Best Car Air Purifier (Review) 2022 – Top Picks and Complete Guide

Car air purifier Review
Car air purifier

Keeping your car smelling fresh is the key to a good ride. I was always quite as messy as a teen. This habit translated into a poorly maintained Toyota that always smelled bad. Then one day, my friend gave me a car air purifier.

Within no time, the car smelled fresh and brand new. The difference that it made was astounding. From that day onwards, I was always on a quest to find the latest and the best car air purifiers to try out.

Best car air purifier in 2022

After intense research and scrutiny, the following are the products that are most prevalent in the market these days. Each has its own set of features and attributes which makes them distinguishable.

In this review, we intend to compare and juxtapose all of them so that you are better equipped to make a decision when setting out to buy the best product for yourself. All these products were reviewed heavily and underwent meticulous attention to detail by our team of experts. After intense discussion and usage, these products were the ones that got our attention!

Comparison table of Best Car Air Purifier

ImageProductFilter typeCertifiedPrice
Car-Air-Purifier-3in1-Premium-Hepa3in1 Premium by Pure
(Expert’s Choice)
Check Price
Airthereal-MA5000-Commercial-GeneratorAirthereal MA5000
Ozone generator
CECheck Price
Purelix-3in1-Car-Air-PurifierPurelix 3in1 Purifier
(Editor’s Choice)
Check Price
Check Price
Valiry-Car-Air-PurifierValiry Car Air Purifier
Ozone generator
Check Price
FULOXTECH-Mini-Ozone-GeneratorFULOXTECH Mini
Ozone generator
Check Price
Bidook-Plasma-Air-PurifierBidook Plasma
Plasma Air filter
Check Price
TwinkleBirds-Car-Air-PurifierTwinkleBirds Purifier
Check Price
Purelix-3in1-Car-Air-PurifierIonizer by Zendora
HEPA Filter
Check Price
LUOYIMAN-Color-Purifier-Portable-Ozone-air-CleanerLUOYIMAN Cleaner
Ozone generator
Check Price

Our Top 10 Picks of car air purifier

The models mentioned below are the best currently available in the market. With each review, we’ve highlighted a few pros and cons that will help you make a well-informed decision. Without further ado, here are the top air purifiers for cars in 2021!

1. 3in1 Premium by Pure Air Purifier for Cars

If you’re looking for something that accentuates the appeal of your car’s exterior, then Pure is the best manufacturer to refer to. Their 3-in-1 car purifier comes in an all-white model that is aesthetically designed to give you optimal performance and to look good while at it!

By generating a safe amount of ozone, this model specializes in getting your car rid of any sort of unpleasant odors. Examples of such odors include pet smells, smoke, food and human odor, and any other sort of smell.

3in1 Premium by Pure Car Air Purifier Review
3in1 Premium by Pure Car Air Purifier

The model is also responsible for ridding your car of any sort of allergen or pollutant. Equipped with its 5.6 million negative ION concentrations from the HEPA air filter, the model optimally tackles and rids all the dust, pollen, germs, and viruses that might be residing in your car.

Another feature that this model by Pure is famous for is its dual USB port. Now, you can get the best of both worlds – keeping your car odor-free and ensuring that your gadgets are all charged up. Furthermore, the USB ports are easy to operate and work with. Just plug the model in and you can fast-charge your devices easily!

Highlighted Benefits
  • Efficiently purifies allergens and pollutants
  • Can tackle the most awful of smells and odors
  • Includes fast charging compatible with all sorts of mobile phones
  • Comes with a bonus chord that has three different adapters
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Connection cables are a little short
  • Fixation isn’t that strong enough

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We recommend this model for all sorts of users and individuals who want to rid their car of smell and odors. However, if that isn’t on the primary agenda and you still need something to charge your gadgets with, we’d still recommend this model so that you can benefit on both ends!

2. Airthereal MA5000 Commercial Generator

Versatility is the name of the game. If you’re looking for an air fresher that you can use in the car which can also serve as a substitute in the house, then the Airthereal MA5000 Commercial Generator is optimal for that purpose. This heavyweight model covers an area of 1000 square feet and is exceptional at eliminating odors.

