Best Brake Bleeder Kits (Review) 2022

Bubbles and air pockets can lead to under performance of your brake or sometimes your brakes even stop functioning because of them. Therefore, if you want to remove air bubbles in your vehicle’s braking system, a brake bleeder kit can be of great help since it is specifically designed for this purpose.

The braking system of your vehicle requires to be bled each time you are looking to change your braking system components such as braking oil. With the best brake bleeder kit, you can do it all at your own without needing to spend a lot of money at a workshop.

All you need is some technical knowledge and time, thereafter draining the old brake fluid of your motorbike or car can give you a real deal. In this article, we have handpicked the famous models to give you the best value for your money.

best brake bleeder review
Brake bleeder

10 Best Brake Bleeders Comparison

Build material
Capri-Tools-Vacuum-Brake-BleederCapri Tools Vacuum
(Editor’s Choice)
NoSilicone hose
Check Price
Motive-Products,-European-Power-Brake-BleederEuropean PowerNo
corrosion proof
Check Price
Power-Probe-BAKIT01-Master-Brake-Bleeder-KitPower Probe BAKIT01
(Editor’s Choice)
YesAluminumCheck Price
Mityvac-MV6840-Pressure-Bleed-SystemMityvac MV6840

Aluminum/ Zinc
Check Price
Dracarys-28146-Electric-Vacuum-PumpDracarys 28146 PumpNoSilver AlloyCheck Price
Amzdeal-N200-025-BL-Brake-BleederAmzdeal N200-025-BLYesAluminum, Plastic
& Copper
Check Price
Mityvac-MV6840-Pressure-Bleed-SystemMityvac MV 8000YesAluminum/ ZincCheck Price
Phoenix-Systems-(2005-B)-Bench-Brake-Bleeder-KitPhoenix SystemsYesNylonCheck Price
HFS-R-2-in-1-Brake-BleederHFS R 2 in 1Yes
Check Price
ABN-Hand-Held-Brake-BleederABN Hand Held

anodized steel
Check Price

When You Should Need a Brake Bleeder

Before heading to our list of the top brake tool kits, we will first take you on a tour to what is the right way to bleed your brakes.

You are happy that your old car works fine and does not require much of episodic repair. However, during your last maintenance schedule, the service manager recommended you that the brake pads, rear and front of your car need to be replaced within a short period. You followed the advice of the service manager and all went smooth until a few months.

Now you have noticed that the pedal of the brake is dipping too near to the carpet. This is not a huge issue though, since you can yourself replace the pads instead of taking your car to a professional. Now the problem arrives is when inspite of the brand new pads across your brake pedal, it is still feeling low and spongy. Here comes the need for a reliable brake bleeder to do the trick for you.

top brake bleeder review
Brake bleeding process

Our 10 Picks of The Best Brake Bleeders

If your car requires brake bleeding, there are certainly three methods of doing this- the convenient way, the cost-effective and the best way. The most convenient way is to take it to a repair professional where you have to do nothing but just stretch out your pocket and let your wallet bow down. The cost-effective way is to get around a buddy and do it all in the most traditional way. This will require one of you to stay in the car and operate the brake pedal and the other one will be loosening and tightening the screws as per the instructions.

No doubt this is the most common method of brake bleeding but you have to do a huge favor to your buddy who has spent all his productive time working on your vehicle.

If both these options are not working for you, then you should opt to buy a brake bleeding kit for the task. Here are the top 10 brake bleeding kits which one can truly rely on for seamlessly bleeding his vehicle’s brake.

1. Capri Tools Vacuum Brake Bleeder

Capri Tools Vacuum brake bleeder is surely amongst the best electric brake bleeders that are available. It functions by utilizing the compressed air for the inbuilt venturi system. The brake bleeder generates a vacuum to flush and bleed the hydraulic clutches and brakes in an efficient manner. The set comprises of a silicone hose of 40 inches with a rubber adaptor that fits all sizes.

