7 Best Car Ramps Review and Complete Guide

If you’ve worked with vehicle maintenance, then I’m sure you know how important car ramps are. Not only do they give access to whatever’s underneath, but they also make it awfully easy to keep up with maintenance work.

Car ramps are one of the essential components of every mechanic’s arsenal. However, it’s still good to have them around if you like getting your hands dirty in the garage.

Best Car Ramps
Best Car Ramps

Best car ramps in 2021

If you’re here, then there’s a good chance you’re looking for the right type of car ramp for your vehicle.

Getting the right model for yourself can be a daunting step, and can often require meticulous attention to detail. However, fret not. We have got you covered.

Keeping all the major factors in mind, we’ve compiled a handy list of the best products currently available in the market. In the upcoming segments, we’ll briefly acquaint you with all of them so that in the end, you’re better equipped to make the right decision!

Comparison table of Best Car Ramps

Low-Profile-Sports-CarLow Profile Ramps
(Editor’s Choice)
43 lbs
3000 lbs
Check Price
Race-Ramps-RR-56-2-56Race Ramps RR-56
12.46 lbs
86000 lbs
Check Price
20 lbs
6.520000 lbs
Check Price
AFA-Tooling-Large-IndustrialAFA Tooling Large
39.7 lbs
6 9/16
40000 lbs
Check Price
Cusco-A517-SL99-JackCusco A517 SL99
5 lbs
Check Price
Tomioka-Racing-SuperTomioka Racing
10 lbs
Check Price
Low-Profile-Plastic-CarLow Profile Plastic
9 lbs
4400 lbs
Check Price

Our 7 Picks of best car ramps

In this segment, we’ve briefly reviewed all of the products mentioned above. To make your job easier, we’ve also highlighted a few pros and cons that will assist you in making a smarter decision for your vehicle. Without further ado, here are our seven picks of the best car ramps!

1. Low Profile Sports Car Lift Service Ramps by Discount Ramps

Topping this list is the premium model by Discount Ramps. Manufactured from durable, heavy-duty aluminium, these models are as durable as they are functional!

Low Profile Sports Car Review
Low Profile Sports Car

The best feature that this model has to offer is its durability and all-aluminium construction. This adds the right amount of lightweight material while also retaining a decently sized loading capacity.

Its loading capacity can also easily handle normal vehicles. However, if you have something big in mind, then this model might not be the ultimate pick.

Other features that stand out are the railed sides. These help the drive to load up the vehicle without any wheel tilt properly. Put, this is great if you want precision work and loading/unloading.

There aren’t that many downsides to this model. Since this assembly is heavy-duty, the rubber pads on the bottom might wear out easily. Hence, it’s advised that you keep extra around, especially if you have a concrete floor.

Other than that, this model is as good as it is and is our premium recommendation for all types of users out there. For optimal performance, we recommend a steady and controlled ascent.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Aluminium construction is easy to move around
  • Relatively lightweight and extremely durable
  • Side railing ensure safe and proper ascent
  • Optimal for home use
  • Easy and straightforward assembly
  • Performance and delivery make up for the high price tag
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Rubber pads on the bottom will come off easily

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We recommend the Low Profile Sports Car Lift Service Ramps by Discount Ramps for all types of users out there. Primarily heavy-duty, this model can cater to all types of use and is the perfect equipment you need to get your vehicle maintenance job done.

2. Race Ramps RR-56-2 56″ car ramps

The Race Ramps RR-56-2 56″ is a stylish model to consider if you want something on the go!

The model’s main feature is its lightweight frame and ease of accessibility. Since they don’t really occupy that much space, you can carry them wherever you want without any difficulty.

Race Ramps RR-56-2 56 Review
Race Ramps RR-56-2 56

This makes it a great addition if you’re planning on traveling by car ramps.

Along with being lightweight and extremely durable, this model also has another interesting feature, which makes it suitable for the outside environment as well.

