10 Best Dash Cover or Dashboard Covers 2023 | Expert’s Guide

We all have at least one person in our life who has always claimed that dash covers are old fashioned and are not meant for modern cars. Are they right? No, definitely not! Modern cars and dash covers are riding in the same train. These days, dash covers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and quality material built that fit your car perfectly while protecting your dashboard.

No matter you have kids or you like to eat in your car, a dash cover will protect your car from every single stain while retaining the newer look for years to come. Along with this, you will get some added functionalities to cover up the AC vents when not in use. A quality car dash cover will also fortify your car’s dashboard from dog paws and spiky elements.

best car dash cover review
Car dash cover

In this guide, we have covered some of the best dash covers that are really easy to install and will protect your car from all roughs and toughs of sun and dirt.

Best Dash Cover Choices in 2023

The markets are flooded with choices and options when it comes to car dash covers. And all the aspects are dependent on the type of car you are having and what features do you need. One thing that has the most adverse effect on your car dashboard is the glaring sun.

More than 80% of the dashboards are black in color and that makes things even worse. Black is known to absorb sun rays and get heated easily, so if you have a pet or your child unattended in the car, things can go worse. A study has claimed that the heat generated in the car due to the sun can lead to the emission of harmful rays which are responsible for some of the major diseases.

But thankfully, car dash covers can kill this issue up to a great extent. You should go for a dash cover that has the capability to reflect the light back while protecting the dashboard from dust and dirt. Some of the products even have the capability to regulate the inner temperature of your vehicle while boosting up the cosmetic look.

10 Best Dash Covers Comparison

Image Product Fabric
protection Price
DashSkin-Molded-Dash-Cover-Compatible-07-14 DashSkin Molded Dash Cover ABS
No UV-resistant
Check Price
Covercraft-DashMat-0886-00-25-Original-Dashboard-Cover Covercraft 0886-00-25
(Editor’s Choice)
YES UV-resistant
Check Price
DashSkin-Molded-Dash-Cover-Compatible-with-98-01-Dodge-Ram DashSkin Cover with 98-01 ABS MOLDED
No UV-resistant
Check Price
Angry-Elephant-Black-Carpet-Dashboard-Cover Angry Elephant Dash Cover CARPET No Harmful rays
Check Price
DashSkin-Molded-Dash-Cover-Compatible-with-02-05-Dodge-Ram DashSkin with 02-05 ABS
No UV-resistant
Check Price
WOLF-DashMat-Original-Dashboard-Cover-Chevrolet-and-GMC DashMat Chevrolet & GMC CARPET Yes UV-resistant
Check Price
DashSkin-Molded-Dash-Cover-Compatible-with-07-14-GM-SUVs DashSkin with 07-14 SUVs ABS
No UV-resistant
WOLF-DashMat-Original-Dashboard-Cover-Chevrolet-and-GMC WOLF DashMat Cover CARPET Yes UV-resistant
DashSkin-Molded-Dash-Cover-Compatible-with-94-97-Dodge-Ram DashSkin with 94-97 ABS
No UV-resistant
DashSkin-Molded-Dash-Cover-Compatible-with-94-97-Dodge-Ram DashSkin Dash with 98-01 ABS
No UV-resistant

Our 10 Picks of the Best Dash Covers

Many of us almost hate the thing of scrubbing the dashboard every single time before stepping into the car. The stains of food and pet paws make your car look dull and attract the eye of every single passenger. Why settle down with a traditional scrub and dash polish when you can have a permanent solution?

A car dash cover will solve 90% of your problems as most of these are resistant to dirt and stains. All you need is a tissue or a cleaning cloth to clean them out and make them look brand new again.

So, now you know the value of a dash cover in your car, are you wondering what kind of dashboard cover do you need? Stick to the article to find out:

1. DashSkin Molded Dash Cover – The easiest to install

If you are in a hunt for a dash cover that perfectly fits the dash of your car, then this one can be a great choice. This ultra-reliable car dash cover from the house of DashSkin easily blends with the silicone adhesive and sticks to the dashboard like one of its parts. You don’t need to trim anything with the blade and the sandpaper as every single element is fabricated as per the fitting of your car dash.