The product is designed in such a way that it easily fits the oil bleeder fittings of most of the vehicles and can be used with ABS as well as standard brake systems.

auto brake bleeder kit review
Capri Tools Vacuum Brake Bleeder

This brake bleeder includes an integrated silencer that lets you do the work quietly without disturbing anyone around, and this is its best part. Now there are no more messes and spills as the bleeder has an inbuilt venture system that creates a vacuum for flushing and bleeding. The bleeder is sturdy enough and lasts for a longer time than the other models. The rubber hose is also convenient to use as it is quite long, which as a feature is lacked in many models.

All in all, it is a great brake bleeder with which one person can carry out the brake bleeding process incredibly and with no hassles.

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Pros and Highlights
  • Has a good working capacity of 2 liters
  • It is safe to use as there is a silicone hose for higher temperatures
  • Easy to use- just grip the pump handle
  • High capacity reservoir
  • Easy to replace, tiny 0-ring
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • Air line coupler is not of good quality

Bottom line:
Efficient and simple, it is so easy to use this brake bleeder that a beginner will make it function in a very less time. The best part is that the neighbors will pat your back for the fact that this tool features an integrated silencer with the help of which it can run quietly.

2. European Power Brake Bleeder

This power brake bleeder from Motive Products works well on almost all European models such as Porsche, Fiat, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Renault, Volvo, Volkswagen, SAAB and the ones that have a hydraulic fluid reservoir cap of 45 mm. The product is also appropriately fitted with a few GM clutches.

The manufacturer offers a complete one year warranty on the brake bleeder which is cherries on the cake. Many users complaint that their brake bleeders only work for a certain time, but with such a warranty you are assured of its quality. The added bonus is that the materials used in the bleeder are resistant to corrosion and are of high quality. Additionally, it features a heavy duty design to ensure that it lasts for years and years without having the need for any maintenance.

best motive brake bleeder review
Motive Products, European Power Brake Bleeder

The inbuilt hand pump makes it portable and easy to be used from anywhere and the one-individual operation is very much convenient with its easy pressurizing system.

The bleeder’s pressure gauge is precise that helps the user to perform the bleeding work effectively and safely. It includes all the accessories that you might need for the perfect bleeding job.

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Pros and Highlights
  • High bleeding capacity
  • Closing and opening the bleeder is very easy
  • Great option for the ones who cannot operate a vacuum bleeder with hand power.
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • You have to buy a separate connector for the master cylinder
  • Short plastic tube for covering the nipple from where the old fluid is passed out

Bottom line:
From amongst the popular brake tool manufacturers i.e. Motive Products, this bleeder is a cost-friendly option that will certainly ease up your next brake bleeding or maintenance process. But you have to ensure that you have a European model car as this product is only suitable for such vehicles.

3. Power Probe BAKIT01 Master Brake Bleeder Kit

This master brake bleeder kit from the popular brand- Power Probe includes all what is required for an efficient bleeding. No matter what vehicle you are working on, you can get your job done timely as well as in the right manner.

Power probe is known to manufacture models with standard brass fittings and specifications so that they are universally compatible and this kit does justice to this statement. The kit includes 12 adaptors, all of which are anodized aluminum color coded so that they can be recognized easily. The anodized finish also provides safety to the adapters.

best quick functioning brake bleeder review
Power Probe BAKIT01 Master Brake Bleeder Kit

The kit also includes double cylinders that have tapered rubber cones, which are then attached with a hose and safeguarded with the help of a protection chain to provide safety to the user.

The O rings included in the system are expandable ensuring a tight seal that does not leak every time you perform your job.
When you have this incredible kit along, you will never need anyone to assist you in bleeding your brakes. The fittings are tight enough that will not let you experience any leaks. You can easily bleed your brakes in not more than a couple of minutes without any mess.

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Pros and Highlights
  • Design are execution are both of high quality
  • Air does not gets trapped in the system
  • Bleeding brakes is convenient and without any hassles
  • Covers all standard applications
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • All the adaptors required for the perfect job are not included

Bottom line:
The master brake bleeder kit from Power Probe works well on most of the cars and is very easy to use. No matter what pumping pressure you are applying, you will experience that the gauge will stay in its place and there will be no leakage at all. It is a product worth every penny you spend on its purchase.

