Best Carburetor (Review) 2022 – Top 10 Picks

Automobiles were a lot simpler in earlier days.

You wouldn’t have found all these modern equipment like sensors, gadgets, mini computers in your car. Still, the good old classic cars would take you from point A to point B without a hitch!

If you want to know how car engines came to where they are now, first you need to get acquainted with the part that supplies fuel: The Carburetor.

The word “carburet” indicates something which is charged with carbon. In a carburetor, air is charged with carbons from the gasoline and the mixture is delivered to the internal combustion chamber to produce power that keeps your car running.

You may wonder, why use a carburetor instead of a fuel injection system? Well, this device is much simpler to install and operate. It is commonly used in classic cars, generators, tractors, motorcycles, airplanes and lawnmowers.

Best Carburetor Comparison Chart

Edelbrock-1406-Performer-600-CFM-CarburetorEdelbrock 1406
(Expert’s Choice)
4 Barrel,
Electric Choke

Fuel efficient
Check Price
Holley-0-7448-CarburetorHolley 0-7448

2 Barrel,
Manual Choke
Dichromate finish
Check Price
N/AAffordable Price
Check Price
(Editor’s Choice)
2 Barrel,
Prevents leakage
Check Price
Demon-1901-Electric-Choke-CarburetorDemon 19014 Barrel,
Electric Choke
Reduces fuel temp
Check Price
Auto-Parts-Prodigy-New-Carburetor-Two-2100Auto Parts Prodigy
2 Barrel,
Electric Choke
Compatible with Ford
Check Price
Holley-0-1850sa-Street-CarburetorHolley 0-1850sa
4 Barrel,
Manual Choke
Wet-Flow tested
Check Price
Check Price
N/ARust & Corrosion resist
Check Price
Holley-0-80457S-Model-4160-CarburetorHolley 0-80457S
4 Barrel,
Electric Choke
Easy installation
Check Price

Best Carburetor Choices in 2022

Whether you own a two-stroke or a four stroke engine vehicle, a good quality carb will give you better mileage. Despite being less expensive, carburetor works well with the fuel feeding system of low capacity motorcycle engines. It is also used in machines that require small engines to operate.

Carburetor Review

Once you have decided that your machine or bike needs a new carb, you need to find the one that’s good performing. Depending on type, performance, RPM range, throttle response, and number of barrels, you’ll find many varieties among carburetors available on the market.

Top 10 Best Carburetor Review

1. Edelbrock 1406 Performer 600 CFM Carburetor | Best Carburetor For 327 chevy

If you are looking for a carb that can reduce fuel cost and make a positive impact on climate change, then Edelbrock 1406 will be a good choice for you.

Equipped with two primary and two secondary barrels, this carburetor reserves energy by providing itself with a 2% leaner fuel mixture than the previous model.

Edelbrock 1406 Performer 600 CFM Carburetor Review
Edelbrock 1406 Performer 600 CFM Carburetor

Edelbrock 1406 is one of the most reliable carburetors for engines with short strokes. It can also be used for big bloke engines. However, this carb only works for engines with short displacement.

When you push on the accelerator or the gas pedal, does your engine respond immediately? If the answer is no, then you need to replace your old carb with this one! To help your engine run smoothly, Edelbrock 1406 lets you enjoy a good throttle response with its bottom design of central booster.

The main jet of this carb is only .098 inches in size. It also comes with a secondary jet, which is slightly smaller at 0.095 inches.

With 600 CFM capacity, this product weighs around 9 pounds. The single feed fuel inlet, with a secondary air valve, can support the full capacity of the carburetor. Electric chokes are used in this carb to warm up your engine in case it gets cold and has trouble starting up.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Edelbrock 1406 is designed for small block engines.
  • It comes with a bottom feed booster design.
  • It uses an electric choke to heat its engine.
  • It is the most fuel-efficient carburetor.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • The throttle shaft may leak after some time.

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Bottom Line
To solve the leakage problem, try installing a fuel pressure regulator. With minimal maintenance, this product will provide you with quality service and help your engine provide a smooth performance.

2. Holley 0-7448 Carburetor | Best Carburetor For 350 Chevy

Holley 0-7448 has been designed with racing class engines in mind. Along with 350 CFM capacity, this product is given a dichromate coating to fight against corrosion and rust.

Remember the last time you hit the racing track, professionally or just for fun? Your engine always asks for more speed, right?

Holley 0-7448 Carburetor Review
Holley 0-7448 Carburetor

When you try to accelerate, your vehicle instantly needs some extra fuel. That’s where a carburetor’s acceleration pump plays an important role. Holley 0-7448 comes with a 30cc acceleration pump and 2 large barrels to give you an excellent street performance.