This car dash cover is molded from UV-resistant and durable plastic material with internal locks to lock your car’s dashboard. When speaking about the color scheme, this dash cover comes in various color ranges. You will get the option to select Cashmere, Black, Cocoa, and Dark Titanium.

best molded dash cover review
DashSkin Molded Dash Cover Compatible 07-14 GM SUVs

The speaker hole is located to the sideways of the cover so you cannot use it on a car with the speaker located in the center position. For the center channel speaker, you have to opt for a different variant of the same model.

The cover is quite easy to install as it comes with a thorough instruction guide and silicone adhesive. No set of special tools are required for the installation, no hand saws, no sandpaper, and no trimming tools. All you have to require is to put this dash cover on your existing dashboard after applying a coat of silicone adhesive on it. This product comes with a lifetime warranty against UV radiation and other breakdowns.

So once you are up with this best molded dash cover, you are simply covered for a lifetime.

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  • Ultra rigid ABS plastic built
  • Super easy installation
  • Multiple color variants
  • Lifetime warranty
  • This product doesn’t come with center channel speaker variant
  • Can’t be used on any other vehicle
Bottom line:

This product is a perfect choice for those who are seeking DIY installation. All the adhesive and other elements come intact with the packaging and you don’t have to buy any secondary accessories. Just read the easy installation guide and get ready to use your whole new dash cover.

2. Covercraft DashMat 0886-00-25 Original (Premium Carpet)- Airbag Friendly

This is yet another extraordinary product from the hub of Covercraft. Unlike the aforementioned products, the base material used in the manufacturing this cover is carpet, which is soft as compared to ABS plastic and re-moulds easily. The smooth and soft material provides a classy look to any of the vehicles while minimizing the harmful windshield glare.

When talking in the terms of UV protection, this best dash cover is no less than ABS material. As a result, you will get extreme protection against any stains and marks while keeping all the cracks and frays away. After the final installation, the interior will look professional and clean while taking your style game up from the very first day.

best car dash cover ewview
Covercraft DashMat 0886-00-25 Dashboard Cover

Each and every vent is custom fitted means you do not have to cut any holes in the product. All the vents will sit properly and the specified fit of the dash cover is guaranteed. You get a list of color options to choose from say- Black, Beige, Caramel, Claret, Dash Blue, Grey, Mocha, Navy, Smoke, and Taupe. This is definite that one of all these color options will sit perfectly in your car while making the interior look great.

Apart from the silicone adhesive that comes with this product, you will also get an option for the fasteners to easily screw the product right on the desired location. The manufacture assures that the carpet built will not unravel and will stay as-it-is for a longer period of time. Unlike other carpet dash covers, this one doesn’t chip off. And the cleaning process of this dash cover is also really easy; you need a clean cloth and wipe off the dust and dirt trapped in the cover.

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  • Carpet built is smooth and soothing to touch
  • No hard plastic feel and smell
  • Easy to snap on with loop- screws and adhesive
  • Carpet fabric traps the dust more easily
Bottom Line:

If you are using this cover, then your airbags will deploy properly. The windows fabricated on this dash cover are suitable for allowing the airbags to deliver their duty while protecting you from any misfortune.

3. DashSkin Molded Dash Cover with 98-01 Dodge Ram – Quickest Installation

The manufacturer claims that you will require 30 minutes or less if you know how to install this cover properly. The glove like fit ensures that there’s not even a single space that allows the entrance of dust and dirt. The ABS material makes sure that your dashboard is reflecting all the UV rays without any absorption and heat cracks. This best car dash cover is designed in such a way to deliver your interior with a gorgeous look with its grayish smoky color.

You also get so many color choices say the Black, Camel, Agate and the Mist. It’s not a replacement means you don’t have to screw out the stock dashboard already fitted on your car. You need to use the silicone adhesive to stick it over the original dashboard seamlessly. The design and fabrication ensure that all the UV rays deviate and there’s no single crack and fading blemish on the cover.

best dashboard covers review
DashSkin Molded Dash Cover with 98-01 Dodge Ram

When talking in the terms of safety and security, this dash cover is a boon for your car. The installation of this cover ensures that the airbags will deploy properly whenever needed. Unlike other hard covers that jacket the airbag and disrupt it from opening, this cover works differently. You get all the holes for the vents so you don’t need to construct it on your own.

When talking about the installation, it’s a piece of cake. You don’t have to leave the cover overnight as the adhesive is enough strong to hold the dash cover after few hours of installation still it has been suggested that you should leave it overnight before the final use. As an added bonus, you will get a lifetime warranty for any sort of cracks, frays, and fades.

