Best All Terrain Tires for Daily Driving (Review) 2022 – Top 9

Are you looking for the all terrain tires for all season? Then, you are in right place. We have spent 100+ hours for research only to save your valuable time.

In most case, a good set of terrain tires will drastically help you to achieve best driving experiences in different environments such as grit, stone, snow, rain, dry tarmac, traversing dirt and other surfaces even off-roading that will not provide the actual traction.

So, picking the right set of tires is very important. It can Drastically improve your car/truck/SUV’s driving when it compared to other module.

Best All Terrain Tires Comparison Table

Section WidthPrice
Goodyear-Wrangler-Radial-TireGoodyear Wrangler Radial
(Expert’s Choice)
27.6 pounds
190 Km/h
265 mm
Check Price
Set-of-4-SunF-Power.I-terrain-tireSet of 4 SunF Power
Front: 26 P Back: 30 P
180 Km/h
10 & 11 inches
Check Price
BFGoodrich-All-TerrainBFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A
(Editor’s Choice)
57.3 pounds
170 Km/h
285 mm
Check Price
Mastercraft-Courser-MXT-Mud-Terrain-Radial-TireMastercraft Courser MXT
64 pounds
160 Km/h
889 mm
Check Price
Cooper-Discoverer-Traction-Radial-TireCooper Discoverer A/T3
40 pounds
180 Km/h
235 mm
Check Price
Falken-Wildpeak-AT3W-All-Terrain-Radial-TireThunderer TRAC GRIP
59.5 pounds
160 Km/h
285 mm
Check Price
Thunderer-TRAC-GRIP-MT-Mud-R-TireFalken Wildpeak AT3W
47.8 pounds
190 Km/h
275 mm
Check Price

Best All Terrain Tire Brands in 2022

There are a lot of tire brands on the market. Everyone of the companies claims that we are better than others. Some popular brands are like BFGoodrich, Pirelli, Hankook, Goodyear, Michelin, Cooper, and Dunlop among brands that are dominating right now.

best all terrain tire review
All Terrain Tire

We have taken the hard work out of searching and fixed some special properties that are following:

  • CoreGuard Technology and Shoulder Lock technology.
  • Perfect sidewall traction bar.
  • Rim protector and Two full-width steel belts.
  • Both dual-compound and optimized tread.
  • Computer-optimized tread design for minimizing road noise.

If any Brand main follow these properties at the time to design and manufacturing, then you should buy without any hesitation.

Top 9 Best All Terrain Tires for Daily Driving Review

Here, we are discussing about terrain tires for all seasons and review the best products in the market and also suggesting which one matches more perfectly for which purposes. Keep reading.

1. Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire – Best All Terrain Tire for SUVs, Cars, Trucks

Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire

The Wrangler Radial Tire is one of the newest Goodyear tires that join the Wrangler line of tires for SUVs and light trucks. It is one of the most aggressive all-terrains that we have ever seen, more closely resembling a mud-terrain than a highway-friendly all-terrain.

This Wrangler Radial is 27.6 pounds light weight flat tire for your vehicles to provide good comfort for going any place you want. It provides all-season versatility and also includes traction in snow and Slippery surface.

This tire is perfect for trucks and pickups, light- and medium-duty vans, sport utility vehicles and crossover. So it doesn’t matter what you drive, where you drive it, or who is going with you, these bad boys will always be there to back you up.

These tires are designed according to metal studs that help to increase snow traction even more in areas ice and super deep snow. These tires are melded to be directional, and their design is catered towards all-weather flexibility. Even in the worst of weather, cold or even snow, as long as your car is running, you can go wherever you decide to go with these tries below you.

If you live anywhere such as where snow is enormous, these tires can adjust to that environment. This tire has a good tire aspect ratio (Aspect Ratio means that it indicates the height of the tire in relation to the tire’s width). In fact, their aspect ratio is specially optimized to handle anything you throw at them.

This tire can easily handle 35 psi maximum inflation pressure. But always recommend that near 30 is better. Otherwise, it will decrease your tire’s lifetime.

Goodyear Radial Tire
Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire

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Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire Pros & Cons


  • Super strength and durability.
  • Road traction noise is very low.
  • Useful for any weather.
  • Good dry, wet and off-road performance
  • Tread wear performance better than others
  • Has awesome UTQG and speed rating
  • Cheaper and affordable than the same quality other tires


  • Don’t have Tread Wear Indicator

The Bottom Line:
Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTGQ) is a standard grade measurement policy. The grading system is following:

  • Greater than 100 – better
  • 100 – baseline
  • Less than 100 – poorer

Note: Read if you need shine on your car and trucks body and tires, you can use ceramic nano coating to do the job.

2. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 All Season Tires

BFGoodrich Terrain tire
BFGoodrich All-Terrain Tire

BFGoodrich is a USA tire brand. It was launched terrain tire back in 1976 and dominating in the market right now. The tire is alternatively called KO2 just because it can be used for On and Off-Road traveling and racing. This is the first modern terrain tire which also keeps up its iconic popularity after 40 years.