If you see smokes bursting from the exhaust, it may have been the result of a power valve being blown out from a backfire. With Holley 0-7448, you don’t have to worry about that ever! It uses a special check valve system to shut down the internal passage and thus protects the power valves from any damage.

The carb weighs about 9.45 pounds and it comes with an air cleaner to prevent dirt and dust from harming your engine. You can control the overheating of the engine process with the help of a manual choke system.

The device provides an easy control of the engine warm up, and fully passed the wet test conducted on it to ensure smooth performance on the road.

Highlighted Benefits
  • It is designed for racing class engines.
  • Holley 0-7448 has dichromate finish to combat rust and corrosion.
  • It has a 350 CFM capacity.
  • Power valves are protected from blowout.
  • It has an air cleaner for improved air quality.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • The choke needs to be adjusted by hand.

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Bottom Line
Holley 0-7448 is an easy setup carburetor. You’ll love the lever fuel control mechanism. The chromatic finish is a treat for the eyes. To avoid adjusting the choke manually, you can buy a conversion kit which will operate automatically.

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3. Caltric Carburetor | Best Off-Road Carburetor

Only a few replacement carbs can perform as good as the original one. Caltric Carburetor is one of them. It is a perfect choice for you if you are looking for a cheap alternative to the original manufactured product.

The Caltric carb is a perfect fit for a lot of Polaris Sportsman models including 2011 Polaris 4 x 4 Sportsman, 2012 Polaris Sportsman 500, 2001 Polaris Sortsman 500, 2008 Polaris Sportsman and 2005 Polaris Sportsman.


The carb comes with all the required plugs and wires. It comes pre-assembled, so there’s very little to do during its installation process. You only have to adjust the throttle cable length to get a good idle speed. Adjust the float level if you notice any leakage.

Caltric Carburetor works smoothly when installed in the right car model. It gives your engine clean and smooth throttle speed. You can enjoy full-throttle power with the help of this carb. The primary jet of this device is 10 mm in size.

Available in a reasonable price, if you want to replace your old carb of Polaris Sportsman, then this carb is the right option for you.

Highlighted Benefits
  • The carb comes with an affordable price.
  • The carb is identical to the original product from the manufacturer.
  • It comes pre-assembled and the installation is quite easy.
  • It works with different Polaris Sportsman models.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Fuel might leak and cause an overflow in rare cases.

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Bottom Line
Caltric is identical to the OEM model. But it offers something extra, it comes with an accessible air fuel mixture screw. To solve the overflow issue, adjust the fuel needle to the correct position. To make the installation process easier, take a picture of your old carb before replacing it and plug in the new carb accordingly.

4. Waverspeed 2 Barrel Carburetor | Best Carburetor For Ford 302

Does your family own an American Classic Ford car? If the answer is YES, then you must have some fun memories of driving it around!

To make your favorite memories last even longer, Waverspeed introduces a 2 barrel carb for a wide variety of Ford vehicles including Ford Mustang, Ford F100, Ford F250, Ford F350 and Ford Comet.

Waverspeed 2 Barrel Carburetor Review
Waverspeed 2 Barrel Carburetor

The carb is designed for small block models of Ford, like 289, 302, 351 engines. It is also a perfect fit for Jeep Wagoneer. Weighing 7.41 pounds, this carb has a dimension of 11.4 x 8.3 x 6.3 inches. The product has a mounting gasket and seal for preventing any leakage of the carb.

The product comes with 2 barrels as promised. The main barrel is responsible for providing air-fuel mixture when the engine is idling or going at medium speed. When you accelerate, the engine needs some extra air-fuel mixture that comes from the second barrel.

The engine’s components may get damaged if it gets too dirty. This carb comes with air filters to protect your engine from dust and debris of the road.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Waverspeed carb supports a wide variety of Ford models.
  • The two barrels together provide ample air-fuel mixture.
  • The carb has air filters to protect your engine.
  • It comes with mounting gasket and seal to prevent leakage.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • The oil channels need to be cleaned frequently.

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Bottom Line
Waver speed is an excellent choice for your engine if you own a Ford or a Jeep Wagoneer. Although it does require regular maintenance, its supreme service makes up for that. However, before you go buy this product, make sure it matches with the model and year of your vehicle.

5. Demon 1901 Electric Choke Carburetor | Best Carburetor For Ford 460

This carb casts a magical spell on your engine to run smoothly! It comes with 625 CFM capacity, and it has an elegant design that fits for both modern and classic styled cars.