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  • Laser edged cutting for a perfect fit
  • SDiminishes the harmful windshield glare
  • Takes less time for the installation
  • Perfectly blends with the already present dash configuration
  • You need ultra precision for fitting this cover properly
Bottom Line:

If you don’t have much time for installation, then you can go with this dash cover. It requires less than 30 minutes to sit on your dashboard perfectly. All you need is a wiping cloth and silicone adhesive that comes along with the packaging.

4. Angry Elephant Carpet Dashboard Cover- Best Anti-fraying dash cover

This carpet dashboard is designed and manufactured in the USA by the makers of Angry Elephant. This dash cover is totally resistant to ultraviolet rays, which as a result helps in preventing cracking and fading. Every single piece of the dash cover is measured with the help of laser equipment to achieve a perfect fit all around the dashboard. The pattern of the dash mat doesn’t interfere with the airbags of the car, all thanks to the Velcro tabs that come along with the product.

The installation of this dash cover is also an easy task with the help of Velcro Strips that are provided with the packaging. In the dash cover kit, you will receive the silicone adhesive and all the necessary elements required to stick the cover to the dashboard.

best leather dash cover review
Angry Elephant Carpet Dashboard Cover

After the application, the cover flattens itself and becomes a part of your car’s interior. Just like most of the carpet dash covers that fray easily, this one keeps fray away. The nice and even cuts surround the AC vents and other speaker holes of the vehicle to avoid any blocking.

Angry Elephant carpet cover is protective, durable, budget friendly and looks appealing at its best. All the imperfections from major to minor can be cured with the help of this carpet cover. For an easy snapping process, you will get a user manual explaining the entire process of how to fit the product perfectly.

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  • Custom fit perfectly sits on the dashboard
  • Minimizes windshield glares
  • Lightweight doesn’t add any bulk to the interior
  • Lifetime warranty cover any fading and fraying
  • The installation of Velcro tabs can be quite challenging.
Bottom Line:

Fraying is the most common problem faced by dash cover users. But this cover totally denies this thing. The carpet material is soft and smooth to touch with anti-fraying capabilities. Timely care and maintenance will take up the cover life and will make it look fresh every time.

5. DashSkin Molded Dash Cover with 02-05 Dodge Ram – The perfect fitting

Made from quality ABS, this dash cover from DashSkin is a good choice if you are one who loves style and statement. The unique yet perfect design of the dash cover fortifies the dash configuration and minimizes the dangerous impacts of the UV rays.

From the first use, you will encounter that your car’s interior is less heated than usual. The molded ABS plastic is manufactured in such a way that it can bear all the major impacts while still retaining its shape without any cracks and dents.

You will get all the functionalities of a protected car interior along with a personalized style and good looks. In this dash cover, you will get the color options like Black, Navy Blue, Taupe, and Dark Slate Grey. As per your car interior and your color preference, you can select the desired shade.

best suv dash cover review
DashSkin Molded Cover with 02-05 Dodge Ram

On the top of the dash cover, you will find some vents that are meant for the air conditioner. Plus you will get an additional vent for the speaker hole for proper sound circulation.

The airbags and protective elements of your car will deploy properly even if you are using this cover. Fitting is not a problem with this cover as this is manufactured with the laser technology and proper measurements as per your car’s dashboard.

This cover is again no replacement and is an additional part that you can stick to your dash. The adhesive that comes within the packaging is also of very supreme quality which ensures a good bond between the dash and the cover. The adhesive is anti-shrinking, so the cover will remain intact throughout every climatic condition.

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  • Top notch ABS material built
  • Comes with quick installation guide and adhesive
  • Manifold color options to satisfy the taste
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Installation can be challenging for a new user (You need to seek some professional help for a perfect fit)
Bottom Line:

Unlike other dash covers, this one fits perfectly. All the vents are provided enough space to adjust properly. You don’t need to file or cut anything to attain the best fit.

6. DashMat Original Dashboard Cover Chevrolet and GMC – Requires lesser maintenance

This durable, affordable yet stylish cover from DashMat is perfect to cater the interior look of your GMC and Chevrolet truck. The material of the cover is manufactured with mushy fiber carpet that is smooth to touch and gives a premium feel. The design of the product is crafted in such a way that it tackles all the stains and dust particles, so you don’t have to clean your dashboard every single time. The manufacturer claims that the product is resistant to any unravels and frays which ensures long lasting life and less maintenance.