4. Mityvac MV6840 Pressure Bleed System

The Mityvac MV 6840 Pressure Bleed System is a professional hydraulic system for bleeding the clutch and the brake systems. The kit comprises of a kit that includes 7 master cylinder adaptors, a manual pump and a fluid dispenser.

The system works by forcing down the master cylinder to take-in new fluid, while the old fluid and air are passed with the help of bleeding screws. The dispenser includes a pressure gauge that lets the system pressure to be controlled, while on the other hand the reservoir lets the user to operate it flexibly.

best pressure brake bleeder review
Mityvac MV6840 Pressure Bleed System

The master cylinder adaptors that are included in the kit can be easily connected to almost all vehicles that are designed in the European, Asian and American regions. However, it can be only used in light trucks and cars and not heavy vehicles. With a high fuel capacity, this system offers the dispense of fluid under great pressure so that there is a continual and smooth flow. This ensures that bleeding is done in the most effective manner.

The system is very easy to install as well as remove as it uses the accessory connections that are of quick-change and push-to-connect style. The user must know that the system can handle maximum pressure of 20 pounds as per one square inch before operating it.

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Pros and Highlights
  • Large fluid capacity of 5 liters
  • Sealed internal pump elements so that there is no fluid exposure
  • A custom storage case is included for adapter
  • Safe, quick and effective bleeding
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • Some users complain of leaking adapters

Bottom line:
So far pressure bleeding is the fastest and the best way to bleed your vehicle. This model of Mityvac does a great job by swiftly purging air from the clutch or brake system and is one of the best pressure brake bleeders. Using this product, you must take care of the aspect that the air is not sealed that permits the mixing of old and new fluid. But this will not cause any issue as long as you have enough fluid in your unit and it is not shaken.

5. Dracarys 28146 Pump Kit

This is one of the best motive brake bleeders that functions in a low vacuum situation that makes sure that the vacuum remains within the range of 18 to 22 inches for an effective bleeding session. By offering sufficient vacuum to the brake booster, this brake bleeder functions when the vacuum pressure is less than 18 inches. It stops working when the vacuum goes more than 22 inches.

The kit includes an extremely efficient relay switch, vacuum switch with distributor and an electric pump, all of which need to be mounted near to each other for maximum output of the brake bleeder.

best electric brake bleeder review
Dracarys 28146 Electric Vacuum Pump

This kit comprises of a number of brake parts that are sufficient enough for one-person and easy brake bleeding process. These parts include the brake lines, conversion kits, rotors, boosters, vacuum pumps, master cylinder, calipers and other crucial components.

It is a very high performance kit which is easy and quick to install and generates a low noise so that the other people are not disturbed in the process.

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Pros and Highlights
  • Includes everything required to install along with all connectors
  • High quality functionality, yet affordable
  • Easy install and uninstall
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • Generates a loud noise and too much of vibration while working

Bottom line:
If you are looking for an affordable way to bleed your brakes, go for this kit from Dracarys. The vacuum pump in the kit functions perfectly for the applications and you will not need to purchase anything else for the installation as the kit has it all. Make sure that you are bleeding your brakes in a separate place when using this, as it generates a loud noise which might frustrate your neighbors.

6. Amzdeal N200-025-BL Brake Bleeder

If you are planning to bleed your vehicle’s system all by yourself but you are not a professional mechanic, then look no further than this vacuum pump kit from Amzdeal. The handheld vacuum pump included in the kit allows for a smooth and convenient process of brake bleeding such that any person can carry out the job.

Whether you need it for your business application or you are having a requirement for your personal home job, this kit is suitable for all. This is because it comprises of different adaptors that can be used in any vehicle.

The tools that you will get in the kit include two tubes of 2 ft, a pump that includes a vacuum gauge, reservoir and brake and vacuum bleed adaptors. These are good enough to carry out the perfect job of brake bleeding.

best vacuum brake bleeder review
Amzdeal N200 025 BL Brake Bleeder

The vacuum gauge offers a convenient pressure readout and the pressure range is comprised between o to 30 inches Hg. The brake bleeder kit comes along with a blow-molded case that allows for easy transportation and also protects the kit components.

