • This ramp can be folded into one-third measurement of its actual size.
  • Compact design that can be carried and stored easily.
  • Skid-resistant surface allows the dog to walk with buoyancy.
  • Additional features like carrying handle and safety locking mechanism.
Highlighted Cons
  • It might feel slightly heavy.

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Bottom Line
Sturdiness and stability come with a price. You cannot expect a ramp to be too lightweight and be stable at the same time. When it comes to picking, I’ll choose safety and stability over being lightweight any day. Because of the versatile features, the Pet Gear Tri-Fold ramp is and will be a top choice for people with a tight budget.

5. Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog Ramp Steps | Best Dog Ramp For Bed

Dogs with mobility issue don’t just get automatically healed once they enter the home. I mean, if they need assistance to get into a vehicle, they’ll need assistance around home too. Unfortunately, there aren’t much pet ramps that fit the décor of a home.

Not Pet Studio Pine Frame Ramp. This one is basically made for home use, and it sure is worthy enough to stay beside your elegant furniture. Made of strong yet gorgeous pine woods, the ramp will make climbing beds, sofas, furniture and couches easier for your dog. Being 19.5 inches high, this is a great dog ramp for tall bed.

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dog ramp for truck seat review
Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampSteps

This is a ramp cum staircase! You can turn it from staircase to ramp and vice versa. No matter which one you choose, the non-skid, soft carpet surface won’t let your pet slip under any circumstances. The stairs are 12 inches in depth and 16 inches in width, spacious enough for bigger canines.

This platform can withstand up to 130 pounds of weight. The steps aren’t some cheaply made press boards. Rather, they’re made of mahogany finished pine woods which elevates the splendor of your room. If you want, you can even fold it and tuck under the bed.

  • Two in one pooch ramp with 3 comfortable, roomy stairs.
  • Beautiful dark mahogany finish on top of durable pine woods.
  • The stairs come pre-attached and need zero assembling.
  • Wide and comfortable stairs with easy to clean carpets.
Highlighted Cons
  • The carpet color is pink, a more tan-color would have been more appropriate.

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Bottom Line
Ramps made of plastic or aluminum is definitely usable on the house if you worry only about the utility. But if you have a creative mind and you want your home décor to be dazzling, Pet Studio Pine Frame Ramp can be an amazing addition. The ramp isn’t that costly, but it definitely looks like one!

6. Solvit Ultralite Bifold Pet Ramp | Dog Ramp For Truck Side Door

If you’re looking for a minimalist ramp that is neither too shiny nor too expensive, then Solvit Ultralite is what you should get. This ramp is simple, lightweight, and compact, just what you need for easy carrying.

The Solvit ramp can be extended to 62 inches. When not in use, you can fold the ramp store it at the back of your car. The ramp comes with a safety release latch to thwart accidental opening. The compact design makes it an ideal ramp for side door uses.

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best diy dog ramp review
Solvit Ultralite Bi-fold Pet Ramp

Being only 10 pounds, you can carry this ramp around easily. However, don’t let the weight fool you, it can carry up to 150 pounds of weight. Stability is a vital concern for lightweight ramps. To address that, Solvit comes with four rubber feet to keep the ramp in place.

The ramp is covered by a textured surface, like the ones people use in truck bed. The gripping surface provides moderate traction to prevent accidental slip, although for some users that proved rather insufficient. The surface is quite easy to clean, use a mild detergent or just hose off and be done with the cleaning procedure.

  • One of the most lightweight and cheap dog ramps on the market.
  • Can be folded easily and carried by a handle.
  • Textured walking surface to help the dog walk.
  • Water resistant design, the surface won’t peel off easily.
Highlighted Cons
  • The sandpaper-like traction covering apparently lacks traction.

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Bottom Line
For such an inexpensive ramp, no one would mind spending a few dollars more. If you find the traction not up to the mark, purchase a carpet and have it cut according to the size of the ramp. Cut it into two halves for two folded parts. With other useful features, this little tweak should make this ramp worth your effort.

7. Goplus Pet Ramp Portable Aluminum Ramp | Best For Older Dogs

Striking a balance between price and durability is a tough job. You might find inexpensive ramps for dogs every now and then, but they’re cheap because they usually compromise the physique and material. Goplus Pet Ramp is something that won’t cost you a fortune but will stay around for a long time.

The ramp is made of aluminum, which makes it lightweight but sturdy. The ramp weighs only 19 pounds. But the strength is evident because it can carry up to 250 pounds. The surface is covered with grip tape, so your dog won’t face any challenge climbing it.

