7 Best ATV Winch (Review) 2022

It is very irritating when your ATV gets stuck in dirt or in a hole and you need to pull it out. ATV winch helps you with this task.

It is not a very good experience when you want to pull your ATV by hand when it’s stuck badly.

When you’re driving off-road, ATV winch is a piece of mandatory equipment. Most drivers use this gear as they face many irregularities while driving off-road.

Best ATV Winch
Best ATV Winch

Best ATV Winch in 2022

As ATV encounters many holes and dirt while driving in road, ATV winch is a must for ATV vehicles. You will be able to find many kinds of ATV winch but you should choose one that suits your vehicle the best.

When you purchase the best ATV winch, you’ll be able to use it in any condition when your ATV needs to be pulled.

You need to purchase your ATV winch according to your vehicle’s weight and how much extra weight you will carry on it. There are different types of ATV winch from which you can choose from.

Comparison Table of Top 7 ATV Winch

SuperATV-WN-3500SuperATV WN-3500
(Editor’s Choice)
Synthetic Rope
16.2 x 12.8 x 8.3
Check Price
Superwinch-1130220-LT3000ATV-12-VDC-winchSuperwinch 1130220
Wire Rope
13.2 x 4.2 x 4.2
Check Price
WARN-885000WARN 885000
Wire Rope
19 x 12 x 12
Check Price
Synthetic Rope
4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5
Check Price
Bravex-8542122237Bravex 8542122237
Galvanized Steel Rope
14.2 x 12.2 x 6.1
Check Price
Synthetic Rope
13.7 x 4.3 x 4.3
Check Price
Synthetic Rope
16.4 x 11.3 x 7.2
Check Price

Our 7 Picks of Best ATV Winch

While you’ll be able to find many ATV winch, we recommend that you purchase only the best ones.

By doing long-time research, counseling buyers and experts, we can safely present you our 7 picks of best ATV winch.

1.      SuperATV WN-3500 – Best Synthetic Rope ATV Winch

Our best pick is SuperATV’s WN-3500 which has best synthetic rope that you need for your ATV. It has all the great features that is important for being the best.

SuperATV WN-3500 Review
SuperATV WN-3500

SuperATV WN-3500 ATV winch a high-quality device that can pull 3500 pounds and can be controlled by the wireless remote-control system.

There are a number of features that proves this product’s durability. Like the weather proof seals, water-resistant sealed solenoid and remote receiver box. This makes the device usable in extreme weather and bad situations.

SuperATV WN-3500 winch contains synthetic rope is very flexible and also does not weighs as much as steel rope. The rope uses a simple aluminum hawse fairlead. Another advantage of synthetic rope is that it won’t rust.

It fits most bumpers or winch mounts as a result you don’t have to worry to much about installing it into your vehicle. If your bumper of winch mount contains 3” x 4.7” (76 x 124mm) mounting bolt pattern, it will be an easy fit.

SuperATV WN-3500 is a heavy duty, multipurpose ATV winch that you can use for many works. If you want to pull anything, this winch can help you. It’s a durable one that lasts you long time and will give high quality service.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Wireless remote-control feature for easy management.
  • Water-resistant sealed solenoid assures the device’s durability.
  • Flexible synthetic rope makes the process of pulling an ATV easier.
  • Contains aluminum hawse fairlead.
  • Uses durable heavy gauge wiring that adds to its durability.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Installation process can be a little tricky.

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Bottom Line
SuperATV WN-3500 winch takes our first place as it gives excellent service and has great reviews from buyers. It is a very good product with affordable price.

2.      Superwinch 1130220 – Best Wire Rope ATV Winch

It is slightly larger than usual less powerful winches but offers more efficiency. Which makes sure that this winch is worth your every penny. The quality of the straps and pulley is far better than you’ll see on most winches.

Although it is suggestable that you take care of the cable routine-wise and even lube it if needed. This winch is popular in the market for giving you the most value out of your money.

Superwinch 1130220 Review
Superwinch 1130220

It is the mightiest in terms of pulling power. You should face no difficulty pulling anything that you’re planning to buy this winch for. Its high-quality straps and pulley allow it to does so.