Weighing about 8.75 pounds, the carb has 4 barrel and dual mounting bolt design. It has an electric choke that warms up the engine when your vehicle is unable to heat up by itself on cold days.

Demon 1901 Electric Choke Carburetor REview
Demon 1901 Electric Choke Carburetor

The carb makes proper use of fuel by using aerospace composite fuel bowl which reduces its temperature by 20 degrees.

Demon 1901 comes with gasket to eliminate any leak paths. The primary throttle bore is quite small in size, only 1.375 inches. Its small size ensures that the fuel economy is being maximized.

The carb uses Triple Stack Booster to increase its throttle response and help your engine to accelerate smoothly. Fuel atomization technology is used in this carb, which improves the combustion of fuel by increasing the surface area.
The easy installation process works as an added bonus. You don’t have to adjust the choke or the idle speed, so you can start using this carb right away!

Highlighted Benefits
  • It is suitable for both traditional and modern styled cars.
  • The carb has an electric choke.
  • It is quite easy to install and operate.
  • Triple Stack Booster is used for improved throttle response.
  • Its polymer fuel bowl cools down fuel’s temperature.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • The electric choke may malfunction over time.

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Bottom Line
You can use a screwdriver to open up the metal rings around the electric choke to solve this problem. All in all, Demon 1901 carburetor is an excellent choice for if you want quality service at an affordable price.

6. Auto Parts Prodigy New Carburetor Two 2100 | Best Carburetor For 351 Windsor

If you are looking for a carburetor that will be able to get more horsepower out of your engine, then take a look at Auto Parts Prodigy 2100.

The carb 2100 is compatible with various models of Ford including Ford 289, Ford Galaxie289, Ford 302, Ford Bronco with 351M, Ford 351 Windsor and Jeep 360 engines. It also fits for AMC 258 and Jeep CJ7 with the help of an adaptor.

Auto Parts Prodigy New Carburetor Two 2100 Review
Auto Parts Prodigy New Carburetor Two 2100

The carb weighs around 1.2 pounds and has a solid metal build and 500 CFM capacity. With two large barrels, the carb produces low-end torque to make your car go faster and be more responsive.

You don’t have to adjust the choke manually with this carb! It comes with a 12-volt electric choke to create a fuel-rich mixture and thus gradually warms up your engine. The manufacturer provides you with gasket and seal to prevent any leakage.

The mounting flange of this device has four large bolt holes. Depending on these bolt patterns, you need to match the intake manifold of your engine with it, or you can buy an adapter to fit it.

Highlighted Benefits
  • The carb 2100 has a solid metal build.
  • It comes with a mounting gasket and seal.
  • It fits into most of the ’60s and ’70s Ford engines.
  • It uses an electric choke to warm up the engine.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • The carb may overflow if it gets too dirty.

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Bottom Line
To solve the overflow issue, install a good filter for fuel before setting up the carb. You should also clean air filters and the oil channels to prevent any blockage. These small maintenance’s will help your carburetor to last for a long time.

7. Holley 0-1850sa Street Carburetor | Best Carburetor For Street Performance

Holley 0-1850sa is the best carburetor for street performance. If you are looking for a lightweight carb with a manual choke, then this product will be a perfect fit for you.

Made with high-quality material, the carb comes with 600 CFM of airflow. This product weighs only 8.75 pounds, 5 pounds lighter than the zinc- coated models. The aluminum construction of this carb gives it a shiny custom look.

Holley 0-1850sa Street Carburetor Review
Holley 0-1850sa Street Carburetor

Are you frustrated on your engine’s heating system and want to have more control over it? Holley 0-1850sa comes with a manual choke system for you! By rotating the top cap, you can easily handle the choke operation.

With a single feed fuel inlet and vacuum secondary, this carb is suitable for any heavy-weighted car on the street. The vacuum secondary opens its back barrel by sensing the engine’s load, thus it guarantees your engine’s smooth and uninterrupted performance.

Holley 0-1850sa features four large barrels with square bore intakes. You can easily change the position of the adjustable floats by pulling the fuel level plug. The power valves are protected from any kind of blowout events by using a special check valve system. It is one of the most fuel efficient carburetor out there.

Highlighted Benefits
  • It has a long-lasting shiny look.
  • The carb has a user-friendly manual choke.
  • Power valves are protected from a blowout.
  • Vacuum secondary makes it compatible with a lot of vehicles.
  • The product is wet flow tested.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • The carb doesn’t work with an automatic transmission vehicle.

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Bottom Line
Although Holley 0-1850sa doesn’t have the kick down required for automatic transmission, you can buy Transmission Kickdown Hardware Kit and add it to your carburetor. To maintain the soundness of your car, you should check the carburetor and fuel line regularly for any potential leakage.