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best dog ramp for jeep wrangler review
Goplus Pet Ramp

The most impressive feature is the length of this ramp. If you’re amazed by 72 inches long ramps, wait until you see this 96 inches ramp. This huge length significantly reduces the incline, helping dogs with movement issues climb easily. The bottom part is tapered so that it stays on the ground firmly.

The ramp can be folded into half. There is a carry handle attached to one of the halves to help the dog owner carry it.

  • Comes with two more sizes, 72” and 84” apart from the one we reviewed.
  • The aluminum ramp is lightweight, rustproof and can carry great weight.
  • Longer ramp means less incline, thus needs less effort from the dog.
  • The rubberized carpet is soft and forgiving for the paws.
Highlighted Cons
  • The surface becomes slippery when wet.

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Bottom Line
Having a long pet ramp in your possession can help you in many ways. Apart from using it for vehicles, you can also use it around the house, stairs, and boats. The low inclination means your dog won’t find walking on it that much different than walking on the surface. That also means it will be a suitable choice for aging dogs. Overall, it’s a good purchase for a moderate price.

8. Solvit PetSafe PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs | Lightweight Dog Stairs

Unless you are a hardcore traveler, you’re going to stay at home for most of the times. So is your dog. Walking around the house is one thing, but every dog has its favorite spot for sleeping and snuggling. As your dog grows older, it’s heartbreaking to see him try to hike into places once he climbed with a simple jump.

Pet stairs around the home is a necessity for older and weakened dogs. Solvit PetSafe PupSTEP turns the necessity into an edifice of beauty with its stunning design. The structure is comprised of four steps. Each of these steps is spacious enough with 13 inches width and 5 inches depth.

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best dog ramp for large dogs
Solvit PupSTEP + Plus Pet Stairs

The stairs come decorated with soft, nonslip carpets. Along with these, the built-in side rails make your canine feel more secure while climbing. The whole structure is standalone thanks to the legs on which the staircase lean onto. The stairs can be folded and tucked away within minutes.

Solvit Pet Stairs is probably the lightest dog ramp you’ll find. It weighs only 5 pounds. However, it’s strong enough to support up to 120 pounds.

  • Ideal for small to medium sized dogs, no assembly needed.
  • Safety side rails and non-skid carpet to help your pet climb easily.
  • Lightweight, foldable, standalone design. Suitable for indoor use.
  • Modern style design that goes well with your home environment.
Highlighted Cons
  • The non-skid rubber feet at the bottom underperforms on a wooden floor.

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Bottom Line
If you are using it on a wooden floor, make sure the feet are firmly attached to the floor. Use something heavy to keep it in place. For all other types of floors, the rubber feet should be enough. This staircase is very lightweight and can be moved around the house easily. With the really cheap price tag, this one can be your ‘one for all’ indoor pet stairs.

9. Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Steps | Best Dog Steps

Stability, style and spacious, these three S’s can describe the pet steps from Best pet supplies. This pet staircase is different from the others we discussed. It’s completely made of foam. But what makes it even more special is the soft fleece like fabrics that cover the stairs.

If climbing into bed or couches was an issue for your adorable canine, it won’t be anymore. The product comes with 3 models with varying heights. Depending on your needs, you can choose one from the 3-step (height-13.5”), 4-step (height-22”), and 5-step (height-22.5”) models.

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top-rated dog ramp review
CertiPUR-US Certified Foam Pet Steps

The 5 step model even have two variants. The wide 15” stairs and extra-wide 16” stairs. Lack of options? Not a chance when it’s Best Pet Supplies!

The stairs are made from the USA made top quality foam. These stairs are gentle and forgiving to your puppy’s paws and joints. You won’t have to worry about assembling it, because the total structure is a whole piece of foam.

The fleece-like covers surround the whole structure. Best Pet Supplies offer a number of fabric colors to choose from, they even provide replacements if you want. You won’t have to be bored seeing the same color for months.

The cover is machine washable. They’re pleasing for your eyes and to touch. The whole structure is only 5.4 pounds in weight, so if you decide to move it, you can do so without any assistance.

Worried about the lightweight structure not staying in one place? The manufacturers addressed this issue too with an anti-slip bottom.

  • The cover comes with a wide variety of color, shade and pattern options.
  • No risk of injuries if you accidentally bump into the stairs, they’re made of foam!
  • Three models to choose from, the highest being 22.5 inches in elevation.
  • Machine washable cover can be replaced for free whenever you want.
Highlighted Cons
  • The steps seem to be a little narrow when it comes to depth.