Featuring no sharp edges or corner, the Race Ramps RR-56-2 56″ ensures that there aren’t any scuff or skid marks on the floor. This makes it a great addition to your arsenal, whilst also ensuring that your floor stays clean.

The large solid bottom also makes sure that there isn’t any type of slip or drag during the loading phase. You won’t really have to worry about the surface, and can perform loading virtually anywhere.

As far as downsides are concerned, there’s only one major factor that you should account for. Due to the material, improper loading can often lead to product degradation down the road. Hence, you’ll need to be a little careful when using this model.

Highlighted Benefits
  • No sharp edges will keep your floor skid and scuff free
  • Minimal scoot or slide on impact
  • Extremely lightweight and durable
  • Optimal for low-profile vehicle maintenance
  • Easy to carry around and travel with
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Improper loading can cause structural damage

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We recommend the Race Ramps RR-56-2 56″ to all types of users out there. More specifically so, this model is geared towards individuals who are looking for a car ramp that they can easily travel with. Likewise, if you want something on hand at all times, this is the right choice for you!

3. BUNKERWALL Large Heavy Duty Wheel ramps

If you’re looking for something heavy-duty and suited better for bigger vehicles, then the BUNKERWALL Large Heavy Duty Wheel ramps are the best choice to go with!

BUNKERWALL Large Heavy Duty Review
BUNKERWALL Large Heavy Duty

For starters, this model features a rugged outlook which produces sufficient friction between the tires and the surface to prevent any backtracking.

In conjunction with this, the material of choice is also quite sturdy and gives a tremendous amount of loading capacity. This makes it a suitable pick for bigger vehicles!

Another interesting thing is that this model comes with portable handles. Gone are the days where the heavy-duty assembly was a pain. With these handles, you can carry this model around easily without any hassle or issue.

However, there are a few things that you should be wary of.

Ensure that your pair has rubber pads installed underneath. If not, you might experience a little slide during the loading phase, which can damage the garage floor.

As far as maintenance is concerned, just make sure that you keep the rubber pads intact before loading.

Other than that, this model is as good as it gets and is often deemed as the best car ramp for heavy-duty work. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or a normal user, the BUNKERWALL Large Heavy Duty Wheel ramps can help you out immensely down the road!

Highlighted Benefits
  • Padded surfaces reduce the chance of tires slipping back
  • Portable handles allow for easy maneuverability
  • Strong, sturdy, and durable construction
  • Optimal for heavy-duty operation (trucks and SUVs)
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Might slip a little if installed incorrectly

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We recommend the BUNKERWALL Large Heavy Duty Wheel ramps too all types of users out there. The main thing that we would want that you keep in mind is to pay extra attention to rubber padding. This will keep your garage floor safe from damage.

4. AFA Tooling Large Industrial Grade Wheel Ramps

With the AFA Tooling Large Industrial Grade Wheel Ramps, we’re taking things to the next level. With a loading capacity of a staggering 40,000lbs, this model is geared primarily towards heavy-duty and industrial operations!

AFA Tooling Large Industrial Review
AFA Tooling Large Industrial

There are many features about this model that make it the prime recommendation if you’re looking for something solid.

For starters, the model has wheel locks that ensure that your vehicle stays in place. This is a big security measure that should be accounted for when dealing with maintenance work along these lines.

Additionally, the surface of the ramp is embedded with friction-producing bumps that make sure that the tires don’t slip back.

In the traditional sense, the AFA Tooling Large Industrial Grade Wheel Ramps don’t really have any downsides. Owing to their huge size and capacity, there are a few things that you should watch out for.

To start with, we highly suggest that you keep spare rubber pads nearby to protect the floor. In the event that the pre-installed once give up, this will come in handy.

