8 Best Brake Grease in 2023 | Top Picks & Expert’s Guide

Ever encountered problems with the brake for your vehicle? Stressed with the frequently occurring problems due to less standardized lubricating material? Or wondering why your brake is not effectively stopping your vehicle?

We have got all your queries covered. All these problems may be solved by using the best brake grease. All those problems may arise due to the low quality of the grease you are applying.

Using a good grade of lubricant eliminates the amount of vibration and unwanted noise hence protecting your brake pads and saving your good penny.

Benefits of The Best Brake Caliper Grease

The performance of brakes depends on the type of materials and the composition of it used for its manufacture. The amount of lubrication you add to your brake gives it more life.

If you use low quality greasing material your vehicle and the object you use hounds for the frequent revisions. The life and service the brake pads give you depend on the type of the brake caliper grease you use.

Your servicing time extends, you will save your time and most of all you will save your money. So, we suggest you use the best brake caliper grease for your own benefits.

  • Proper Lubrication​: Using normal grease as a lubricant can decrease your bike’s performance as it can evaporate and melt off during the short run. This may cause your brake pad to deteriorate due to continuous wear and tear of the brakes.
    Using proper lubrication can hence enhance your brake pad and reduce the irritating noises and excessive vibration. This is the reason it’s important to have the best lubricants that are explicitly defined for your brake calipers and can withstand the high temperatures that the brakes create. that have been specifically manufactured for your automotive viewing the long run of the brake pads.
  • Stops your brake components to deteriorate: ​Normal lubricants used in your brake can deteriorate your brake components. Knowing just the benefits of grease and applying it without the proper knowledge of its components can basket components of the brake. Normal types of grease can deteriorate the rubber seals and plastic bushings. The brake caliper grease here plays an important role, it doesn’t harm your brake components adversely, it is specially designed for those cases.
  • Avoids vibrations and reduces brake noises: ​It’s irritating when your brake starts howling like a fox. The noise in the brake and disc pad occurs due to the deterioration of the rubber seal and the plastic bush in your brake. Using the best lubricants like brake caliper grease can protect it. Use of proper lubricant that is made for the components of the vehicles.

Brake Grease vs Anti Seize – Which is best?

Many of you are now confused between the brake grease and anti seize. Both are made differently and they have their own purposes and composition.

Brake Grease is mostly used in the vehicles that carry a very small load and withstand some low temperatures but anti seize is made of some special compounds that resist high temperatures, and are also made with strong solid composites.

Here are some of the differences you want to know before moving ahead with the selection for your desired type and needs:


It is good and mostly used for the vehicles which are moving fast. Grease is also used for vehicles with low load applications. Grease is often manufactured by adding a thickener in a base oil.

It exists in a thickened form neither liquid nor solid. Grease helps in the movement of vehicle parts, including their highball parts and disc pad components without making contact with each other hence takes it for a longer run.

Anti Seize:

​It has a different purpose than grease. It is made to convert torque to tightening force more efficiently, anti-seize is manufactured with a maximum amount of solid contents and a carrier grease. Anti-seize has high solid contents within it so it can handle high load applications and provide lubrication reducing the frictional force among its component.

Anti-seize is better than grease for its solid lubricant which can undergo high temperature without hampering its parts and components. It also handles stressful situations and prevents seizing making it suitable for even nut, bolt and press-fit applications.

Types of Brake Caliper Grease

There are three types of the Brake Caliper Greases used in the markets commonly. Those are silicon grease, mineral-oil based grease and synthetic grease.

Silicon is made with silica materials, mineral-oil based are traditional greases and a synthetic is made with the combination of two or three synthetic materials. Here are more details for all the types of brake caliper grease.

1. Silicone Grease

It is the thick material of the silicon which is used for the purpose of reducing corrosion resistance and prevention of the oxidation. Silicone oil is usually utilized for greasing up and safeguarding elastic parts, for example, O-rings. Also, silicone oil doesn’t expand or mollify the elastic, which can be an issue with hydrocarbon-based oils.

It works well as an erosion inhibitor and grease for purposes that require a thicker oil. It is used in its purest form under the high temperature. It doesn’t dry up and or move out of the threading areas and other applied areas mostly.