Airthereal MA5000 Commercial Generator Review
Airthereal MA5000 Commercial Generator

The model features an old-school interactive display and comes in a blue/black color. Due to its bulky outlook, it is also equipped with a handle so that it may be easy to carry around. Additionally, its size dictates that if you keep this in your car, it has to be somewhere away from direct sight because it doesn’t properly accentuate the car’s aesthetics.

As far as functionality is concerned, this model works miracles. By producing light ozone, this model can rid the vicinity of any sort of smell and odor. The only downside is that the area that it is in a while operating should be vacated completely, including pets. This means you can’t use it in your vehicle while driving.

The model doesn’t require that much battery and functions well as far as energy saving is concerned. Additionally, it is also easy to carry around and travel with!

Highlighted Benefits
  • Can eliminate all sorts of odors
  • Easy to carry around and travel with due to its handles
  • Gives good battery timing and saves energy
  • Functions over a well-defined area
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • When in operation, the area must be vacated
  • Cannot be used while driving

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If you’re looking for something that can get the job done both inside and outside the house, then this model is the one for you. However, we won’t recommend this to individuals who want something that they can use ‘on-the-go.’ This model is for high-maintenance users only.

3. Purelix 3in1 Car Air Purifier

If your car’s interior can benefit from a minute dark installment, then the Purelix 3in1 Car Air Purifier is the right product for you. With an all-black body instilled underneath a white ionizing cap, this model is both functional and upgrades the overall appeal of your vehicle’s interior.

Purelix 3in1 Car Air Purifier Review
Purelix 3in1 Car Air Purifier

The model’s primary function is to remove and rid your car of all sorts of pollutants and odors that might make driving a bad experience for you. It specializes in ridding any trace of dust particles, odors, mold, germs, and animal scent, and will produce a fresh new scent in your car. This is achieved by releasing 5.6 million negative ions.

The Purelix 3in1’s best-selling feature is that it is environmentally friendly and functions organically, making it an optimal way to operate if you want to make this world a better place. The model is easy to operate and use. No replacements or recharge needed.

The Purelix 3in1 purifier also operates as a USB charger port, and subsequently will give you the best of both worlds!

Highlighted Benefits
  • Includes a USB port
  • The model is environmentally friendly
  • Does not require any replacements or fillers/very easy maintenance
  • Comes with an elaborate instruction manual
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • As opposed to the advertising, the package only contains one ionizer
  • It will light up blue when operating which might be distracting while driving

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We recommend this model for all sorts of individuals out there. However, we prefer this model over the rest due to its environmentally friendly nature and the organic matter it operates off of, which makes the resultant products safe to integrate back into the atmosphere!

4. SUVO negative Ionic Air Purifier

The SUVO negative Ionic is a no-nonsense product that is geared towards being the complete package for drivers. The model has three main functions, which include air purification, USB port charging, and an around-the-clock emergency window breaker.

SUVO negative Ionic Air Purifier REVIEW
SUVO negative Ionic Air Purifier

The model has a futuristic appeal to it which can be credited to its smart design and silver color. Its appeal will also likely keep children from touching or meddling with it. As opposed to other models, the SUVO is also heavier, which is why it is capable of shattering windows as well if the need arises.

As far as functionality is concerned, the SUVO is quite reputable. By producing six million negative ions, this model efficiently flushes out any sort of bad odor and smell that might be lingering in your car. Furthermore, the model will also ensure that the replacement scent is fresh and reinvigorating. It can be used against pet odor, dust, pollutants, viruses, smoke, and allergens.

The model also serves as a good fast charging port and can function simultaneously as well. Easy to use and work with, the model is low-maintenance and environmentally friendly.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Has a glass-shattering block at the end of it
  • Will charge your cellular device quickly
  • Eliminates odor like a charm!
  • Very easy to use and keep maintenance of
  • Designed with good aesthetics in mind
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • A little heavier as opposed to other models

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If you’re going for a long drive or are going to be on the road for a while, then this model is good to opt for owing to its dual usage. However, there are smaller and less heavy models to consider if you’re thinking of buying one for air purification.