While using this brake bleeder, one must remember that the vacuum pump inside the kit cannot be used to siphon liquid. The internal chamber must also be dealt carefully as its damage might bring out seals.

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Pros and Highlights
  • The action pull trigger is very smooth
  • Works on all cars models and makes
  • Great suction and accurate gauge
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • Lack of quality control

Bottom line:
When you have no one to help you around, you can give it a try without any second thought. It is a very useful tool that lets you bleed your brakes perfectly. The storage case provided with the kit is an added bonus. The kit is reasonably powerful to be operated by non-professionals and comes with much needed hose.

7. Mityvac MV 8000 Brake Bleeding Kit

If you are looking for economical and the best power brake bleeder kit, you must no-doubt opt for buying the Mityvac MV 8000 kit. It is a renowned product that is already used by many experts for the purpose of brake bleeding because it works very well.

This model from Mityvac includes a gauge that is 2 inches in diameter that offers a clear reading of the pressure every time. The attachments and fittings are also developed as per the standard sizes and with precision so as to give a perfect fit to any vehicle.

You can bleed your braking system or clutch with a good precision by using this kit as it does not have any air gap. Moreover, this Mityvac model also comes along with a manual pump that offers more control and precision in brake bleeding. The reservoir is of the universal size so that the user can use the kit conveniently on any system.

one way brake bleeder review
MV8000 Automotive Tune-up and Brake Bleeding Kit

This tool is highly useful as a one-person operation. It functions well to make sure that the old fuel is easily removed from the system without causing any air bubbles. You can replace the rotors, pads and the calipers of your vehicle without any hassle. The kit is available with a storage box for added convenience of the user.

The only downside of the kit is that it would have a much better build. But taking into consideration its price, it is surely competitive and gives you the best deal.

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Pros and Highlights
  • All braking systems and clutches are compatible
  • Beginners can use the kit easily
  • Sensitive and highly accurate pressure gauge.
  • Does fair to its brand name
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • A little flimsy construction

Bottom Line:
If you are still using the old style of bleeding, you need to stop right now and opt for this kit. All by yourself and in barely 30 minutes, you can bleed your brakes. But you will need some time in getting used to the product as it has a very sensitive pressure gauge which requires the person to go easy and slow on the pump.

8. Phoenix Systems (2005-B) Brake Bleeder Kit

The Phoenix Systems (2005- B) Bench Brake Bleeder Kit is not as typical as the other brake bleeder kits available in the market. It is in fact a reverse black bleeder that has the capability to remove more and more air trapped in the system.

The only method that has the potential to bleed heavy-duty ABS units without having any need for a scan tool is reverse bleeding. And since this kit includes patented reverse bleeding, which gives it a key advantage.

best power brake bleeder review
Phoenix Systems (2005-B) Brake Bleeder Kit

This bleeder kit involves a pressure pump, hose attachments and a hose, and a reservoir. It is a simple bleeder kit but do not go on its simple design, since the users of the kit swear by the effective functioning of the kit. Additionally, the kit is also coherent with 5.1 brake fluid, DOT 3 and 4. In the other sense, it can be used with all sorts of brake fluid that are present in the market. Therefore, the user does not have to make much of efforts to find the suitable fluid for using with the kit.

The kit is designed in such a way that it can be easily used by one individual at a time. Hence, one can successfully bleed a brake system or a clutch in a short period of time when using this one way brake bleeder. Now there is no need for asking your friend to lend you a helping hand for completing the brake job.

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Pros and Highlights
  • Works great on the first try without any help
  • Patented technology that makes it work like no other tool can
  • Includes extra accessories for the perfect bench bleeding
  • Simple design with effective functioning
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • The kit does not include a pressure gauge.

Bottom line:
The Phoenix Systems brake bleeder kit is an incredible tool that saves you from the traditional time- consuming and tiresome process. Bleeding brakes with the kit is very easy and can be done in just around 10 minutes without calling anybody for help.

9. HFS R 2 in 1 Brake Bleeder & Vacuum Pump Test

The HFS 2 in 1 kit is a popular brake bleeder kit that includes all the fittings and accessories that are needed to easily and quickly clear out your clutch or brake system.