2. Mineral Oil-Based Grease

Mineral oil-based or traditional grease ordinarily use petroleum-based products as the lubricating material. They can be figured with added substances to meet high temperatures, outrageous weights, and some other unforgiving conditions.

3. Synthetic Grease

Synthetic Grease uses synthetic oils that are manufactured using standard soaps in addition to standard soaps, a mixture of thickeners, bases, or petroleum oils.​This grease has both oils and additives as synthetic materials. This is made to outrage the mineral-based traditional oil or any other types of conventional works.

Its general purpose is to withstand high temperatures and is famous for water resistant properties. The synthetic grease has a modification on taking you to the longer path, its modifications and properties extend the servicing date from a month to quarter. This is the best among the above two mentioned greases.

Our Top 8 Picks for Best Brake Grease

The guide in our blog and its description will help you choose the best one. The description of the products is true and verified. This is our years of experience and reviews of happy customers.

1. Mission Automotive – Best Dielectric Grease

The Dielectric Automotive Grease is the highest and best used dielectric grease which is available with us. The silicone-based compound fulfills all the guidelines needed for your automotive and even surpasses those in comparison with the items from an assortment of contenders.

Best Automotive Dielectric Grease Review
Mission Automotive Dielectric Grease

Dielectric Grease is a low viscosity grease that is used to seal against corrosion, water resistance, heat and high voltage resistance, and insulates dust, sand, the dust of other foreign materials from sticking to the conductor.

On the other hand, the combination of the Silicone paste along with the waterproof marine grease contains polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and for thickener amorphous fumed silica.

With this formulation, the automotive dielectric/silicon/waterproof grease is developed as a white viscous paste which works both to seal electrical conductors and lubricants or preserve rubber parts.

This waterproof silicone grease Developed to the highest industry standards. It is also labeled as the best brake caliper grease. It covers applications for centralized lubrication systems from a general purpose bearing grease to a semi-fluid grease and grease-filled gearboxes.

Silicone paste/silicone grease is ideal for a wide range of automotive, electrical and marine applications and is suitable for a wide range of materials, including metal, rubber and plastic; prevents voltage leaks around electronic components

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Pros and Highlights
  • It is made to withstand high temperatures. ( from around -40F up to +500F degrees)
  • It is used for lubricant purposes in different fields.
  • It doesn’t dissolve in water. (waterproof)
  • It is used to seal electrical conductors and protect them from dust, dirt, sand or other foreign materials.
  • It is also used to lubricant and preserve rubber parts that include O-rings, pen filling threads, gaskets and latex rubber.
  • Far superior to petroleum jelly or vaseline for preserving connections.
Cons and Flaws
  • The thickness on the other hand might make it hard to take out from the container after the use.
  • If you don’t use gloves it might be sticky in your hand.

2. CRC 05359 – Brake Caliper Synthetic Grease

A CRC 05359 brake Caliper grease is a synthetic grease with a high tech formula containing molybdenum, PTFE and graphite specially developed for the use in disc & drum brake systems.

best Brake Caliper Synthetic Grease review
CRC 05359 Brake Caliper Synthetic Grease

The greases are made to withstand high temperature which is usually rubber & plastic safe. Usage on metal touch points and moving surfaces. Hence, it also removes all the rust preventing the caliper binding and corrosion.

These can be used in Backing plates. Brake pad contact points find their best use. It is also used in caliper o-rings and calipers. Using it in the disc brake pads, drum brake systems reduce wear and tear in the components. It is also widely used for grommets, parking brake areas of lubrication.

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Pros and Highlights
  • It lasts longer than other alternative greases so that you can re-grease it on a quarterly basis instead of a monthly basis.
  • The grease can easily handle extreme or high-temperature conditions. (-40F to 400 degrees F)
  • It can also maintain proper viscosity at low temperatures.
  • The superior lubricating capabilities to form a thick oil firm between the surfaces.
Cons and Flaws
  • Especially in cooler weather, the grease might be a little tougher to squeeze out of the container.
  • The thickness lather might cause uneven pad wear.