5. Valiry Portable Air Ionizer for Vehicles

This model is arguably one of the best products currently available on the market. With its aesthetic appeal and functionality, this model will sit well in all types of interior settings. Coupled with its functionality and usage, this model is optimal to consider if you want the best of both worlds!

Valiry Portable Air Ionizer for Vehicles Review
Valiry Portable Air Ionizer for Vehicles

The model is ecologically friendly and has a constituent mechanism that is safe for the environment. With that in consideration, it is efficient in removing up to 99% of all sorts of bacteria, allergens, and pollutants that might be present in your car.

The defining feature of this product is its ease of usage and accessibility. The Valiry does not require any sorts of fill-ups or recharge. The model is to use as-is and just needs to be plugged in. Once that is done, it is operational. An LED light will blink to indicate that the model is turned on.

The Valiry also serves as an excellent USB port that can charge all sorts of gadgets and technical utilities. This makes it best for long drives or charging your phone on-the-go. If you’re looking for a dual product to use or gift to another car enthusiast, then this is the one for you!

Highlighted Benefits
  • The Valiry is environmentally friendly
  • Does not require any recharge or refills
  • Very easy to use and work with
  • Great packaging and presentation
  • Excellent negative ion dispersion and odor elimination
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Will make a slight high pitch noise which some users might find annoying (It can be tuned out by music)

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We recommend this product to all sorts of individuals and customers out there. Since this model will optimally deliver what it promises, this model is good to have. Furthermore, given its elegant design and presentation, this model can also serve as a good gift for a fellow car enthusiast!

6. FULOXTECH Mini Ozone Generator

If you want to keep the cigarette port open and still rid your car of all sorts of pollutants and allergens, then the FULOXTECH Mini Ozone Generator is the right product for you. This futuristic model is both elegant and fancy, making it optimal for showing off and making sure your car smells great!

FULOXTECH Mini Ozone Generator Review
FULOXTECH Mini Ozone Generator

The FULOXTECH Mini Ozone Generator is a versatile model that isn’t restricted to your vehicle. Owing to its design and power output, this model can be used in open-air scenarios and indoors as well. This makes it a good companion for long trips and vacations as well.

The model has two general working modes. In each mode, the model will alternate between working and pausing and will continue to do so till the battery runs out. Each mode will be indicated by its respective color.

The model can be recharged now and then. However, that won’t necessarily be required due to its amazing battery timing and functionality. The FULOXTECH Mini Ozone Generator can be charged via a USB port. However, make sure that you don’t just leave it plugged in because that might accumulate to product degradation in the long run.

Highlighted Benefits
  • The model has amazing battery timing
  • Comes with great packaging and an accessory kit
  • Will effectively rid the vicinity of bad odors and allergens
  • Easy to carry around, since it weighs less than 2 pounds
  • Does not produce any sound or noise
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • The instruction manual is a little hard to follow

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We recommend this model if you’re looking for an upgrade that you can use both inside and outside your vehicle. Additionally, if you want something for the house or are looking for a savvy gift alternative, then this product will deliver well.

7. Bidook Plasma Air Purifier

The Bidook Plasma Air Purifier is arguably the most well-designed and aesthetically appealing product on this list. The model is in an all-black color and is circular shaped, designed to sit flat on a surface and do its job.

The model is versatile and can be used in a variety of different scenarios. The best one is applicable for is using it inside the house or open space. Due to its work capacity and functionality, this model is optimal for all different sorts of settings.

Bidook Plasma Air Purifier Review
Bidook Plasma Air Purifier

This purifier is reputed for not only cleaning out the odor but also making the air fresher to breathe in. This means that every trace of allergen or pollutant in the immediate vicinity will be traced out and their effect will be diminished by the smart ozone that this model produces.