Secondly, storage might be a little bit of an issue, which is why this is more suited for professional operations.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Can be used for alltypes of vehicle
  • Solid and sturdy frame can support very high loading capacity
  • Not susceptible to damage on the serious impact
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Comes with wheel brakes for additional safety
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Rubber pads might need frequent replacement
  • Storage issues due to its size

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Unless you own a truck, we recommend the AFA Tooling Large Industrial Grade Wheel Ramps, primarily to professional mechanics and individuals who deal with bigger vehicles. This is credited to its size and heavy-duty operation. This model also sits well in an industrial workshop.

5. Cusco A517 SL99 Jack Assist Ramp Set

If you’re looking for something fashionable and a little funky, then the Cusco A517 SL99 Jack Assist Ramp Set will be the perfect addition for your garage!

Cusco A517 SL99 Jack Review
Cusco A517 SL99 Jack

For starters, the model’s main feature which stands out is its blue appearance. If you want to spice things up a little and want to get rid of the dull appearance most garages can have, this is the right product to start with.

Another great feature of this model is that it is awfully lightweight. This makes it a good consideration if you want something for personal use, and feel that you might need to move the ramp around.

Likewise, its lightweight also makes maneuverability quite easy.

There aren’t any serious downsides to this model. However, there are a few things we’d like to highlight to spare you the surprise.

The model is quite narrow with respect to other models. Hence, if your vehicles have wide tires, then this isn’t the best model to go with. By default, this also removes bigger vehicles from its checklist.

The Cusco A517 SL99 Jack Assist Ramp Set is also susceptible to slipping if you load with the brakes on. Hence, watch out for skid marks!

Highlighted Benefits
  • Extremely lightweight and durable
  • Allows for easy manoeuvrability and storage
  • A smart fusion of aesthetics and functionality
  • Can be operated by beginners with ease
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Susceptible to slipping on improper loading
  • The surface is narrower than normal

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We recommend the Cusco A517 SL99 Jack Assist Ramp Set for homeowners and car enthusiasts who want to spice up their collection. The model doesn’t really have any differential features, which is why you should only opt for it if the specifications mentioned above cater to your needs.

6. Tomioka Racing Super Slopes – Car Ramps

Following the glory of its predecessors, the Tomioka Racing Super Slopes – Car Ramps is another model that fills the exact criterion mentioned above.

Tomioka Racing Super Review
Tomioka Racing Super

The main feature of this model is that it is decently stylish and will give you a simple lift for easy vehicular operation.

The Tomioka Racing Super Slopes are strong and light. This enables easy storage and makes manoeuvrability easy for the user. In conjunction with all this, this model is also quite strong and can handle a decent loading capacity.

There are, unfortunately, a few downsides to this model.

The bottom of this model does not feature a gripper/rubber pads. This might result in slipping or occasional floor damage on improper loading.

Another thing to consider is that there aren’t any bomb stops. You have to be particularly careful with the loading phase. Doing so too fast might result in going overboard.

With all that in consideration, however, the height range offer is enough to get the jack underneath and continue with the operation.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Can be used virtually anywhere
  • Solid constriction ensures durability
  • Allows for simplistic and easy operation
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Does not feature rubber pads
  • No bomb stops

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We recommend the Tomioka Racing Super Slopes to individuals who are looking for simplistic car ramps that can get the job done. However, pay attention to the minor downsides and work alongside them for maximal benefits and results!

7. Low Profile Plastic Car Service Ramps

Last but not least, we now present the Low Profile Plastic Car Service Ramps. Built for smart operation and easy vehicle maintenance, this model is as good as it gets!

Low Profile Plastic Car Review
Low Profile Plastic Car

There are many features about this model that make it a fan favorite. For starters, the construction is durable and sturdy and can handle a decent amount of loading capacity.

This makes it suitable for a multitude of vehicles out there.

Secondly, the model also features honeycomb channels. These channels make sure that there is no moisture buildup, which gives this ramp durability.

Due to its size and weight, this model is also quite easy to store. Due to all of the aforementioned factors, this model is suitable for both professional and personal operations.