3. Permatex 85188 Ultra Disc Brake Caliper Lube – Best Brake Lube Grease

The Ultra Disc Brake Caliper Lube is an environmentally friendly, green, non melting, synthetic lubricant which is formulated to lubricate various auto parts under the most adverse conditions.

best brake lube grease review
Permatex 85188 Ultra Disc Brake Caliper Lube

It assists in reviving the most adverse conditioned brakes, assuring the critical caliper pins, and sleeves that remain lubricated through pad life.

It works for metal contacts only. Moreover, the so mentioned lube above has special properties to resist water ​and corrosion which are very good on rolling and sliding surfaces. These also opt for their speciality of operating in wet or dry conditions. The climatic range for this type varies from -40 ℉ to +495 ℉.

The product shall be ideally stored in a cool, dry location in unopened between 8 degrees and 28 degrees C (46 ℉and 82 ℉) unless otherwise labeled.

Exact storage is at the bottom portion of this temperature range. To prevent contamination of unused products, do not return any material to its original container

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Pros and Highlights
  • The price is basically affordable and not too high.
  • It works excellently if applied in sufficient amounts.
  • Unlike other lubricants, it prevents sticking and uneven wear.
  • It reduces the chances of brake chatter.
  • It is a pure synthetic lubricant which is environmentally safe
  • It helps to prevent long bolt and sleeve seizing and galling.
  • It prevents disc brake squealing.
  • It is superior to ordinary caliper grease and traditional disc quiet.
  • It is proved as a non-silicon non-petroleum based formula.
Cons and Flaws
  • The tube is comparatively small in size containing 0.5 ounces of lubricants which might be sufficient for one brake job.
  • It is not recommended for use in pure oxygen or oxygen rich systems.

4. CRC 05353 – Best Brake Caliper Grease

CRC 05353 Brake Caliper Grease is a Moisture-resistant grease containing molybdenum, PTFE and graphite which will not wash out for use in disc and drum brake systems.

best brake caliper grease review
CRC 05353 Brake Caliper Grease

It’s High-temperature synthetic formula is designed for metal-to-metal contact points and sliding surfaces and safe on plastic and rubber. The grease can handle a temperature range of -30 degree F up to 600 degrees F. Synthetic grease prevents caliper binding, vibration and corrosion. It also eliminates uneven pad wear.

The unit package description of the container is 4 × 4×4.2 inches with a 12 container size. It appears with dark grey semi-solid grease color. The odor of the

grease smells like faint. The base type of the grease is combined with Polyalphaolephin & Pentaerythritol Esters w/ fumed silica.

Note: In case you want to remove the grease, remove with the degreaser or brake cleaner product. And the use of gloves is a necessity while handling chemical based products.

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Pros and Highlights
  • It prevents the brake noise after greasing
  • High temperature grease is plastic and rubber safe.
  • It resists moisture and will not wash out.
  • The high-temperature grease is plastic & rubber safe.
  • Synthetic grease prevents caliper binding, vibration and corrosion.
  • This water resistant lubricant provides a barrier to preventing that noise.
  • The small diameter-sized lid gives you control over the placed area of the grease.
Cons and Flaws
  • Basically in the winter season, the grease is a little tough to squeeze out of the container.
  • It may thicken over time and cause uneven pad wear.

5. Permatex 24125 Ceramic Extreme – Best Brake Parts Lubricant

A 100% synthetic formula based lubricant, coupled with real ceramic solids that allow this premium brake lubricant last longer with a temperature resistant way to silence brake noise.

Best Brake Parts Lubricant review
Permatex 24125 Ceramic Extreme Brake Parts Lubricant

This product maintains its lubricating integrity under the most extreme conditions, effective from -50°F to 3000°​F​ (-46°​C​ to 1649°C). Besides, the lubricant is resistant to corrosion and contaminants, hence, will not wash out.

It works effectively for metal-to-metal contact only. Products must be ideally stored in a cool, dry location in unopened containers at temperatures from 8° and 28°C (46° and 82°F) unless otherwise labeled in the container.

Optimal storage is at the lower half of this temperature range. To prevent contamination of unused products, do not return any material to its original container.