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Bottom Line
It might take a while for your dog to get habituated with the depth of the steps. However, the benefits definitely outnumber this little drawback. If you like switching your home décor from time to time, go for this product without any hesitation. With 12 different options, you’ll always find a design that goes with your room surroundings.

10. Solvit XL Telescoping Pet Ramp | Best For Large Dogs

This is a telescoping pet ramp. Which means you might not get the foldability like you’re used to of getting with bi-fold or tri-fold ramps. If you can forgive this little hitch, you’ll get extremely satisfying rewards.

For example, this robust pet ramp won’t bend or stoop ever after repetitive uses. Despite being only 18 pounds, it can hold up to 300 pounds of weight, allowing even the giant canines walk over it safely and confidently.

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dog ramp for lifted truck review
Solvit PetSafe Deluxe Extra-Long

The ramp comes with a textured surface, the ones used for skateboard surfaces and truck bed covers. This surface allows safe passage for your dog even it walk up and down quickly.

The ramp is the second longest in our list. Being 87 inches long, you’ll already start to get a good angle before even fully extending it. The surface is 20 inches wide, providing ample space for larger dogs.

The ramp is basically two parts. The top part slides over the down part. When folded, the ramp comes down to 47 inches from the extended 87 inches size.

  • Telescoping pet ramp that doesn’t flex under frequent uses.
  • Ultra long and provides a lower slope angle to help the canine climb easily.
  • The surface can be cleaned easily with water and detergent.
  • Rails around the ramp to prevent the dog from collapsing.
Highlighted Cons
  • The enormous build means that it might not be suitable for side doors.

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Bottom Line
Although telescoping ramps aren’t as compact as folding ramps, they offer better weight carrying capacity. If you own a large dog, this product will be of great service. Since it’s a long ramp, it’ll also help dogs with arthritis and hip dysplasia by significantly reducing the climb angle.

What To Look For When Choosing The Top Dog Ramp?

Usually, pooch ramps are intended to use for vehicles. More precisely, to get your dog into your vehicle. It is a must-have accessory if you travel from time to time and don’t want to live your pet behind. However, the goodwill is not enough, you need to consider a few things if you intend to buy a quality dog ramp.


There are mainly four types of materials that are used for pet ramps. Each comes with its fine share of merits and demerits.

Metallic- They’re perfect for frequent uses. They tend to be heavy, but definitely more durable and stable. They can carry the weight of your canine pretty well.

Wood- They would be a good choice for home use. Since they’re made of wood, they’ll look like a part of your interior.

PVC- Fairly durable, lightweight and above of all, portable. They are the one with the most versatile uses. You can use them around home, your vehicle, garden, wherever you need to.

Concrete- Usually built on places like the driveway. They are the most durable type and won’t even decay after years of use.


As we discussed before, there are ramps that can be folded down into compact sizes and carried around. They can either be a straight way or stair-like structure. Also, based on the folding mechanism, you can classify them as telescoping and folding.

Usually, folding ramps offer the most compact design. However, you have to be careful with your fingers while folding it.

There are ramps that don’t come with any folding ability, but with braces or legs underneath them to facilitate a tilted pathway.

Surface Material

Surface materials are connected with the safety and comfort of your dog. Carpet is the most convenient surface material since they allow a better grip for the claws. Some ramps come with grip tapes that allow a degree of traction. More stylish dog climbing ramps even come with an artificial grass-like surface.

Another important addition is reflective markings. They are more like a safety measure. They’ll help you seen from a distance, especially when you need to use your ramp at night and in highways.

Height, Length, And Slope

This is probably the most important feature as we speak. I mean, we’re using a ramp to make the climbing job easier, right? With a ramp angled too steep, the purpose won’t be fulfilled. You determine the suitable length of your ramp, you have to calculate two things.

1. The height of the elevated place, i.e. your vehicle.
2. The level of impairment your dog is facing.

The reason is simple, you have to keep the ramp in an angle that’s easy for your dog to climb. Usually, an 18 degrees slope is called an easy slope, 22 degrees slope is a normal one, while 26 degrees is a slightly difficult climber slope.

Take a measurement of the height of your vehicle, determine the angle easy for your dog to climb and then calculate how long of a ramp you need. To make things easier, we have a pre-calculated chart for you.
[table id=41 responsive=scroll /]


The weight and carry handle determines how easy it is to carry a dog climbing ramp. Usually, the lightest ramps come around 1.5 pounds of weight, while the heaviest being as high as 26 pounds. Obviously, heavy ramps account for durability and stability. If you are a traveling man, you have to settle for a lighter ramp.