This dashboard cover for trucks is non-shrinkable and has all the capabilities to repel the harmful UV radiations that are killing your car’s interior and making it heated up when parked in the sun. The proper fit covers up the entire dashboard without letting any of the parts exposed. The cuttings for the vents are made with the help of proper measured laser equipment. All the airbags including the driver and co-passenger are allowed with enough space to deploy precisely. You can stick this dash cover with the help of adhesive provided inside the packaging.

dashboard cover for truck review
DashMat Original Dashboard Cover Chevrolet and GMC

There are loop fasteners that ensure dual safety; means you are getting a strong bond between the dashboard and dash cover. You can put the dash covers in all the loops and fasten it after applying a coat of adhesive on them. The adhesive that comes inside the packaging is non-shrinkable so irrespective of the climatic conditions, the adhesive will deliver its capabilities to fuller extents.

You will get a variety of colors with this product that can surely complement the interior of your truck. The color scheme that comes with this dash cover is Black, Beige, Caramel, Claret, Dash Blue, Mocha, Grey, Taupe, Navy, and Smoke.

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  • Various color options can surely satisfy your taste
  • Premium quality carpet to take the style game to new levels
  • Loop fasteners make the bond even stronger
  • Installation takes more time due to the fasteners
Bottom Line:

This best dashboard cover requires no time for maintenance. The material and manufacturing technique have made this cover to last longer. Just stick it to your dashboard and forget about it.

7. DashSkin Molded Dash Cover with 07-14 GM SUVs – The sturdiest ABS built

If your 07-14 GM SUV needs some vital fixings or maybe it’s high time to replace it, you need to consider this dash cover from DashSkin. This molded plastic best SUV dash cover fits the existing dashboard irrespective of its shape and condition. Its skin covers the dashboard entirely without leaving a single space for dust to enter. If your stock dashboard has some missing pieces and you are not in financial status to get it replaced, then this option will work great for you.

No matter how many and of what size pieces are missing you can simply cure the situation by applying this cover. Right from the installation, you will feel an upright look of your car’s interior and the premium feel will add cherries to the cake.

DashSkin Molded Dash Cover with 07-14 GM SUVs review
DashSkin Molded Dash Cover with 07-14 GM SUVs

DashSkin’s dash cover is made up of vacuum-molded technology to specifically cater the surface of the dashboard. You will get the option to access four color variants which include Black, Cashmere, Cocoa, and Dark Titanium. So it becomes easy for you to match the exact color scheme of your car’s interior.

Of course, the product really fights with a maximum of the UV radiations and is resistant to any kind of cracking and chipping. The solid built makes it easy to fix the cover as it already has the definite shape of the 07-14 GM truck dashboard. As per the manufacturer, the installation process will take a sum of 30 minutes or less for the complete installation of the product.

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  • The base material of this product is 100% rigid ABS
  • The design is manufactured with vacuum-molded technology
  • This dash cover comes with lifetime warranty
  • Multiple color variants
  • Sometimes ABS plastic material emits foul smell
Bottom Line:

The ABS material that is used in manufacturing is derived from the finest materials. You need not to worry about any cracks and dust trapped as the material has no hole or space that allows the dust to sit.

8. WOLF DashMat Original Dashboard Cover Chevrolet and GMC – Built to last longer

Finding the perfect dash cover for your vehicle is not easy, but this dash cover can make this selection easier for you. The soft carpet delivers a fabric like feel and is extremely soft to touch when taken in comparison with the plastic and ABS material. Often most of the carpet dash covers become ravel and result in frills after some time of usage or direct exposure to the sunlight.

The carpet material that is used in the manufacturing of this dash cover is resistant to any sort of unraveling and frills. The colorfast material is non shrinkable means it can sustain even the hottest of days effectively. Being manufactured with carpet it can deal with all the UV rays like any ABS dash cover will do.

top velour dash cover review
WOLF DashMat Original Dashboard Cover Chevrolet and GMC

The openings for the vents are pre cut so you don’t have to do any measuring or cutting to attain the perfect fit. The airbags get enough space to open fully as it doesn’t create any obstacle in the way. So with this dash cover, you will get adequate safety. The color selection that comes with this dash cover is as following- Black, Camel, Beige, Dash Blue, Mocha, Taupe, Cinder and smoke.