Suggested Applications​: ​Caliper pins, hardware, and the back-side of brake pads, ​​Guide pins, disc brake pad.

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Pros and Highlights
  • It is resistant to moisture, corrosion and contaminants and will not wash out.
  • This lubricant outranges ordinary caliper grease and traditional disc brake quiet products and even lasts longer as well.
  • The product will not be sticky over time.
  • The product is excellent especially on metal to metal surfaces.
Cons and Flaws
  • Take some time to dry out
  • It is not compatible with the rubber boots and bushings.

6. Loctite 718808 Disc Brake Quiet Stick

A brand of Loctite which works wonders like Wax-like ​stick​and specially formulated to dampen brake pad vibrations. Hence, it also eliminates associated squeaking and noise.

Best Caliper Pin Grease review
Loctite 718808 Disc Brake Quiet Stick

The sticky formula of this product forms a water-resistance as well as the firm temperature that absorb vibration and quiet disc braking. This product is well known as a convenient and revolutionary applicator.

It is the product manufactured by the Loctite with a weight of 1.41 ounces. It occupies the size of 19 grams. The product dimension is 1× 3.81×1 inches.

For achieving 100% effective result you have to get some product on every little and possible rubbing point, yet don’t let it touch on anything that might contact the braking surfaces like rotors and surfaces.

While you’ve got your pads off, use a small sanding disc to lightly apply the complete outside edges of your brake pads. Focus on approximately 45 degrees and you don’t need to take off much, just a small amount.

Direction to use:

For achieving 100% effective result you have to get some product on every little and possible rubbing point, yet don’t let it touch on anything that might contact the braking surfaces like rotors and surfaces.

While you’ve got your pads off, use a small sanding disc to lightly apply the complete outside edges of your brake pads. Focus on approximately 45 degrees and you don’t need to take off much, just a small amount.


The applications for this type of grease are all-terrain-vehicles, Street-sport-motorbikes, Off-road-motorbikes, Street-cruiser-motorbike, Street-touring-motorbikes, Street-motor-scooters.

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Pros and Highlights
  • High-quality with affordable rate
  • The water resistance properties and high temperature features will absorb vibration
  • The sticks also eliminate quiet disc braking.
  • It doesn’t produce strong odor compared to traditional solvent and water-based products.
  • Totally effective in stopping brake squeal.
  • It has a soft wax inconsistency.
  • It’s convenient to store and re-use.
  • The neutral color doesn’t make a visual mess on your brakes after use.
Cons and Flaws
  • It takes time to dry off.
  • Does Not work effectively on the dirt brakes.

7. Napa 7651346 SIL Glyde Silicone Lubricating – Best Brake Pad Grease

Napa 7651346 SIL Glyde Silicone Lubricating Compound Tube is considered as the best brake pad grease manufactured by an American grease stick company.

best brake pad grease review
Napa 7651346 SIL Glyde Silicone Lubricating Compound Tube

It is a type of Sil-Glyde lubricating compound. It is a durable compound that lasts for long. It can also be used for rubber, plastic, metal, wood and glass. This is a very good product.

It works perfectly well with all the mentioned materials and it has a very strong film lubricant and protects the close contact of the rubber, plastic and other surfaces. The brake pads should be used of the best quality and the descriptive grease can be chosen as the best for use.

Let’s know about where these greases are applied. This grease can be used in fan belts of heavy equipment, v-belts, bumpers and trunk seals of the automotive. It’s working temperature is defined as -20 to 500 °F.

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Pros and Highlights
  • It is compatible with rubber O-rings and boots installation.
  • It is also recommended for brake caliper piston seals.
  • It has high physical properties and doesn’t undergraduate during high frosting conditions also.
  • It expels water from the heating surfaces and ignition systems.
  • It also prevents oxidation and corrosion of the components.
  • It is widely adopted for marine applications.
  • It works fine for brake caliper piston seals.
  • Avoids sequel from the pad and also reduces the frequent vibrations from it.
Cons and Flaws
  • Doesn’t work properly on the sunroofs and windows.
  • Doesn’t work on doors properly.

