10 Best Anti Fog Spray for Glasses 2023 | Expert’s Guide

Foggy weather is particularly enjoyable when you’re sitting on your porch and sipping your coffee mug.

But when it’s your headlights or goggles that fog up, it can be irritating. But above that, the lack of vision might cause potential accidents.

You can wipe headlights or goggles every time the lenses get cloudy. But that’s just a temporary fix, the clouds come back stronger every time. It’s tedious and you’ll get exhausted soon.

Foggy Glass
Foggy Glass

Or, you can act smartly and get an anti-fog spray that can address your particular situation. For headlights, you can use headlight restoration kit.

So what should you do? An impaired vision can be dangerous, and you cannot take chances with that.

In this article, we’ll clear out the fog of confusion and introduce you to the best anti fog spray products on the market. So, keep reading.

Best Anti Fog Spray Choices

The main reason your eyeglasses and car windows fog up is the condensation of water. Be it your sweat, or outside mist, once they start to condensate, the glass will be cloudy.

Top anti fog products contain anti-fog agent, thin microfilm that lays above the surface. This agent prevents steam from consolidating and bead them off.

The coating eventually wears off, but the more quality product you use, the more longevity you’ll get.

The market is full of anti-fog products, but not all of them yield the expected result. Also, some are confined to very limited applications, say, only for glasses. Thus, you need to be careful when you choose the ultimate one.

What To Look For When Choosing Anti Fog Spray?


The value of a spray doesn’t get determined by its price solely. Rather, you have to take the number of applications into consideration. With proper knowledge and handling, you can easily use a spray for over two- four hundred times. Obviously, shorter bottles will provide lesser sprays.

Also, check beforehand how many surfaces you can use this spray on. Some sprays are only usable on glasses, which makes its application limited. If you have only one use in mind, you can go for these products. Multi-purpose sprays can be used on different surfaces i.e. car windows, safety goggles, boat windshields, lenses, etc.

Hydrophobic Coating

The thing that separates anti-fog spray is its hydrophobic nature. That means it prevents moistures to hoard over glasses and breaks them into small beads. This makes hard for water drops to adhere to the surface.

Make sure the spray has a hydrophobic coating in it. This coating works on regular lenses. However, you to get an anti-fog ski goggle instead of regular lenses, they’ll yield more results.

Environmental Impact

Let’s face it, not all people care about the environmental sustainability of a product, as long as it serves its purpose. Well, we’re not here to point fingers. But if you go for scuba diving on the sea on a regular basis, you’d want it to be toxic and garbage free, right?

Also, the chemicals that hurt the environment are likely to inflict harm upon our skins too. That’s why you should use a spray that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. How do you make sure of that? Check if the product is natural and biodegradable.


If you’re going skiing or scuba diving, you wouldn’t want to take an enormous bottle with you. You’d probably like something that is lightweight, compact and can easily be tucked on the pocket.

Most sprays come in portable size, usually around 30 ml or something. You can get around 200 pumps with these bottles. It might not feel much, but seeing 200 pumps generating from these tiny bottles are amazing.

If you want to use the spray for bigger applications, say car windshield and windows, you should get a bigger size bottle. Then again, you can always use an atomizer if you want portability and value provided by large bottle together.

Top Anti Fog Spray Comparison Table

Image Product Compatible
Specialty Price
Jaws-Quick-Spit-Anti-Fog-Spray Jaws Quick Spit
(Editor’s Choice)
Compact, Eco-friendly
Check Price
Optix 55 fog repellent Optix 55 fog repellent
non-reflective lenses Amazon’s choice for Goggles Check Price
(Editor’s Choice)
Complete Set
Check Price
Cressi-Anti-Fog-Spray Cressi Anti-Fog