The kit also includes a handy pressure gauge depicting the accurate inch per Hg required for bleeding the brakes successfully. The best part of this kit is that each and every attachment and fitting included in it is extremely tight. Therefore, the entire bleeding process goes quite smooth.

While many brake bleeder kits are designed in plastic, this comes in a beautiful metal construction which gives it an edge over the other models. A sturdy case also comes along with purchase which is an added bonus.

best electric vacuum pump for brakes review
HFS R 2 in 1 Brake Bleeder

Though the reservoir is not large enough, it is sufficient for using for typical purposes and the size is good enough for almost all vehicles. But if you have a truck, this kit might not be an ideal choice for you.

The pump handle is very comfortable because it is cushioned. Additionally, this brake bleeder kit also comes at a cost-effective price. In fact, the HFS R 2 is undoubtedly amongst the best kits available and is hard to beat in this range of pricing that you can buy.

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Pros and Highlights
  • Tight fittings lead to easier brake bleeding
  • Decent quality hose/fittings
  • Pretty design and a cushioned pressure handle
  • Pressure gauge for using conveniently
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • The seal is expanded when comes in contact with the brake fluid
  • Fragile gauge

Bottom line
It is an affordable model that comes with a number of bleeding fitments that makes the brake bleeding process more efficient. The metal design hand pump is the one to die for if you don’t like simple models. However one has to keep in mind that the kit includes a small-sized reservoir and hence should be used only in small vehicles.

10. ABN Hand Held Brake Bleeder

This robust brake bleeder kit from ABN includes 15 items as accessories that lets the user conveniently and quickly start the bleeding process. This model is also accessible with a variety of attachments that are universal in nature and can be used with all sorts of vehicle models.

It is considered as one of the best vacuum brake bleeders because of its heavy-duty construction. This is because high quality materials are used in making the kit that makes it durable and solid. One can also use this brake bleeder for commercial purposes without any hassles.

The kit also includes an air pressure gauge within the 0- 30 inch Hg range with which you can easily see the exact pressure amount that needs to be applied. The kit also includes a brass cylinder that makes it more powerful in functioning.

best hand vacuum pump review
ABN Hand Held Brake Bleeder

The pump in itself is loaded with a spring and includes a piston, thus it can be pressed easily. The pump also lets air tight sealing which makes canning very effective. Your hands are not going to feel tired even after you use this for longer hours.

You do not also need to worry about the storage of the kit as it comes with a blow-molded plastic carrying case that makes safe and easy storage and transportation.

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Pros and Highlights
  • Metal construction that does not get brittle or sticky when in touch with solvents like brake fluid.
  • Dual functionality that offers nice canning of food too
  • User can comfortably handle the pump
  • Accurate gauge for the purpose of testing
Cons And Potential Flaws
  • Shorter hose i.e. only 2 feet

Bottom Line:
The ABN kit is created to make vacuum system testing and brake bleeding so easy. The gauge allows for the servicing and testing of a variety of attachments as well as several pressurized systems on your vehicle. The kit is highly durable and is worth purchasing.

How to bleed your brakes with a vacuum pump

Vacuum bleeding is highly effective in many cases when you are looking to bleed your brake system. There is a variety of best hand vacuum pumps available in the market with which a person can carry out the process simply and easily.

During the brake bleeding process with the help of a vacuum cleaner, you must ensure that the main cylinder is filled and there is a good supply of clean and suitable fluid. This is because the level of fluid goes down during the process.

While in the process of flushing, you can use a vacuum pump to remove the old fluid and add a new one up to a maximum mark.

Loose the reservoir cap a little bit but make sure it is placed on the opening of the reservoir and does not fall down. With this, you can prevent vacuum to be formed during the process.

During the flushing or bleeding procedure, keep a watch on the level of fluid and ensure that it does not fall below the minimum mark. This will ensure that the air is kept out of the system.