8. Versachem 26080 – Best Synthetic Caliper Grease

If you surf the internet you will get many products which are synthetic caliper grease type. Choosing the best among the best is what has made you reach us. The best synthetic caliper grease is Versachem 26080 Synthetic Caliper Grease and is easily available under us.

Best Synthetic Caliper Grease Review
Versachem 26080 Synthetic Caliper Grease

It is mainly used for the protection of brakes and increasing the brake life and it also protects critical brake parts by the lubrication.​The brake parts after its application move freely, this prevents binding, keeps all parts lubricated and dampens the irritating sound.

There is no fear for corrosion and it will not melt, works under high temperatures, and is waterproof. Temperature Range: -5°F to 400°F

This can be applied to the following suggested parts: ​Disc brake caliper, brake hardware, spark plug boots, battery terminals, electric connections, valves, and bushings.

The ​Versachem 26080 Synthetic Caliper Grease​can be used to service all types of vehicles and motor bikes like terrain-vehicles, sporty-motorbikes, Off-road-motorbikes, Street-motor-scooters, Snowmobiles.

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Pros and Highlights
  • It is safer to use in the slide pins because it has plastic bindings inside.
  • It is safer for the use of rubber material too.
  • It avoids the disk brake squeal to a large amount and decreases the so caused vibration.
  • Safe for corrosion and it is also water resistant.
  • It is superior to any other type of traditional grease.
  • The application of the grease can be to almost all vehicle services.
Cons and Flaws
  • It may lose its​physical​ properties during significant frosts (from -35 ° C and below).
  • Using it on the sliding pins may stick like gum and swell the bushings.

What type of Brake Lube to use?

This is the most frequently asked question of all on the internet. Since the use of the bad quality brake lube deteriorates your components of the vehicle and may lead to the failure of the same choosing the best type of brake lube for your vehicle may lead to the long run.

There are usually two lubes that can be used to oil brake caliper grease. You are often confused about what type of lubrication can be used. This is not simple, the type of lubricant determines what components should it be applied to and when to use it. So carefully read this to determine the use of the brake lube. There are different types for the different purposes of the work.

Silicone grease can work as proficient as brake grease for all parts of the braking mechanism. Silicone is an incredible ointment and additive, particularly on plastic and elastic surfaces. Its application is very well found at home improvement stores and vehicle parts stores. Silicon is used on the things that touch the rubber. A very small amount can be used to coat the pin, walls, bushes and rubber expansions. This can act as a sealant.

An alternate, grease based, lubricant is utilized on all pieces of the brake cushion that touch the caliper. A meager even coat is applied to the pad ends which supports the side and the territories where the cylinder or caliper body contacts the brake pads. It is additionally encouraged to apply a thin coat to the shims on the caliper section where the brake end will slide.

This has two purposes. It permits the brakes to move openly in the section which lessens both wear and tear. It additionally hinders erosion which can make the cushions tie along these lines expanding commotion and wear. We utilize this item; others are accessible. It must be a high temperature application and very trusted to use.

What kind of grease to use for the brake pads?

The type of grease for the brake pad usually has to be of silicon material (most preferred), however other types of grease can be used too. But the thing you should keep in mind is it has to reduce the vibration and avoid the noise created due to excessive wear and tear of the pads.

You can use it on the back of the pad and on the shims but be careful you cannot use it between the pads to reduce the noise and to dampen the vibrations. So choosing the best type of grease for your brake pads is the most crucial thing.

Mostly, Super Lube silicone lubricating brake grease is used. But majority mass also suggests the copper grease on the back of the pad due to its galvanic reactions. Viewing every possible source for the same doesn’t lead to the solution, viewing the right and genuine one leads to the correct measure and correct choice.


To move in a longer span of time without the frequent halt due to the brake failure, you must use the best type of grease; all of those are discussed in detail. ​The best brake grease avoids excessive noise and reduces the vibration and protects all the components of the brake. Using the best grease reschedules your servicing date from a month to a few months.

If you get the proper amount of the grease your vehicle’s components to stop from deteriorating and all your braking parts get properly lubricated. So, always use the best grease for your automotive now and increase the durability of the automotive parts.

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