This 44.3 pounds KO2 tire runs flat and can go anywhere you want for it’s LT245/75R16/E size sidewall.

All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires are designed in a way that is feasible for any weather. And we do mean any kind of weather condition. Rain or shine, sun or snow, its special design can really handle anything you throw at it. It has large tread blocks and has a lot of free space within each block. This space also helps to prevent snow and mud from packing in between as well as increasing traction.

All the components are so much aggressive, high-void, computer optimized and also different kinds of loose object ejection features are included that increased durability. In fact, this computer programming might even be the most interesting part. Every single detail and facet is optimized with specialized algorithms. This will, without a doubt, ensure an even and durable tire.

Actually, the rubber compound that makes up this tire extends tire life. It keeps the signature pattern of the KO2 tire treads for the long time. The rubber compound slows down tread wear to a significant degree. It also has a tread wear indicator to define this tire is good or should replace tire soon or now. When these bars flush visible with the adjacent ribs, then it indicates that the tire should be replaced.

A pair of steel reinforced belts is included in its internal structure made with spirally wrapped nylon which increases its strength and durability. Most important fact is that rubber compounds are actually raised its durability.

BFGoodrich Terrain tire

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Three-ply polyester carcass inflicts hard tread area for proper drift response, better control, excellent puncture and finally exceptional bruise resistance.

The redesigned BFGoodrich T/A KO2 have taken the fancied of Terrain T/A KO and developed its actual road performance as according to maintain a good long lasting aspect ratio.

BFGoodrich T/A KO2 Tires Pros & Cons


  • Split & bruise resistant Tougher Sidewall Rubber
  • Twin steel belts reinforced.
  • Advanced Deflection Design
  • Protruding sidewall rubber blocks increase traction
  • Long-term strength and durability.
  • Single strand beads.
  • Serrated Shoulder Design provides greater maneuverability in deep snow and soft soil conditions
  • Low traction noise.
  • Fine for both seasons (Summer and Winter)


  • This tire required around 9-10 oz to be balanced when mounted.

The Bottom Line:
The BFGoodrich T/A KO2 is specially formulated with tread rubber that is perfectly blended to minimize the effects of detaching and chips, for superior gravel road endurance. The interlocking tread design provides perfect block stability for more even wear of the long-term use.

3. Mastercraft Courser MXT Radial Car, Truck & Jeep Tires

Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire review
Mastercraft Courser MXT Tire

The Mastercraft Courser MXT is Radial On-/Off-Road light truck tire that is developed for the pickup truck as well as big types of car and sports utility vehicle drivers who are looking for anomalous traction over all terrains.

This Radial tire is designed and developed to combine long wear and reliability with competence on- and off-road in dry, snow, wet and wintry conditions. The tread design pattern of the Mastercraft Courser MXT Radial tire is aggressive.

Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire features tear-resistant and chip tread compound molded into symmetric and aggressive, self-cleaning tread design featuring with independent tread blocks to blend off-road handling with on-road traction. The tread blocks a number of traction edges and sipes, as well as are molded to accept metallic studs to increase wintry and wet weather traction.

Tread block shapes and sizes have been computer-optimized and feasible to allow the aggressive tread pattern to remain relatively quiet and even wearing during on-road and highway driving. These tires are strength and durability with a quiet ride for the tire’s internal structure that includes twin steel belts and on top of a two-ply polyester cord body to combine.

The manufacturer has set and express apart these off and on-road tires for such use because of its perfect and reliable design. It can handle any kinds of road condition at any weather that is thrown at it with great grace and finesse.

In the on and off-road community, these tires have been grown immensely in popularity. Because of the unique noise minimizing tread blocks that are raunchily shaped. So raunchy, in fact, that they give you complete control and direction.

They provide optimal traction when driving through rough roads as well as on off roads. All the amazing traction, and none of the hassle or issues. In fact, the traction is so good, you can drive with your eyes closed! (don’t do that, I’m just kidding).

These treads have been made deeper than those on other tires. The deep treads grip gravelly and sandy surfaces with great ease. That said, when using new treads, you should be keen to install mud flaps. They can be a lifesaver, not just with cleaning and maintenance, but quite literally. Your rig will ride better and smoother if set up correctly.

The same rooted deep treads that permit great in muddy terrain, works wonders on wet grounds as well. It permits for the channeling of water away from the wheel with great skill even during a disaster like a storm. I faced no problems trusting the tire to stop when I wanted the car too. Complete control, a ton of power, all under your hand.

Mastercraft Courser MXT Terrain Tire review

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With regards to ice and snow, the Mastercraft Courser MXT does, in fact, meet the minimum entrance requirements of the RAC and the RMA. As a matter of fact, it does feature a snowflake symbol. Possibly show of confidence of its performance in such terrain.

The Mastercraft Courser also comes with circumferential grooves all around the tire that channel water away while providing excellent traction and grip. These allow a driver to install studs that provide even greater traction while on ice and snow.