All Max Average Pump
Check Price
Rain-X-Glass-Treatment-&-Anti-Fog-Combo Rain-X Combo Glass
Treats Indoor &
Outdoor Glasses
Anti-Fog-Spray-Eyeglass-Lens-Cleaner Splaqua Anti-Fog
Non AR Lenses
Foggy-Goggles-Anti-Fog-Spray Surf-Butta Foggy Googles All
Non-Toxic Formula
Z-Clear-Anti-Fog-Spray Z Clear Anti Fog
Prescription Lens

Our 7 Picks Of Best Anti Fog Spray

If you’re out in the road or the ocean to enjoy a nice drive or exciting scuba diving, the last thing you’d want is you windows or eyeglasses getting fogged. If you don’t address it properly, you’ll have to stop every 10 minutes to clear up the glass. I don’t know about you, but that’ll surely ruin my fun.

What you can do is get an anti-fog spray, simple. However, there are many brands to choose from, and you don’t even know if they work well or not.

We’ll try to make your job easier. Check our list for top 10 anti-fog sprays on the market. Instead of scouring through lots of mediocre products, now you just have to check the list and find your ultimate one.

1. Jaws Quick Spit Anti-Fog Spray | Best Overall Anti-Fog Spray

When it comes to anti-fog products, Jaws Quick Spit takes the crown. Their products come in convenient sizes and application. Since the company is owned by a Scuba Driving Instructor, they know their trade better than anyone else out there.

Their most popular product is the anti-fog spray that comes in a tiny 1-ounce bottle. Designed for everyday use, you can tuck the bottle on your pocket and forget about it until next use.

Each bottle provides around 200 pumps, which should keep you served for quite some time. This spray works on a variety of surfaces, including windows, binoculars, lenses, goggles, dive masks, etc. Unlike many of its counterparts, it works equally well on glass and plastic surfaces.

Jaws Quick Spit Anti-Fog Spray review
Jaws Quick Spit Anti-Fog Spray

Just Add Water is an environmentally friendly product. It’s made with all natural ingredients. This hypo-allergenic, alcohol-free spray is biodegradable and toxic free. You just need to apply a small amount, one application and it’ll keep you covered for the whole day.

After you purchase this product, you’ll notice how colorless and odorless it is. Unless you’re a fan of irritating aromas, this feature will make your using surprisingly comfortable.

This tick solution works on both wet and dry surfaces. So whether so you are a driving addict or a scuba junkie, this all-purpose anti-fog spray will facilitate an unhindered experience for you.

Highlighting Features
  • Lightweight, portable anti-fog spray.
  • One pounce bottle provides approx. 200 pumps.
  • All natural ingredients, non-toxic and biodegradable solution.
  • Works equally well on glass and plastic surfaces.
  • One application should provide the user all day protection.
Potential Flaws
  • If you accidentally splash it in your eyes, it might sting for a while.

Check Details

Bottom Line
Performance wise, this product ticks all the necessary boxes. It’s environmentally sustainable. The small sized bottle can be carried easily. And finally, for a cheap product, this one really hits it out of the park with 200 uses.

As for the drawback, make sure you apply it on the surface properly, so that it can’t get into the eyes. If that somehow happens, rinse your eyes with lots of clean water.

2. Optix 55 fog repellent for non-reflective surfaces

If you are looking for an anti-fog spray that you can particularly use for non-reflective lenses, then “Optix 55 by Optix 55” is probably the best option that is available to you.

Optix 55 fog repellent can also be used on the following surfaces; on glass or on plastic windows and mirrors. It is particularly designed for eyewear lenses and glasses, or when it comes to sports equipment, Optix 55 can even be applied to swimming goggles, ski masks, or binoculars.

Optix 55 fog repellent review
Optix 55 fog repellent

The two most problems with most fog repellents are 1) they are slow and 2) they only work for one type of surface. Optix 55 counters both the problems. Just spray, rub and rinse, and you are done. It’s designed to work not only on plastic and glass but also on polarized, Lexan, Photo-chromatic, Polycarbonate, UV, Iridium, and other materials.

It makes it possible for you to drive around safely during rain, or to dive and swim, with no worries. Your eyewear glasses are also as clear as the sky after the rain once pumped with Optix 55.