It is not the most perfect winch you’ll find though. It has without a doubt great longevity and effectiveness but there’s a well-known downside of this product too. This downside may be extremely bad or not so bad depending on the person using it.

The downside is that there’s no authentic way of mounting a solenoid to the winch. Even the instruction is unclear. You’re going to have to sort a way out yourself.

It is really easy to install but you’re going to have to spend 75% of the installation time figuring out how you’re going to do the trick and mount the solenoid to your winch. It would be a solid machine without this issue.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Includes wired remote and handlebar rocket switch for easy control.
  • Fits most winch mount kits.
  • Has a permanent magnet motor which is protected by a circuit breaker.
  • Contains a rugged full metal 3-stage planetary gear train.
  • Braking system is 100% automatic load holding which guarantees safety.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Mounting the solenoid can be a little tricky process.

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Bottom Line
It is the best value of money. A perfect winch if not for the only problem mentioned. Easily recommendable.

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3.      WARN 885000 – Easy to Carry ATV Winch

Don’t let its size make you question its ability. It gets its job done just fine. Its smaller size makes it even comfortable to carry. It is designed for light usage. Not recommended if you’re a rough user.

While using make sure the weight of the object you’re carrying is not more than 1000 lbs. Otherwise the overweight will cause this winch to malfunction. This is not a product failure. Instead this was not produced for heavier objects at all.

WARN 885000 Review
WARN 885000

Don’t worry though. This’ll be made easier by the LED load indicator. It shows you how much weight the object has and if the stress is over its limits the automated program of this winch will stop the motor before it receives any internal damage.

So you neither really have to measure the weight of your targeted object nor worry about giving a manual input so that it gives up on it if it proves to be too heavy.

WARN wanted to make sure that the obvious limitations of this winch don’t become a downside for the users. You can use it to lift objects like fallen trees, boats, small vehicles, etc.

Last but not least, it saves a lot of manpower. It is the best suit for the persons who works alone and doesn’t have too many employees. They can blindly go for this and rely on the rest of their lives.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Handy device that can pull up to 1000 pounds.
  • Contains an electric load limiter with LED indicator.
  • Versatile swivel anchor hook and an industrial-grade front hook.
  • Can be used for small pulling process from pulling pipe to stretching wire fence.
  • Less manual labor which makes it easy to use.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Does not contain remote control feature.
  • Can’t be used for too much weight. (>1000 lbs.)

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Bottom Line
This is a lite version winch. Recommended if you just want to lift objects that can be lifted by a group of man.

4.      MotoAlliance CECOMINOD085014 – 4500 lbs Pulling Capacity

It has solenoid wiring. Its pulling capability is its signature feature and it is huge. You can pull up to 4500 lbs. of heavy object with this amazing production of MotoAllice. Compatible with other well-known brands as well.

It has an easy installation method. You won’t get lost while installing it. The proper instruction manual makes the job even easier. You should not worry about asking for someone else’s help while installing it.

MotoAlliance CECOMINOD085014 Review
MotoAlliance CECOMINOD085014

This is a very durable winch. It was made to carry heavy objects so it has to be durable. Its metal gearing makes it sure. Also, you may like or hate the metal and plastic combination depending on who you are.

You can operate with objects under water too as it has waterproof hardware. You should not worry about getting your machine killed as we haven’t heard of any bad reports on that particular subject.

With that being said, it is quite infamous for its rope’s quality though. Its rope and winch have quite a bad reputation in the market and a lot of users have reported the mentioned situation. However, you can always expect some help from the customer if contacted.

Feel free to communicate with their non-AI based customer care office.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Can pull up to 4,500 pounds.
  • Suitable for ATVs, UTVs, and Side by Sides.
  • Compatible with all major vehicle brands.
  • Steel planetary gears and stainless-steel hardware makes it durable.
  • Synthetic rope and handle bar switch is waterproof.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Some users have stated some issues about the rope.

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Bottom Line
It is a decent machine but the rope is a real issue. Buy it if you’re okay with taking advantage of the 6 months of warranty.