Nowadays, there are ramps that are lightweight yet satisfyingly stable and durable. All you have to do is strike the balance between weight and stability, and find the one that goes with your need.

Carry Handle And Safety Latches

They are additional features that make your using of the ramp more pleasant.

Carrying a dog walking ramp around is a bit of hassle, isn’t it? The carry handle can offer an expedient solution. It’s just like a briefcase handle that’ll help you carry the dog ramp in and out of the trunk and the house.

Safety latches make the folded and telescoping ramps more secure. They can be used to lock the parts when the ramp is folded and unfolded. This way, the parts stay firmly in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you already own a dog ramp, it probably is something that you use on daily basis. For users looking to buy a dog rap for the first time might have some questions. Let us relieve you from the burden of them and quench your thirst.

Why Dog Ramps Are Necessary To Use?

Many might think dog assist ramps are only for aged, injured or recuperating dogs. While that might be mostly true, young puppies can also use some help every now and then.

A dog that is not performance trained has a higher risk of injuries, especially if it jump from and into elevated places often. Like humans, a misstep or wrong jump might lead to severe injury.

Even if that isn’t the case, repetitive jumps can gradually weaken the joints and bones of your pet, leading it into arthritis or joint pain.

Using a ramp for dogs with obesity, injury or aging problem is a must. But don’t take the absence of these problems for granted and leave things to chance. Even a young, energetic canine can always use a little bit of help. Purchasing a dog ramp can be a nice gift to your adorable, loyal puppy.

Where Can I Buy A Dog Ramp?

Dog walking ramps are usually available in local pet stores, departmental stores and super shops around you. You can go, check and purchase them by yourself.

However, local stores might not contain a wide variety of products. Between thousands of products and their varieties, it’s really difficult for them to keep and display all types. Reputed online stores like Amazon can help you with that.

Online shops often come with a wide variety of types, categories, and sizes you can choose from. You can even select from a number of color options. Also, they usually come with after sales services.

For all these reasons, buying from an online platform is a more convenient idea. After all, they deliver at your doorstep, right?

What Is The Difference Between A Dog Ramp And Dog Stairs?

Well, although the loosely serve the same purpose, their structure, mechanism, and suitability is different. A pooch ramp is simply an inclined pathway with no stairs. They have a gripping surface to help canines climb.

On the other hands, dog stairs are just like normal stairs. The stairs can be folded and come in a number of 1-5+. If a dog has a severe mobility problem, a dog ramp will rather be appropriate than dog stairs.

What Are The Most Important Features Of A Dog Ramp?

You can compensate for portability and durability, but there are two things that must be met by a dog ramp to serve its purpose.

First, make sure the pathway is gripping. Dogs cannot fly and they need something to grasp in order to climb, just like us. Make sure the manufacturing company is using a non-slip surface to avoid unwanted accidents.

Secondly, the length. The length is interrelated with the slope angle. If the length is too small, the slope will be too steep for a dog to climb. On the other hand, purchasing a long-sized ramp for low heights will be a hassle.

That’s why first determine the slope angle you’re going to set for your dog. Then measure the height or the elevated place from the ground. Go through the ‘slope- height- length’ chart the manufacturer provides and buy the recommended length.

What To Do If My Dog Is Afraid Of The Ramp?

That’s actually a major problem many dog owners face. By nature, dogs are not well acquainted with stairs or ramps. I mean, they are used to jump, not climb stairs! We all have even seen lots of funny YouTube videos where dogs run away from stairs.

To change this scenario, you need to be patient. Allow the dog to explore things at his own pace. You should not grab by its collars and try to drag it through the ramp. It will make things worse.

Rather, use reward, something your dog loves. It can be his favorite food, cookie or toy. Put them on the ramp so that your dog gets motivated and start climbing it. You can even place the treat near the nose and lead them through the ramp.

With time, his fear will convert into confidence and you’ll see him running across the ramp.


Pets like canines have a direct path through our hearts. Why won’t they, after all, they’re loyal, adorable and useful in many ways. Seeing your devoted pet suffering can be a heart-breaker.

While we can’t do anything about them aging or suffering from physical weaknesses, what we can do is looking through their needs and make their life easier.

Purchasing the best dog ramp will bring value for your money, but money isn’t our primary concern here. Your beloved pet will be able to cruise with you no matter where you go, no matter how ill he is. You won’t have to leave him behind. That my friend is love. And it’s priceless!

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