The best thing about this product is that it is guaranteed to be streak-free and has a long-lasting solution, so you don’t have to worry about it not working, or only to work for only a short period of time.

In the context of your physical well being, you can rest assured because Optix-55 is safe to use, with no serious harmful chemicals that may harm you in any way.

Highlighting Features
  • Streak-free and has a long-lasting solution
  • The consumer friendly with no harmful chemicals
  • 2 ounces bottle that gives up to 400 pumps
Potential Flaws
  • It is specifically designed to be used only for non-reflective surfaces.
  • It won’t give its best results on reflective ones.

Check Details

Bottom Line
It not only just works for all non-reflective surfaces but works fast and efficiently. All you have to do is apply it to the surface, rub and rinse, and you are good to go.

3. SNORKELSTAR Snorkel Set | Best Anti Fog Spray For Snorkel Mask

This one isn’t your regular spray. I mean, you don’t just get a spray and use it on your regular mask. Instead, it takes things a level higher and provides you with a complete solution.

SNORKELSTAR doesn’t leave things to guesswork. And with their snorkel set, you get everything along with the spray under a single package. For a relatively cheap price, you are provided scuba mask, fins, dry bag, and an anti-fog spray.

Don’t think for a second SNORKEL packed this set with inferior products. The scuba mask comes with a strong and durable polycarbonate lens. And with the 180-degree panoramic view, you should see the exotic fishes and reefs without obstruction.

SNORKELSTAR Snorkel Set review

The mask is round sized instead of flat, which makes it easier to swim underwater. The breathing chamber is separate from the mask to flush away fog and moisture. The mask contains an underwater camera mount on top of it. Say goodbye to fogs and welcome breathtaking pictures of the kingdom of Atlantis.

The package comes with additional fins, and a 10 liters dry bag to carry your stuff. But since you’re here, the thing that’ll attract you most is the anti-fog spray.

You’ll probably be surprised to see the empty bottle and think it’s a mistake from the manufacturers. Well, IT’S NOT! The bottle has a white patch that contains anti-fog agents. You just fill up the bottle with water and spray on the inner side of the mask.

Highlighting Features
  • A full snorkel set with anti-fog spray and a dry bag.
  • The snorkel mask is round and comes with a separate breathing chamber.
  • Attached camera mount with the mask to take pictures underwater.
  • The floating ball and one-way valve prevent swallowing of salty water.
  • The silicone seal on the mask keeps the view crisp clear.
  • User-friendly, innovative anti-fog spray to keep the fog away.
Potential Flaws
  • The fins are not top quality fins and might feel tight.

Check Details

Bottom Line
For a mere small price, this set provides a good number of products. You don’t have to worry about the compatibility issue because all of them are from the same manufacturers. As for the fins, they aren’t specialized fins you’d found for a higher price. But they’ll do just well. Make sure you tighten the straps properly.

4. Cressi Anti-Fog Spray | Best Anti Fog Spray For The Money

If you’re looking for value for the money, probably no other spray can outperform Cressi Anti-Fog spray. With each bottle, you’ll get approximately 350 pumps, double of what JAW spit provides. That data will look significant when you’ll hear, they both come with almost the same prices.

The bottle comes in a convenient 60 mL size. One of the reasons I like this product is it’s 100% natural. No alcohol, toxic and harmful materials were used while manufacturing it. It can be used on both glass and plastic surfaces and you’ll find no difference in performance.

Cressi Anti-Fog Spray review
Cressi Anti-Fog Spray

This product can also be used for dry applications. You can apply it 30 minutes before using the goggles or glasses. It’ll get absorbed, dried and give you maximum effective performance.

If you’re fed up buying expensive lenses for specialized use, use this spray for a change. The long-lasting effect will surely compel you to turn to this product. Apart from glasses, the Cressi can be used on snorkel masks, sports masks, prescription lenses, binoculars, windows, scopes, etc.