  1. Get your vacuum pump prepared by connecting the suitable adaptor and tubing with the reservoir jar.
  2. As per the model and making of your vehicle, remove the wheel to work comfortably at the time of bleeding.
  3. Clean the screw of the bleeder properly so as to avoid grease or oil to enter and block the tube with which bleeding will take place.
  4. Opt for a suitable wrench size for opening and closing the bleeder screw and then loosen the screw.
  5. Now connect the screw to the bleeder tubing.
  6. Do not start your engine but manually pump the pedal of the brake by giving a pressure from your foot so as to pass off the residual vacuum.
  7. Add the fluid to the reservoir up to the maximum mark. After that, you can place the lid without tightening it much.
  8. Squeeze the handle of the pump around 15 times and then valve open the bleeder screw for flowing the brake fluid into the bleeder jar.
  9. Watch the bubble size of the fluid and continue pumping unless the level of fluid is about one inch from the jar’s cap.
  10. Now tighten the screw of the bleeder. Remove the jar’s fluid, reinstall it and repeat the steps unless the line is flushed.
  11. After this, you can head to another wheel assembly and carry on the same process of brake bleeding.
  12. After the process is complete on all the four lines, make sure that all the screws are tightened enough and examine if there are any leaks.
  13. You can take a test drive of your car at a light speed to acknowledge that the perfect repair has been done.

Now that you know the process of brake bleeding with a vacuum, you can use a reliable and the best electric vacuum pump for brakes to attain the right results. You must also be worried about whether all this hard work will save you a good deal of money and whether taking help from a professional would be better. Read on to find out!

Labor prices are high and may vary from one location to another. Therefore if you have some free time on the weekend and planning to carry out the process on your own, it would be great. It will not cost much if it is a DIY process. You just need to spend on a brake fluid bottle and penetrating oil for clearing the rusted valves and a few other necessary tools which you can easily get in an auto brake bleeder kit.

The main dealers charge you many dollars for the same job which you can do seamlessly at your home. The repair cost is usually dependant on your car, geographical location and the mechanic who is working on your brakes.

How to best bleed your brakes

For a proper brake bleeding, you should commence with some cans of 8 ounces of the brake fluid. You should remember that an opened can has shorter life span of the shelf. Therefore, you should discard off the old cans and use the unopened ones for best results.

To start the process, move up your vehicle slightly and remove its all wheels. Then suck the sediment and the old fluid with a syringe or a turkey baster for moving it out of the main cylinder reservoir. Fill the fresh fluid while bleeding on a frequent basis. You should keep it more than half full for an efficient performance.

Your vehicle must be placed on the Jack Stands

No matter whether you are under your car for a short period or for extended hours, you should always utilize the jack stands. It is also advised to use safety glasses since between the under car’s nasty crud and brake fluid, your eyes need to be protected.

Check the feel of the brake

Once the main cylinder has been replenished and the brakes are bled, you should check the pressure of the pedal to make sure that everything is alright and there is no squishy feeling left. You should repeat the process until there is a firm feeling upon touching the pedal. When your work offers you complete satisfaction, simply attach the wheels again to your car and separate them from the jack stand.

Place a constant check on the main cylinder

The main cylinder should not be overlooked in the brake bleeding process. For this, check the level of the brake fluid and with the help of a funnel, append the fresh fluid. It is advised not to overfill for best results. Before you reattach the cap, clean it’s inside portion to remove the debris or dirt. For determining which type of brake fluid is the most suitable for your car, you can take help from the owner’s manual.

You can also effectively bleed your brakes with a vacuum pump. Here we will provide you with a quick guide on how to do the same without needing any help from the professional.

What to look for when choosing the best brake bleeder

Here are some of the vital factors which you need to consider before selecting the best brake bleeder kit for you.

Pump pistol

The main component of the brake bleeder kit is its pump pistol because it plays the pumping part. The pump pistol includes an air reservoir from which a vacuum will be created when it is pumped with the help of the handle. The vacuum created in-turn helps to suck the oil which lets the braking system to bleed.

You need to make sure that the bleeding kit involves a reliable pump pistol. The pistol should be generally kept pumping up to 25 inch Hg for effectively sucking the brake oil and bleeding out the bubbles of air.


Vacuum is a very crucial element in the kit. With the help of a vacuum, a brake bleeder can easily create suction for brake bleeding and remove the air bubbles from the system. You must see that the brake bleeder kit you are planning to buy includes a high quality vacuum.