Talking about the installation you will get some loop fasteners for easy sticking. Just clean the surface of your stock dashboard, apply a coat of adhesive and plug in all the fasteners and you are ready to roll. Leave it overnight and you will see a whole new interior the very next day.

Check Latest Price

  • Colorfast technology delivers advanced UV protection
  • Soft and premium carpet for fabric like feel
  • Proper opening for airbags
  • Has a giant bed to cover the entire dashboard
  • Loop fastening can be difficult for a single person. You may require the help of some other person too while fixing.
Bottom Line:

The fastening loops that are attached to the dash cover provide added protection and hold grip. Before sticking it to the adhesive, you need to fasten the loops. This cover is perfect for those who use their vehicles in extreme climatic conditions.

9. DashSkin Molded Dash Cover with 98-01 – Best crack repellent dash cover

If you are the happy owner of 98-01 Dodge Ram, then you should pay attention to this dash cover. The interior of your car needs something that can pamper it and protect it from all the harsh rays emitted from the sun. This dash cover is made up of ABS rigid plastic that can sustain all the forces and the UV radiations. With the help of the blended adhesive, you can stick this up with a precise fit.

All the vents are already made on the cover so you don’t have to push yourself in the botheration of cutting the holes. The manufacturer claims that you can snap on this cover within a time lap of 30 minutes and that’s totally fair. It has a glove-like fit which does not permit any dust or dirt to get trapped between the dashboard and the cover.

DashSkin Molded Dash Cover with 98-01 Dodge Ram
DashSkin Molded Dash Cover with 98-01 Dodge Ram

There are four colors to choose from i.e. Black, Camel, Agate, and Mist which are the perfect options for your Dodge Ram. This product comes with a lifetime warranty period so you don’t have to worry about any cracks and fraying. The manufacturer will be totally responsible for any type of cracks that will be encountered on the dash cover post usage.

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  • Lifetime warranty period makes every single penny worth
  • 30 minutes or less installation time
  • Precise fit due to machine laser cutting
  • Perfectly sits on the silicone adhesive for stronger bond
  • The looks of this dash cover are basic
Bottom Line:

The harmful radiations from the sun can lead to cracks in the dash cover and this is one of the most common problems faced by many users. But this cover is resistant to any cracks. The manufacturer claims that there will be no single crack due to the harsh sun. You will also get lifetime warranty and in case any crack develops the cover will be replaced.

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10. DashSkin Molded Dash Cover with 94-97 Dodge Ram – Best anti-stain cover

If replacing your entire dashboard is not an option for you, then you should consider this. Replacing the entire dashboard not only eats up much time but also is heavy on your pocket. If you drive a 94-97 Dodge and your dashboard is ruining the standard statement of your car, then you can install this dash cover. The ABS plastic delivers its true capabilities by reflecting all the stains and marks along with the UV radiations from the sun.

The design of this cover is precise and is fabricated with the help of laser machines. Each and every vent of the cover fits perfectly and doesn’t interfere with the airbags and other security equipment of the vehicle. If you have some added sensors in your car then no need to worry. All the sensors and other equipment work really perfectly with this dash cover snapped on.

DashSkin Molded Dash Cover with 94-97 Dodge Ram review
DashSkin Molded Dash Cover with 94-97 Dodge Ram

Apart from the UV rays your dashboard isn’t just susceptible to heat and sun damage, it’s also vulnerable to dust and dirt and this dash cover performs its duty perfectly by avoiding even the smallest of the dust particles to trap in the dashboard.

You will get a selection of 6 color palettes which include Black, Saddle Brown, Medium Driftwood and Mist Grey. The approximate installation estimated by the manufacturer is 30 minutes, means you will not have to spend a whole day in fixing your car’s dashboard. As an added bonus, you will get the functionality that reduces windshield glare and the sun light reflection that causes strain on the driver and co-passenger.

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  • ABS plastic is molded with laser cutting machines for best fit
  • Ultra reliable material to withstand every climatic condition seamlessly
  • Branded finish and multiple color options
  • This dash cover can add some bulk to your car’s interior
Bottom Line:

If you are keen of eating in your car, then this dash cover can help. The anti-stain property does not allow any stains to sit on the cover. Just take a dry cloth and wipe the stain in one go.