Highlighting Features
  • Two-ounce capacity provides more pumps per bottle than its counterparts.
  • It can be applied to different plastic, glass and prescription lens surfaces.
  • Cressi spray is suitable for dry applications, provides a long-lasting effect.
  • Eco-friendly, no- alcohol, biodegradable anti-fog solution.
Potential Flaws
  • The product might emit an unpleasant smell.

Check Details

Bottom Lines
This spray is what you can say ‘bang for the bucks’. If you’re looking for long term use, Cressi is the spray to go. As for the smell, it seems like not all users have the same problem. That probably means it’s not a common occurrence. When the price is as low as Cressi’s, what’s there to lose, right?

5. Rain-X Glass Treatment | Best Anti Fog Spray For Glasses

The anti-fog sprays you find on the market are usually designed to protect the exterior. I mean, it’s not that you won’t get good performance from them, it’s just the using spectrum is limited.

Well, not with Rain-X Glass Treatment & Anti-Fog Combo. It’s apparent from the name, the package comes with two solutions. The Rain-X Original fights fogging from the exterior.

Once applied, it vividly improves visibility is wet and foggy weather. The water repellant doesn’t let moisture, snow or rain sit on the surface and cleans them right away.

Rain-X Glass Treatment & Anti-Fog Combo review
Rain-X Glass Treatment & Anti-Fog Combo

The Rain-X anti-fog works from the inside. Once applied on the inner part of the mirror or glass, it repels interior fogging to your car window, bathroom mirror, and home windows. You can even apply it beforehand to prevent further fogging.

Both bottles come in a size of 3.5 ounces. Once applied, they should work for several days at least. Which means, you got several months of security at your disposal. Together, they improve the visibility from both sides of your car and increases security and comfort in the process.

While great for glass surfaces, the anti-fogging agent might not do so well on some surfaces, i.e. plastic window, prescription lenses. It’s likely to leave white residue white dried. Since it’s not certain, we recommend you use a small amount and test it on these surfaces.

Highlighting Features
  • Two in one fog solution for interior and exterior sides of your windows.
  • The exterior solution keeps water beads, snow, and moisture away.
  • The interior solution increases visibility for the driver and homeowners.
  • Works efficiently in all-weather conditions.
  • Once applied, they keep the surface protected for a few days.
Potential Flaws
  • The products might not work well on tinted glass.
  • They are flammable and irritate the eye if accidentally get in.

Check Details

Bottom Line
This is a complete solution for your home and cars. They work exceptionally well on glass surfaces. However, you might look for other solutions if you have tinted glass. You can also use glass coating to protect it.

They are flammable. Also, your eyes might get irritated if they somehow get inside. It’s not actually a con. They are chemicals and do their job pretty well. Just make sure you use them cautiously.

6. Splaqua Anti Fog Spray| Best Anti Fog Spray For Ski Goggles

Imagine you’re driving on a highway, and fog starts to accumulate on your windshield and windows. You are kicking yourself for not applying anti-fog spray sooner. Now it has become difficult to completely wipe down the fog.

If that happens, Splaqua Anti Fog Spray is just what you need. Not only it works as a fog-resistant spray, it immediately de-fog the existing fogs. Now you don’t have to reach to every corner in a desperate attempt to wipe them. Just apply the Splaqua and you’re done.

Anti Fog Spray Eyeglass Lens Cleaner review
Anti Fog Spray Eyeglass Lens Cleaner

The spray was made in a formula so that it sticks on the surface longer and clean existing moistures. This makes this product extremely useful for long drives, sports, and underwater diving. If you play a sport that requires a mask (skiing, hockey, paintball), this spray will keep you covered for a long time.

It’s hard to find a quality solution for non-AR coated glasses. Most of you know them as prescription glasses or sunglasses. The unique formula used on this spray works well on these surfaces too, giving you a streak-free finish.