5.      Bravex 8542122237 – Galvanized Steel Rope Winch

The wireless handheld remote is a great addition to the already perfect winch. It is powerful with up to 3500 lbs. pulling capability and easy to install which works with UTVs and ATVs having significantly greater plowing capability.

Although it is suggested that you invest quite some time in finding the fittest mountain plate for your winch. It has a steady pull. You’re bound to like it. Experience will get only better with the powerful motor.

Bravex 8542122237 Review
Bravex 8542122237

It’s worth noting that you can’t use multiple remote to the device at the same time which is obvious. If you find your extra remotes not working while the first one being still connected to your machine don’t blame the brand because that’s literally how things work.

It is waterproof as well. Feel free to operate underwater. Customers have been heard praising this machine as a good value of money. It is considered that its price is considerably low while being so much capable.

It is durable and will last long with proper care. Also installing it will feel more like a “Do it yourself” project as the instruction is not well written which is fun. You might need to figure out the wire size yourself and many other things like this.

Warranty service has been reported to be very good. If you face any issue there’ll be no questions asked to you. You’ll get your replacement at your doorstep.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Heavy-duty winch that goes perfect with ATVs and UTVs.
  • Wireless handheld remote for easy control feature.
  • Alloy steel hook which can be hooked tightly and is durable.
  • The winch includes wide and thick steel wire rope.
  • Waterproof and anti-sediment which makes it durable.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Mounting needs some time.

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Bottom Line
Up to two persons can take control using both wireless remote and wired control which is a selling point of this winch. The customer service being praiseworthy the machine becomes worth recommending.

6.      OFFROAD BOAR 5559009385 – Heavy-Duty ATV Winch

This mighty winch with up to 4500 lbs. weighing capability have these features: both wireless remote and wired control, waterproof and high-quality rope.

Installation is super easy and well written instruction cleans the trouble for even an absolute newbie. Customers are really fond of the installation experience and we haven’t found any negative reviews about it yet.

OFFROAD BOAR 5559009385 Review
OFFROAD BOAR 5559009385

It comes with all the necessary hardware and wires/ropes with exact required measures to help you avoid facing any bad situation. It continues to make your experience better with its heavy-duty motor which can lift objects heavy up to 4500 lbs.

People have experienced bad service while claiming warranty. They don’t provide warranty for a motor. Customer care has been reported to come up with disappointing replies most of the time while someone approaches to replace a product under warranty.

The promised permanent technical support which will help you all the time. Other than that, the machine itself is amazing and gets its job done just fine. It is a beast at getting its job done.

It is a great value of money as well. A powerful winch like this doesn’t usually have such low price point. In spite of the price being so low there was no compromise made in maintaining the quality.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Wireless control feature for safety and easy management.
  • Anti corrosion and moisture.
  • Has excellent resistance to harsh weather.
  • Has both wired and wireless control.
  • Multi purpose gear and can be used for any type of pulling process.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Warranty service is reported to be not so good.

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Bottom Line
One can easily go for it as there hasn’t been any hardware related issues or limitations. The installation process is also great. But he/she must take the warranty issue into deep consideration before buying.

7.      X-BULL  AM0004 – 4500 lbs Pulling Capacity 50’ Rope Winch

It comes with two remotes instead of just one. Specially built for off-road usage. Comes with a high-quality rope which is praised for being flexible while being durable at the same time.

Despite of being powerful and efficient its popularity in the market is not as great as its competitors. While looking up for the machine on the internet there weren’t too many user reviews found.

X-BULL  AM0004 Review
X-BULL  AM0004

This machine was so well advertised and has so much good hardware in it. Yet there aren’t too many users of it. People have been going for other brand’s machines and thus this machine didn’t manage to get too many eyes on itself.

Truth to be told this machine offers great capability within a considerably lower price tag. It doesn’t get the attention it deserves. More and more people should start trying this machine. They will not regret doing so.

Keeping the negative sides aside this one is easy to install. But to avoid problems like wire getting detached internally you might want to get help from a professional. This is up to you really.

The wireless remote is a great addition and easy to use. Makes operating this machine much easier. The winch works great everywhere but even better at off-roads. If you mostly work at off-roads this underrated winch can be your first pick.