8. Honda TRX350 Rancher ATV Complete OEM Carburetor | Best High-Performance Carburetor

Whether you are driving on muddy roads or traveling through the blazing desert, your rancher will traverse them with ease! The early 2000s were the golden age for rancher vehicles and Honda TRX350 Rancher is the prized king of that era.

If you happen to own a Rancher, you might need a replacement for your old carburetor. We recommend you to get the original carb from the same manufacturer.

Honda TRX350 Rancher ATV Complete OEM Carburetor Review
Honda TRX350 Rancher ATV Complete OEM Carburetor

Just as the name suggests, the Honda TRX350 Rancher ATV Complete OEM Carburetor comes with the whole package. The top fuel carburetor weighs around 10 pounds and it doesn’t require much tuning to get started. It is designed to fit the 2003 Rancher 350FM, 2000 Honda 350TRX Rancher, and 2001 Honda Rancher, etc. You should find out if the year and model of your vehicle is compatible with the carb’s model before purchasing one.

Honda OEM Carb doesn’t require any gasket and seal to prevent leakage. Instead, it has a rubber boot on top of its motor that does the job. It is a high-quality original product with an easy operation system.

The device is easy to install. The choke assembly and throttle linkage may take some time to adjust. Apart from that, you can start running your engine instantly with this carb.

Highlighted Benefits
  • The carb is made by the reputed company Honda.
  • It is a high-quality product.
  • It’s a direct replacement part for Rancher ATV vehicles.
  • The carb is easy to install and operate.
  • It doesn’t require much tuning.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • The carb is a slightly costlier than regular ones.

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Bottom Line
Instead of finding some spare parts from a nearby store, it’s always better to buy from an original product from its direct manufacturer. Despite being pricier, this carburetor will exceed your expectations with its original and quality performance.

9. Autoslegend Carburetor 44 IDF | Best Street Carburetor

Autoslegend Carburetor is a premium build fit for the original Volkswagen, Beetle, Fiat and Porsche vehicles. If you happen to own one of these cars and have some cash to spare, this could be the ideal carb for your engine.

The carb is originally manufactured by Autoslegend Company. Even after 70 years, you have the privilege of finding a carburetor built according to the specification of the original factory production. The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) number of this product is 18990.035.

Autoslegend Carburetor 44 IDF Reveiw
Autoslegend Carburetor 44 IDF

The main material of this carb is Zinc alloy. Zinc, bonded with another metal gives this device a nice, silvery finish. The outer material makes the carb corrosion and rust-resistant. It also gives the product added durability as zinc reacts with carbon dioxide and thus prevents any further chemical reaction from taking place.

The carb is supported on a limited number of vehicles. Before you purchase a new carb, make sure to match the model and year of your vehicle with the carburetor’s recommended list.

To avoid any issues with the installation process, we recommend that you seek help from a professional mechanic to fit this carb in your vehicle properly.

Highlighted Benefits
  • All components used to make this carb are premium build.
  • It’s made by Original Manufacturer with a universal OEM number.
  • It works with original Beetle, Fiat, Porsche, Volkswagen models.
  • It barely needs servicing or repairing.
  • The product is protected from corrosion by outer material.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • It doesn’t come with a proper installation guide.

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Bottom Line
Although the installation part is a little bit tricky, the carb is pretty easy to operate after that. Friends who have experiences with these kinds of carbs can help you out in this case. Or, you can always hire an experienced mechanic.

10. Holley 0-80457S Model 4160 Carburetor | Best Carburetor For Pontiac 400

Next comes to our list is a product from Holley, a brand that has been dominating the world of the carburetor for over 100 years!

The carb is made of Aluminum which gives it a polished look. Apart from 600 CFM of airflow capacity, it comes with a single feed fuel inlet that provides your engine with fuel constantly. The carb has two primary barrels and two secondary barrels.

Holley 0-80457S Model 4160 Carburetor Review
Holley 0-80457S Model 4160 Carburetor

It’s a plug and play product. You can install this carb in your engine and start running it instantly! You don’t have to adjust the float’s position as it comes with a needle and seat design. The needle is used to prevent excess fuel from entering the flat bowl.

To save you from the trouble of starting your car on a cold morning, Holley 0-80457S includes an electric choke that operates automatically. The vacuum secondary of this carb makes it a perfect fit for a wide range of vehicles.

The carb also works with auto transmission vehicles. With the help of an adapter, you can make it compatible with a variety of engines. The product is tested for wet-flow for to make sure you’re getting uninterrupted service.