Highlighting Features
  • Splaqua works in both way, anti-fog solution and de-fogging existing moisture.
  • It removes dirt, moisture and other substances from the surface.
  • This affordable spray provides a streak-free finish for drivers and sports persons.
  • It works on non-AR lenses such as prescription lenses.
  • The coating stays intact for a long time, providing more value for money.
Potential Flaws
  • When sprayed and buffed instantly, you might not get the desired result.

Check Details

Bottom Line
The instruction says to spray the inner side of the glass/google and buff it. Well, it works well for some time. But with a little tweak, you can get longer results. Just spray the surface, leave it for some time to dry and then buff. Hopefully, you’ll get longer performance.

All in all, this is a great anti-fog agent and defogger. You’ll seldom find both of them together.

7. Surf Butta Foggy Goggles | Best Anti Fog Spray For Safety Glasses

All of us love the beauties laid across nature, but only a few of us actually care to preserve them. What if we become more sensible and give the environment its fair share of attention? Using products like Surf Butta Anti-Fog Spray is the first step of that.

This is an eco-friendly anti-fog solution. It’s hypo-allergenic and doesn’t have any unpleasant odor. Unlike many other products, this one isn’t tested on animals, sparing them the malice. The 2-ounce bottle should cover you for a few days, depending on the application.

Foggy Goggles Anti-Fog Spray review
Foggy Goggles Anti-Fog Spray

This works as both fog resistant spray and defogger. If you notice your car window or sunglass has started to get cloudy, use a small amount and rub it on the surface. Rinse the surface with clear water and you’ve got yourself a crystal clear vision.

Apart from good performing ability, there’s one thing that melted my mind. A small percentage of your purchases go to a summer camp named Jabberwocky, which works with children and adults with a disability.

Highlighting Features
  • Lightweight, easily portable, works as both anti-fog spray and defogger.
  • It works on different surfaces i.e. scuba masks, sunglasses, mirrors, and glasses.
  • A non-toxic, environmentally friendly formula that easily biodegrades.
  • This mild spray doesn’t contain any irritating fragrance.
  • The company is known for its corporate social responsibility works.
Potential Flaws
  • Doesn’t work well under 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Check Details

Bottom Line
The product might not work well under extremely cold condition. But that doesn’t take away its advantages. It’s just that the formula isn’t meant to work in ultra-cold environments. But under other circumstances, it’ll work just fine.

8. Z Clear Anti Fog Spray | Best Anti Fog Spray For Hockey Visor

Not all anti-fog solutions work well on prescription lenses. That’s why a lot of people crave sprays that provide both quality and versatility. While many of the products fail to deliver that, Z Clear does that with style.

Why users love this product? Most probably because it works on a wide range of surfaces. From prescription lenses to glass, plastic, sports masks, camera lenses, binoculars, rifle scope, you name it, Z clear got it covered.

Z Clear Anti Fog Spray review
Z Clear Anti Fog Spray

However, be prepared to keep your expectations down to reality as well. It’s not that it’ll perform equally on each surface. Probably better on some than the others. But hey, use the product correctly and you’ll get optimum performance.

The bottle is somewhat tiny, light and easily portable. But there lies a powerful solution within. It works as both anti-fog spray and defogger. Apply a small amount on the surface, rub it with fingers and gently wipe with a soft cloth. Once applied, it should provide you with a crisp clear vision for at least a few days.

Highlighting Features
  • A multipurpose, easy to carry anti-fog spray cum fog cleaner.
  • This product can be used on prescription lenses.
  • The Z Clear also works on glass, polycarbonate, plastic and Lexan lenses.
  • Easily applicable, just pour it and rub with your fingers on the surface.
  • This long-lasting mist sprayer is made for larger applications.
Potential Flaws
  • Not all users were satisfied with the performance.

Check Details

Bottom Line
While that seems to an occasional case, but there were customers who didn’t like the performance. We recommend using the product as per the manual to get an optimum result. Also, you might have to reapply it in a span of a few days. Overall, make sure you use it properly, and it’ll serve you well as it did to most users.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Does Anti-Fog Spray Work?