Cost of the kit

Usually the brake bleeder kits are very cost-effective. In fact, these kits are designed to be lighter on the pocket than the workshop expenses which make it a worth buying deal.

Though they are in less price range as compared to getting professional repair, it is recommended to buy a little high priced kit for good results. You can purchase a good model for around 10 $ but the one that falls under 20 $ rates is typically more durable, lasts longer and comprises a great build.

Pressure Gauge

If you are looking for an incredible and effective kit for bleeding the brake system, then you must look whether it has a good pressure gauge or not. Most of the top-line models include a vacuum gauge that also depicts the pressure within the system of your vehicle’s brake. This will help you avoid over-bleeding or under-bleeding of your brakes.

The braking system’s interior pressure is accessed in inches per mercury. Your vacuum gauge should generally have a pressure range between 0 to 30-inch Hg.


If you are looking to get the best brake bleeder kit for you, then you must see that it includes a genuine warranty. Warranty is a crucial aspect to consider as it roughly indicates the product’s quality. If the manufacturers are making quality kits, they will not be unwilling to offer good warranty. This is because they will expect their work to provide seamless and effective results for an extended period of time.

Attachment and Hose

Accessories such as attachments and hoses are particularly designed for such types of kits in order to provide unbeatable performance as well as give a snug fit to all the tools so that the air does not leak out. You must therefore see that your brake bleeder kit includes all the vital accessories including hose attachments and the hose.

You must also remember that you will get more flexibility while brake bleeding if you have a long hose. But, this will need some more pressure in bleeding.

Reservoir Cup

A reservoir cup in the brake bleeding process is used to store the brake oil. This part of the kit must be pretty large to store a good quantity of brake fluid.

All the brake systems are not the same as some may include more fluid than others. It all depends on your vehicle. Therefore, it is advised to choose a kit for you, that has a large reservoir cup to store enough of the brake fluid.

Frequently Asked Questions about brake bleeder

Here is the list of the common concerns many people have about brake bleeding, along with the answers. The below FAQs will help you in determining the best brake bleeder for you along with the basics of brake bleeding.

Ques: Which is the best method of brake bleeding?
Ans. The most efficient method of brake bleeding is reverse bleeding. But if you want to get the best results, you should opt for a mix of bleeding techniques.

Ques: What problems do trapped air cause?
Ans. Trapped air damages the response of the brake. This is due to the comprehensibility of air that leads to delayed response in the brakes.

Ques: Why should I do brake bleeding on my own rather than going to a mechanic workshop?
Ans: When you bleed brakes on your own, it lets you save time and money and you also get to learn a new skill.

Ques. How do I get to know if my brakes have air or not?
Ans: The one good sign of determining this is excess lever travel. It is also called as loose or spongy brake lever. If the lever is required to be pulled a good distance prior to feeling the pads get engaged in the rotor of the brakes, there is a high probability that your brakes might have air in them.

Ques: Which fluid should I use for bleeding the brakes?
Ans: It completely relies on the model of your brake. There are generally two kinds of brake fluid i.e. mineral oil and DOT fluid. One must see that his brake manufacturer is sticking to which kind of fluid before using. The wrong fluid can damage the internal seals and the braking system, so it must be used very carefully.

Ques. Dirt and air are bad for my brakes. So how about water?
Ans. Water does not leave such bad impacts on the working of your brake than air does. Your brake is completely useless if there are several air bubbles in it, however water may cause issues if it’s there over a long period of time.

Ques. How frequently should brake bleeding be done?
Ans. There is no specific timeline for this. But whenever you suspect that air might be there in your system and the lever begins feeling spongy, it’s a good time to bleed.

Wrapping Up

When you have a brake bleeder kit on-board, you do not require to spend a number of dollars for your brake system to be checked by a professional mechanic. A good brake bleeder kit makes it an easy one-person job and the learning curve on how to use these kits is also quite simple.

The above mentioned kits are the best brake bleeders handpicked after scrutinizing the user reviews and careful assessment. Most of these kits work on all sorts of vehicles- from RV to cars and are highly versatile.

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