Highlighted Benefits
  • The product has a shiny, polished design.
  • It has an automatic electric choke.
  • It is a plug and play product.
  • The device is wet-flow tested for safety.
  • It comes with two primary and two secondary barrels.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • The electric choke may malfunction sometimes.

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Bottom Line
The product has an attractive look which’ll instantly draw your attention. Holley 0-80457S is a top-quality carb that will make your engine run more efficiently. If the choke stops working, check to see if the fuse is blown and replace it with a new one.

How To Choose The Best Carburetor

Carb Size

To get the best performance out of your engine, you will need a carburetor that is matching and compatible.
Don’t be tempted to buy a big sized carb thinking that it will generate more power! Your engine might burn out and suffer from poor gas mileages if it receives more fuel than necessary.

The Society Of Automotive Engineers has established a CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) formula to help you find the right size of carb for your engine.

The formula for how much CFM your engine needs is:
Carb CFM = engine size (cubic inches) x Maximum RPM/3456

Here, the formula assumes that your engine has 100 percent volumetric efficiency. Most of the vehicles are only capable of getting 80 percent efficiency in real life.

For example, if the engine size is 400 cubic inches and the maximum RPM is 6000, then the engine would require 694.44 CFM (400 x (6000/3456)). In this case, you will need to choose the closest available size of the carburetor, which is 700 CFM.

RPM Range

RPM stands for Rotation Per Minute. When a vehicle is stopped at a red light and the engine keeps running, its idle speed is measured by the RPM. The engine still generates power, but it’s incapable of generating any movement at that time.

Before you start choosing a carb, know about your engine’s RPM range capacity. Depending on the minimum and maximum RPM, you can decide which carburetor your car needs.


You can choose a carburetor with or without a choke element.

If you live in a warm climate, then you may ignore this one. However, in a cold region, your engine most likely won’t start without a choke.

When the temperature of an engine gets low, it requires a richer air and fuel mixture to start. The choke, covering the primary barrels of the carb, restricts the air that passes through. Thus, it fills the carburetor with more fuel and warms up the engine to start.

You can choose from 2 types of choke available on the market. Manual or Automatic.

If you choose a manual choke for your carburetor, you will need to operate it by hand. On the other hand, an automatic choke doesn’t need any physical assistance. As the engine starts to get hot the automatic choke opens its valves by itself.


Make sure your carb has a good throttle response. When you put pressure on the accelerator paddle, a throttle valve opens and controls the airflow to the carburetor.

Carb in a good condition results in a quick response to the acceleration request. Your engine’s durability and performance depend upon the quality of the throttle you choose for its engine.


A good quality carburetor tunes easily with your vehicle. To make sure of that, always make sure you’re purchasing the right carb for your car model.

You should check to see if all the features are easily adjustable. Depending on your preference, you can choose to have an adjustable air filter, choke, screws, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Makes A Carb Overflow?

Answer: Carburetor overflow occurs in two situations. The float needle valve may get stuck or worn out over time. As a result, the valves can’t close properly causing fuel to overflow into the ball. Ethanol contained fuel can also cause overflow by damaging the carburetor.

2. How Can I Connect An Electric Choke?

Answer: You have to connect only two wires to the voltage source. First, take the red wire, which is the positive voltage wire. Then make a connection between a switched 12-volt ignition source and the positive wire. Add the black wire to ground to complete the process.

3. How Do I Know If My Carb Is Failing?

Answer: If you experience a slow performance from your engine, it might be an indication of a carburetor failing. You will notice your engine struggling with acceleration and consuming more fuel than necessary at times. Black smoke coming from your engine is also a symptom of a carb failing.

4. Is A Vacuum Secondary Carb Is Better Than A Mechanical One?

Answer: Not necessarily. It depends on what type of car you are driving. If you own a street car with automatic transmission, then a vacuum secondary carb is the best option for you. A mechanical carb is mostly suitable for racing cars.

5. Why Does My Engine Run Rough When Cold?

Answer: When the temperature starts to drop, the engine needs more fuel to run. The choke in your engine is responsible for warming it up. Chokes get easily displaced. Check to see if it’s closing properly and replace if it gets defected over time.

Final Words
Whether you are driving through the streets casually or preparing to take part in a stunt racing, your car relies on its engine the most. Your vehicle isn’t going anywhere if the engine fails for some reason.

So what makes an engine perform at its best? An engine runs smoothly only if it’s properly tuned. A good carburetor can adjust properly with your engine and ensures a top-notch performance from your car.

Hopefully, this article will help to choose the best carburetor for your engine depending on your vehicle type, model, RPM range and preference.

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