There aren’t any noticeable downsides that we feel might serve as a differential.

Just like all models, make sure that you have good grippers or rubber pads underneath. They will prevent any type of skid marks or slipping during the loading phase.

Do note, however, that you might need to use a jack to get the bulk of the maintenance work done since this model doesn’t offer that much height. However, that’s a given for the bulk of car ramps there are!

Highlighted Benefits
  • Comes with a great instruction manual
  • Honeycomb channel prevents any moisture build-up
  • Bomb stop ensures safe loading
  • The heavy-duty plastic build-up is strong and durable
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Base is a little narrow

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We recommend the Low Profile Plastic Car Service Ramps to all types of users out there. This model is suitable for all types of operations and won’t disappoint in the long run. The pros heavily outweigh the cons, which is why this model is arguably one of the best ramps out there!

Buyer’s guide

If you’re planning to get the best car ramp for yourself, then look no further. In this segment, we’ll address the top things to consider and look out for when getting the right model for yourself.


The first thing that you should look out for is the material that the ramp is made of. When dealing with heavy duty vehicles, it’s advised that you consider the material that has a metal construction that can easily handle a staggering amount of weight.

Likewise, if you’re planning for indoor use, then you can settle for plastic based models as well.

Loading capacity

Loading capacity refers to how much weight the ramp can handle. Consider this bit in conjunction with the type of vehicle that you own or intend to deal with.

As a safety measure, go for something slightly above that so you don’t have to worry about being on the absolute limit of the capacity.

Safety measures

Safety measures such as bomb stops, rubber pads, and non-slip grip are great to have if you want a smooth operation.

We highly suggest that you keep these measures as an utmost priority if you want to make the most out of your car ramp experience.

Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You might need to spend an extra buck, but that will save you hassle down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following questions are those that are most frequently asked by our users. We’ll address them briefly so that you can have a better idea of what to anticipate when you’re out shopping!
Q1. Are car ramps safer than jack stands?
Answer: Yes. This is because car ramps offer a wider base for support which subsequently reduces the center of gravity. This reduces the chances of any sort of tipping over. The margin of error is significantly reduced.

Q2. What are race ramps made of?
Answer: Race ramps are manufactured from a multitude of things, such as aluminum, steel, and heavy-duty plastic.

Q3. Are car ramps safe for an oil change?
Answer: Yes. Car ramps are perfectly safe for an oil change. However, it’s generally advised that you use a jack to increase the overall height which will give you access to more of what’s underneath the vehicle. However, note that fluids might not drain completely if on an angle.
Q4. Can I use car ramps on a slope?
Answer: Yes, you can. Though we would advise you to check the weight ratings first and then operate. For maximal height, use it facing downwards.
Q5. How steep can a car ramp be?
Answer: Generally speaking, the angle should be between 10 and 20 degrees from the base.
Q6. How much weight can car ramps hold?
Answer: Different car ramps can hold a different amount of weights. There are models that can cater to 3000lbs, and there are other models that can easily handle 30,000lbs.
Q7. What is the best angle for a ramp?
Answer: Anywhere around 20 degrees is good enough to get the job done well.
Q8. How long should truck ramps be?
Answer: Truck ramps are recommended to be about 8 feet in length. If the lift is about four inches, then it’s advised to choose 9.5 feet. Anything greater than four should have ramps about 11 feet long.
Q9. How can I work under my car safely?
Answer: By using the right type of ramps in conjunction with a solid jack, you’ll be pretty safe underneath your vehicle.
Q10. What are bomb stops?
Answer: Bomb stops are safety measure indentations at the end of the ramp which brushes against the tire. They indicate that you’ve reached the peak of the ramp and can’t go any further.

Final Thoughts

A car ramp can either make your life easier or make you hate the maintenance process. Hence, it’s advised that you chose smartly. If you liked any of the models mentioned above, or have any feedback or recommendations, you can get in touch with us via our email!

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