Answer: It works in two ways actually. Anti-fog sprays create a hydrophobic coating on the surface that doesn’t let the moisture settle in. The surface repels the water as soon as they start to gather.

Another feature of these sprays is hydrophilic properties. This works by actually attracting the water. It collects small beads of water from inside the lenses or glass and unifies them. The layer of water provides a clearer vision that the small beads.

2. How To Get The Most Out Of Anti Fog Spray?

Answer: If you’re going to use the spray on car windows, goggles or scuba mask, there are some things you can do to further intensify the performance. First, you have to clean the surface properly. Make sure there’s no dust or grime on it.

Secondly, take a small amount of spray and rub it into the glass. Rinse it afterward. Then apply the final coating. The primary coating will act as a base for the latter.

3. Why Isn’t My Anti-Fog Spray Working Properly?

Answer: That may happen for several reasons. For starters, the spray might not be of good quality or past its expiry date. However, often it’s the using method that also affects the performance.

If you rub your glasses too much, this will wear the anti-fog coating. Of course, it’ll clean the glass for a while, but rubbing clothes also means the coating will also be damaged. Clean the glass properly before applying the spray and control further temptations of cleaning the glass over and over.

4. Why Isn’t My Anti-Fog Spray Working Properly In Some Conditions?

Answer: Your anti-fog spray might work flawlessly for some users while failing to deliver for the others. If that happens, that’s probably you’re asking too much from your spray.

For example, if you swim on a hot water pool, the moisture generating from the pool might be too much for the spray to handle. Of course, it’ll work fine at first. But since the moisture keeps coming up at a faster rate, it might unable to ‘un-fog’ the lenses.

5. What Are Cautions To Follow When Using Anti Fog Spray?

Answer: Anti-fog spray inflicts a layer or coating over the surface, which aids in the protection against fogging. However, when used on front/ windshield glasses, these coatings can cause refraction of light.

Which means the light can deviate from the path and obstruct the driver’s vision temporarily. While it’s not certain that’ll surely happen, we recommend our readers to use the spray on side and rear windows.

Final Words

Anti-fog sprays have a lot of uses. Be it a sport, a long drive in a foggy night, or an exciting deep sea diving, you’ll need your vision to be crisp clear. Especially if you’re a car owner, failing to keep your vision unblemished might lead to unwanted circumstances.

This is why you need the best anti fog spray, not a compromise. What makes a great spray isn’t just its hydrophobic property, but also how long and how well it adheres to the surface. That means you need both quality and durability with your fog cleaner. Hopefully, this article can help you with your pursuit for such good quality anti-fog spray.

  1. My husband and I want to get into snowboarding, so we wondered what products we should get with our gear. I didn’t know there was thin microfilm in an anti-fog spray that prevents steam from consolidating. That’s something my husband and I could use up on the mountain, so I’ll look for some spray that’s affordable and high quality!

    • Hi Sarah, you and your husband easily use Jaws Quick Spit (1st product of the list). It’s affordable and high quality product. Have a good day. Cheers.

  2. I have an ice hockey face shield for my helmet that is made of polycarbonate…I also wear glasses under the shield…What anti fog would you recommend as best for the polycarbonate helmet face shield?….Would whatever you recommend also be best for the glasses?

  3. I’m using Optix 55 and it works better than I expected. Every pair of goggles I’ve ever bought would fog up so bad while swimming that I’d have to stop in the water and lick the lenses about every 10 minutes. This product stopped all that. I use it before every swim.

  4. I bought Optix 55 product because wearing a face mask makes my glasses fog, even with the metal stip to form around the bridge of my nose. I use it before each walk. It is 100% effective for the entire length of my walk. I highly recommend it. Look, it’s no fun exercising with a mask but I do find I am getting used to it. The foggy glasses were a disencentive, and now that problem is solved.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing! I have no complaint about your article. I love it!

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