Highlighted Benefits
  • High quality synthetic rope which is both flexible and durable.
  • Very good for off-road situations.
  • Has wireless remote control system which allows users to control it from distance.
  • Easy to install but recommended to have professional help.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Included power wires are a little short.
  • It is hard to maintain as reported by some users.

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Bottom Line
If you’re looking for a powerful yet cheap winch and you often work at off-roads this might be a good choice.

Things to Consider When Buying Best ATV Winch

When you want to purchase the  ATV winch that market can offer you, you need to consider a few things. We have described a few important things that you need to know before buying ATV winch.

Go through them to know which one suits your needs so that your purchase is worth it.

Pulling Capacity

How much weight you need to pull with the ATV winch you’re about to purchase? This is an important question. Say you’re purchasing it for your ATV only, which is small and doesn’t weigh as much as cars, you can purchase a winch that has less pulling capacity.

But it you need to pull heavier stuff, buy your ATV winch according to that. There are ATV winch that can pull up to 4500 pounds which is a lot.


You’ll find, mainly two types of ATV winch. Steel rope winch and synthetic rope winch. Both has their pros and cons.

If you want your ATV winch to be less heavy, buy synthetic rope winch. Synthetic rope is also not hurtful when dealt with.

If you want assurance that your rope won’t face any damage, buy steel rope winch. It is harder than synthetic rope and which makes it stronger.


You can carry your ATV winch or you can install it permanently to your vehicle. Before purchasing make sure it fits your vehicle or the mounting bolt you have. By doing some short research, you’ll be able to find out if your ATV winch is a perfect fit for your vehicle.

Sometimes, it can be hard to mount the winch that is why professional help is suggested. They will take care of it so that you won’t have to spend your valuable time.

Hardware Quality

A device’s durability depends on the quality of its hardware. A winch consists of a motor that provides the power of pulling. There are also other major parts that effects the durability.

If the hardware is dustproof and waterproof, it is safe to use in extreme weather and off-road situations. Since ATV is mostly used in off-road environments, it becomes a key element.


ATV winches can have many types of control system. Some winch has wireless remote-control system, some have wired ones. Some only contain simple switch.

Good ATV winch will offer wireless and wired control so that you can easily control it from a safe distance. But if you want to lower your budget, you can get switch-controlled winch.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you are buying the ATV winch, you might have some questions that you need answers for. We have listed the top 10 frequently asked questions while purchasing the ATV winch.

Q1. Steel rope or synthetic rope, which is better?
Answer: Both has their advantages and disadvantages. Steel rope can catch rust while synthetic rope can face damages.

Q2. How to power ATV winch?
Answer: It is very easy to power an ATV winch. Just connect it to a power source and you are good to go.

Q3. Can I use it for any other work?
Answer: ATV winches can be used for all types of pulling process. While you are not pulling your vehicle out of dirt or holes, you can use the winch for other works.

Q4. How to install an ATV winch?
Answer: You can look it up on YouTube and install it by yourself. Although, we suggest that you get professional help.

Q5. What size ATV winch do I need?
Answer: It depends on how much weight you are going to pull. More weight means a bigger size of ATV winch.

Q6. What does fairlead do in winch?
Answer: Fairlead is a very important thing in a winch. The best ATV winch should have a perfect fairlead as it is used to connect the rope.

Q7. What is GVW?
GVW is the gross vehicle weight of your vehicle. It is important to know before purchasing ATV winch.

Q8. How to maintain an ATV winch?
Answer: After installing it into your vehicle, you should keep it ready for any trouble. As a result you need to maintain it by following the instructions that are sent with it.

Q9. What is the price range of ATV winch?
Answer: There is a big price range when it comes to buying ATV winch. You can keep your budget low if you need it for simple works.

Q10. How to be sure of the durability?
Answer: Look if the hardware of the winch is made from good materials. It should be enough.

Wrapping up

It is always necessary to know more about the product you are going to buy when you are about to purchase the ATV winch that is perfect for your vehicle. We have provided important information which can help you with this.

As it is better to check every detail before buying instead of regretting after purchasing, we suggest that you take your time and make your decision.

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