What to look for in a reliable dash cover?

It’s the time you should stop those harmful UV rays to track in your car and ruin the look of your dashboard. Whether you want to reduce the windshield glare or want your car dash to remain intact for longer, you need to select a perfect dash cover.

With a list of different brands and dashboard covers, selecting the perfect dash cover becomes tough. Fortunately, this guide is here to help you. Before digging into what to look for a reliable dashboard cover, you should look at the benefits of getting a dash cover in your car.

best reliable dash cover review
Reliable dash cover

Perks of car dash covers:

The first and foremost purpose of a car dash cover is to shield the dashboard from direct sunlight and to tackle the harsh UV rays. Without the protection of a dash cover, the heat will result in unwanted cracks, warping, and fading of your brand new car’s dash.

These dash covers can also be very useful for hiding the existing blemishes and cracks that are making your car’s interior look dull and dusky. If your dashboard is weathered or worn out, then heat can also penetrate in easily. Changing the dashboard will burst down your pocket and the easiest way to make things go in your favor is by gifting your car with a dash cover.

There’s simply no better way than this as it can save you decent money while upgrading the look of your car. Lastly, if you are bored with the factory look of your car then you can take in a dash cover with multiple functionalities. Here are some dash cover materials you can select as per your requirements.

Suede Dashboard Covers:

Most of the car enthusiasts love to cover their cars with dash covers made up of suede material. These suede dash covers are a great option for those who love the lavishness and want their car to feel luxurious while safeguarding the dashboard from any harm. You can choose from a variety as these suede covers come in multiple colors and variants.

Velour Cloth Dash Cover:

These types of dashboard covers come with a soft and rich texture that will fulfill your every need. The touch and feel of the top velour dash cover is great and will never disappoint you in any aspect.

Carpet Dash Covers:

For those who adore the thick dashboard covers, this option stands perfectly. These dash covers are thick in width and are made up of recyclable materials. The carpet-like feel has a sleep and supple touch that is more affordable than suede material.


If you are in a hunt of dash cover that is colored and printed in some unique design, then this is the one. Some of the brands even offer the options to customize the dash cover as per your taste. So if you are willing to spend more money and want a quirky look, then you can get yourself some printed and colored dashboard cover.

Choosing the right dash cover for your car will be an easy task after this detailed knowledge. However, if you are still not ready to select it at your own, then you can seek some professional help. Most of the professionals who deal in car dash covers have high-quality pictures of their products installed on the vehicles. So you can get a better overview of how the product will look post fitting.

The main thing you should pay attention to is the built quality and the material. If the material is built to last, then its okay else you should leave that option and search for something more reliable.

Don’t forget the rear deck of your car:

While you are investing an amount on the dash cover, don’t forget about the rear. The UV rays from the sun are impacting your rear deck also. You can also pay attention to the dash covers that come along with the rear deck cover so you don’t have to invest in two different products and your work will be done flawlessly.

Steps to install a dashboard cover or a dash cover

Installing a car dash cover doesn’t require multi-year experience or professional help. With the help of some utilities, you can install it at your own while saving the cost of seeing a car mechanic. Here are some elements you should incorporate in your list before getting up with the process of installing a car dash cover.

best dashboard cover review
Installing dash cover

Required Equipment and Tools:

  • The car dash cover
  • Acetone
  • Clear silicone adhesive
  • Duct Tape
  • Sand Paper
  • Cutting Tools

Step 1: The Preparation

You need to ensure that the new dash cover will fit your car properly. For this, you need to place it on the existing dashboard in order to monitor the fits and the cuts. You need to check- is the new cover fitting the dashboard properly while looking for every single inch gap in-between the dashboard and the cover.

Step 2: Ensure the fit

Before you get up and start setting the cover on the desired place, you need to make sure that all specific alterations are made. Once you are up with all the alterations, you need to inspect the rough edges again and scrub them off if needed.

Step 3: Clean the Dashboard

You need to prepare the dashboard with some thorough cleaning. You can use a solvent that is specifically meant for the cleaning of the dashboard and clean it with a soft cloth.

Step 4: Sandpaper

Once you have cleaned the dashboard thoroughly, it’s time to use sandpaper. Gently clean the crossover edges with soft sandpaper. This will help you in making sure that the surface is enough clean and is ready to cater the adhesive without any bubbles and open cuts.