The appearance of the Bidook Plasma Air Purifier means that you can also use it as a decoration prop. This will reduce the need to hide this product when not in use because it’s guaranteed that this model will look good in a variety of different situations.

Overall, this model is the best one when it comes to dual-situation functioning and is unparalleled in its performance.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Unique and aesthetic design
  • Very strong and sturdy for its small size
  • The model is very convenient and easy to carry around
  • Versatile in usage and effective against all sorts of pollutants!
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Requires a replacement filter from time to time
  • Might need extra maintenance work

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If you’re looking for a product that you can use as a design prop while still retaining all its function, then the Bidook Plasma Air Purifier will work best for you. Furthermore, you can also use it in your car whenever you need, and it will give you similar results!

8. TwinkleBirds vehicle Air Purifier

The TwinkleBirds vehicle Air Purifier is the ultimate solution to your vehicle’s bad odor. Plug this model in, and all traces of bad smell and scent will be eliminated in a matter of minutes. Coming in a silver/white combination, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider this model.

TwinkleBirds vehicle Air Purifier Review
TwinkleBirds vehicle Air Purifier

The TwinkleBirds vehicle Air Purifier is a lightweight utility that you can heavily benefit from. For starters, it can be plugged right in, and it starts working. The inner mechanism dictates that every trace of bacteria, germs, pollen, allergens, scent, smell, and dust are gotten rid of. This will make your car ride very comfortable and easy-going!

Additionally, this model also comes with 2 USB ports. This will give you the additional resource to charge your gadgets and phones while driving. This will save you a lot of time and will help you multi-task, especially if you drive around frequently.

Last but not least, this model is also quite durable. Built out of an aluminum frame, this model is built to last and will translate well for long drives as well.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Car Purifier has Muted Chrome head coating aiming to reduce distractive glimmer of chrome
  • The model is durable and sturdy, owing to its construction material
  • Charges up phones and gadgets quickly without any hassle
  • Removes smoke quite efficiently as well
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • The sound that it may produce might be bothersome for some users
  • Some individuals find the LED light too bright

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We recommend this model to anyone who wants to find a decent model for themselves. The TwinkleBirds vehicle Air Purifier will help keep your car odor and bacteria-free. If that’s the primary agenda you’re shooting for, then you should go for it!

9. Powerful Dust Smell Smoke Remover and Ionizer by Zendora

The Zendora is the perfect model to consider if you’re looking for an air freshener that blends in with the rest of your vehicle and doesn’t stand out in any way. The unique design of this model ensures that you can strap it onto the headrest, and keep it out of the way while it does its job with ease!

Powerful Dust Smell Smoke Remover and Ionizer Review
Powerful Dust Smell Smoke Remover and Ionizer

The filtration that the Zendora provides is unparalleled and is constituent of a five-stage process, namely Activated Carbon Pre-filter, HEPA Filter, Photo-catalyst Filter, UV Light, and Ionization. This makes sure that no germs, bacteria, allergen, or dust particle is left behind that could be a potential nuisance for the driver.

Furthermore, the Zendora is also excellent at producing a fresh scent in your vehicle. As well as removing any sort of bad scent, the model ensures that it is equally replaced by something a little more desirable so that the internal environment isn’t suffocating or anything.

To make things better, you can even adjust or change the type of oils that you can add to this model. This gives you the liberty to choose the fragrance and oil that suits your taste best.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Users can add/change the fragrance and essential oils!
  • Straps securely behind the head-rest and stay out of the way!
  • Elegant and smart design will accentuate the vehicle’s interior design
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • The higher mode of function is a little noisy
  • The model is manufactured out of plastic and might break on hard impact

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This model is recommended for individuals who want a gadget that is primarily made for filtration and removing bad odor. Since the task is singular, the machinery and working mechanism ensure that it focuses on one task only and performs the best at it!

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10. LUOYIMAN Color Purifier Portable Ozone Air Cleaner

As far as versatility goes, the best product that is sought after is undoubtedly the LUOYIMAN Color Purifier Portable Ozone Air Cleaner. With a cylindrical black frame, this model is both elegant and possesses an aesthetic outlook.

LUOYIMAN Color Purifier Portable Ozone air Cleaner Review
LUOYIMAN Color Purifier Portable Ozone air Cleaner

The LUOYIMAN Color Purifier Portable Ozone air Cleaner functions primarily as a means of removing and getting off any sorts of harmful gases and bacteria in a closed environment. By utilizing formaldehyde, all sorts of viruses, germs, and dust are eliminated from a confined setting.

This model can be used in a vehicle or any closed setting of your choice, such as your living room or office space. It has a decent range and can function well in almost any sort of vicinity it is placed in.

This model is also elegantly designed and can be used as a design prop wherever you may please. Additionally, it also utilizes smart battery saving and is easy to operate and work with. This makes the collective process of keeping your space cleaner so much simpler!

Highlighted Benefits
  • The model will look good in all sorts of settings and spaces!
  • The model has a power-saving mechanism
  • The ozone level produced adheres to the safety standards
  • Eliminates all traces of odors and unpleasant smell
  • Very simple to use and portable
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • The model isn’t durable and will stop functioning properly on the serious impact

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We recommend this model to every sort of individual. However, if you want to save on space and have dual functions in your vehicle, then you should always opt for a fresher that has a USB port with them.

Things to consider when buying a car air purifier

When setting out to buy the best car air purifier, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. In this segment, we’ll address a few tips that you can follow to make the most out of your purchase. Without further ado, here are the top things to consider when buying a car air purifier!

  • Design

The design of the air purifier for car plays a very big role when purchasing one. If you’re looking for indoor products, you’ll need something that can stand on its own and doesn’t need any sort of support. Likewise, when getting a product for your car, try to get something that accentuates the interior rather than stick out like a sore thumb.

  • Versatility

Versatility refers to how many features the car air purifiers have. If feasible, try to opt for a model that has a USB cable port with it. This has many benefits and will help you charge your phone and gadgets on the go!

  • User-friendly

The air purifier for car often works in mysterious ways. Hence, try to go for a model that is easy to use and operate. Most products just require to be plugged in and start working. If you’re looking for something that works continuously, then go for the former. However, if you like to pause and reflect often, then you can opt for a wireless product that needs to be charged now and then.

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Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Most of these questions are frequently asked by our users and potential customers. This segment will address all of them briefly so that you don’t have any major queries or concerns when purchasing a model for yourself!
Q1. What does air freshener do?
Answer: An air freshener is responsible for eliminating germs, viruses, bacteria, bad odor, animal scent, and similar things in a closed environment.

Q2. Do all air fresheners have USB ports?
Answer: Air fresheners that are built for cars mostly have USB ports for charging. However, those that are made for home usage do not have USB ports for charging other gadgets (they are mostly present for charging the device itself)

Q3. Can I use car air freshener somewhere else?
Answer: Yes, you can virtually use the air freshener wherever you want.

Q4. Do air fresheners produce poisonous gas?
Answer: No. All substance produced by air fresheners is non-lethal and safe.

Q5. What is Ozone?
Answer: Ozone is a molecule found in the upper atmosphere of the earth.

Q6. Do I need an air freshener?
Answer: If your car smells bad frequently, then an air freshener might help you clean things up a bit.

Q7. How do I make the most of my car air freshener?
Answer: Make sure that it is working and use it whenever you’re driving around.

Q8. Do I need to recharge air fresheners?
Answer: Most of the time, yes, you might have to do that. However, there are certain models that don’t require refilling or recharging.

Q9. Do air fresheners smell good or bad?
Answer: Generally speaking, air fresheners do not have any particular odor. What they do is they clean the air up so that it feels fresh and untainted.

Q10. What is air fresheners made of?
Answer: Air fresheners are normally made out of aluminum or plastic. This differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

The importance of having a vehicle that smells nice is seriously underrated. This attribute has the potential to either make or break your car. Hence, when choosing the right product, make sure you go for what’s applicable for you and what suits your style best. If you have any recommendations or suggestions based on this review, you can get in touch with us via our email!

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