Step 5: Solvent

Wipe the surface with a solvent for making it ready to suck in the glue adhesive.

Step 6: Apply the adhesive

Apply the silicone adhesive on the entire surface of your car dashboard, covering each and every single corner. This will make sure that the cover will stick properly and there will be no chances that it will wear out in the near future.

Step 6: Position the Cover

Now carefully pick up the cover and place it just above the dashboard where you have spread the glue. Press the cover firmly and check if all the edges are locked properly. Press the cover again and put some weight to make good contact with the adhesive, if possible put some weight on the dash cover. Allow it to stand still for 24 hours for the drying process.

After 24 hours, your new dashboard cover will be ready to use.

FAQS Related to Dash Cover:

Question: Are the dash cover fasteners hard to remove?
Answer: No, dash mat fasteners aren’t that tough to remove. All you need is a set of proper tools and techniques. You need to clean the adhesive with some alcohol and adhesive cleaner to clear out the excess glue that is stuck on the fasteners. Then you need to take a wiping cloth and clean the residue, the fasteners will come out easily then.

Question: Do dash covers have a warranty period?
Answer: Yes, most of the reliable dash board cover manufacturers provide the option of a lifetime warranty, which covers untimely cracking, unraveling, and fraying. You can just relax and get in touch with a trusted dash cover manufacturer to read their terms and conditions.

Question: Will the dash cover intervene with the airbags?
Answer: No, dash mat covers are designed in such a way that they have a window opening for the airbags. And most of them even have a sticker on them as airbag friendly.

Question: Can I prevent the dash cover from fading?
Answer: Yes, you can prevent your car’s dash cover from fading with help of some simple steps. If you do not have enough time to follow these steps, then you can go with the car dash covers which have the capabilities of anti-fading and anti-fraying.

Question: What to do if the cover fasteners won’t stick to the dashboard?
Answer: This can be probably due to some Armor protection already present on your car dashboard. You need to wipe up the entire dashboard before applying the coat of adhesive on it. This procedure will help you in resolving the issue up to some extent and the dash cover will sit perfectly on the dashboard.

Question: How to wash the dash cover?
Answer: Washing or cleaning the dash cover is an easy task. Take some lukewarm water. Pour some cleaning agent in it and rub the whole dash cover with a clean and soft cloth. For further protection against any stains, you can take a reliable polish in use.

Question: How to make sure that the dash cover will match the color scheme of a car?
Answer: You will get a set of options when purchasing a dash cover. You can look for the exact color that matches your car’s interior and complements it in every way. For further assistance, you can visit your nearest car accessory store and get the exact pattern matched.

Question: Are this dash covers a permanent solution for a broken dashboard?
Answer: You can say that after applying a dash cover you don’t need to replace the entire dashboard. For added benefits, you can go with the dash covers which have a lifetime warranty period.

Question: What if the dash cover doesn’t fit perfectly?
Answer: Car dash covers are fabricated as per the car measurement and with the help of laser machines. So there’s no possibility that the cover will not fit perfectly. However, if you have some added accessories that are creating an obstacle for the cover then you need to remove them at the earliest.

Question: Do the dash covers affect the light and the sensors?
Answer: No, the sensors have the capability to surpass any material with the help of radiations. And also these dash covers are made up of thin material which allows easy passage. So the sensors will work perfectly.

Wrapping Up

This best dash cover guide will assist you in getting the perfect product without making you run into any hassle. Before making the final purchase, you need to pay attention to some of the vital aspects like the measurements and the color. You need to measure your car’s dashboard and then look at the size measurements of the dash cover.

If you are using some external accessories or have changed the position of your music system then you need to be extra careful. Lastly, buying a dash cover for your car will be a great choice and you will never regret using a branded dash cover. If you don’t like the basic design and colors then you can get some personalized dash covers and get yourself a customized dashboard cover with embroidery.

  1. I like what you said about getting a dash cover that reflects light. Installing a new truck dash pad is essential when restoring an old Chevy. If I were to need such an item, I would make sure to find the best auto parts supplier in my general area.

  2. Need to Cover the entire dashboard and the center Console, plus the door panels, All 4, of a 2013 Ford F250 6.7 L Turbo DSL Platinum Truck with Stitched Leather, or similar looking Synthetic materials…

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