Mastercraft Courser Radial Tire Pros & Cons


  • Aggressive looks combined with a smooth and quiet ride
  • provide awesome balances when mounting up and down
  • This allows the tire to mold its shape for a better grip and traction when on icy surfaces
  • With this internal structure reinforcement, the tire lasts for a long time
  • With regards to the noise, I was pretty much impressed while taking the tires out for a spin


  • Unlike most other tires, their performance comes with the downside of being too noisy

The Bottom Line:
The unique noise minimizing tread block rows also praise the tire traction while in heavy snow. In addition to this, the rubber compound the tire is built from prevents excessive stiffening of the tire when in exceptionally cold weather.

4. Cooper Discoverer A/T3 off-road Tires

Cooper Discoverer Traction Radial Tire
Cooper Discoverer Traction Radial Tire

Cooper Discoverer A/T3 is a 42.42 pounds Low rolling resistance with 265/70R17 115T size of sidewall to provide better performance in all conditions.

You know very well that the concept of all terrain means it will work well in all conditions, including rain-soaked highways, where mud-terrains sometimes falter.

Cooper Discoverer A/T3 is such like that you expect.

These tires are designed to maintain based on two criteria.

  • Extensive zig-zag siping.
  • Silica tread compound.

Extensive zig-zag siping is a pattern that is created lots of blocks where there is some blank space between each other. As a result, it increases traction and prevents snow and mud from packing. This zig-zag pattern gives you just the amount of traction you need to be in complete control, while still not actually losing any due to build of debris and gunk.

Silica tread compound increases chip resistance while the sipping decreases stone bearing during off-road aberration. Silica and Carbon black mixture provides an excellent perfect wet traction and handling on the highway. It improves chip and cut resistance. The compound is made from a special mixture that took years to perfect. Now it’s used to great effect in making your rides safer and more comfortable. Using this silica-based compound, the rolling resistance of these tires is lowered that also helps you with an easier ride in any environment.

Now in the modern and digital generation, the all-terrain finder is available in a variety of sizes, with high load ratings available. The five-rib or more tread design provides you the best secure and stable handling on-road, with plenty of traction in the dirt. So if you want to go out and go off-road, you can bet your last dollar that this bad boy can handle it. It’s as stable as can be, anywhere. Furthermore, it will last for ages.

It has tread wear indicator to indicate tire’s quality at present where normal tires tread width to be good as 4 inch. This indicator start scratches when width will be 3 inch or lower. It indicates you need to replace the tire.

It’s stone ejector ledges assist obstruck punctures for stone drilling, and cleat lugs and the alternating scoop in the shoulder are planned to provide clutches on rock, in loose soil or thick mud. Profound, circumferential trough and comprehensive, adjacent notches enhance hydroplaning resistance.

Cooper Discoverer Traction Tire

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A silica-based tread compound and extensive zig-zag sipping provide good wet-weather traction and protect against cuts and chips. Sidewall styling is a bit sedate, which is a good thing for many tire shoppers. Other properties like section width, tread depth, aspect ratio are best to compare to others.

Cooper Discoverer A/T3 pros & Cons


  • Broken center rib improves soft surface traction without sacrificing handling.
  • stone drilling and assist in cut and chip resistance.
  • Dual draft tread element walls aid in reducing stone retention.
  • Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTGQ) is better than others
  • Optimizes the footprint for balanced pressure
  • Tread pattern is designed to increase dry traction


  • Little bit noisy.

The Bottom Line:
Modern and aggressive 5-rib design that provides excellent performance in both off-road and on-road and driving applications. This Cooper’s On-/Off-Road tire is designed for pickup trucks, full-size SUVs and work vehicles that need a tire that serves the rugged durability. Engineered to tackle gravel, mud dirt and the urban jungle including in light snow. It combines off-road prowess with gentle on-road ease as well as year-round traction.

5. Motoos ATV/UTV Tires – Best Aggressive All Terrain Tire

Many terrain manufacturers claim big, but only a few can live up to its name. When faced with real challenges, most of them fall apart. But that’s certainly not the case for Motors Tires.

How can we say that so confidently? Because Motoos bring down the chance of failure to a minimum thanks to the unique design and superior quality. Take the durable nylon construction for example. This 6-layer, heavy surface resist cuts and punctures.

What about the sidewall and the rim? There are extra shoulder lugs to protect them as well. As a result, it will feature equally well in mud, dirt, or rock.

Motoos Complete Set of 4 ATV/UTV Tires review
Motoos Complete Set of 4 ATV/UTV Tires

For deserts and grasses, however, a tire also needs traction alongside the strong build. The non-directional, aggressive tread pattern provides suave riding and even braking. The tread depth of 0.79-inch helps to achieve maximum traction on smooth surfaces.

The sizes for the front and rear tires are slightly different. The width is 8 inches for the front tires and 10 inches for the rear. They’ll fit nicely on 12 inches rims. The unique design helps the driver to maintain stability while driving on eccentric terrains.

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Motoos ATV/UTV Tires Pros & Cons

  • A complete package of two front and two rear tires.
  • The nylon construction comes with six layers to resist puncture.
  • Non-directional, aggressive tread design provides superior traction.
  • Equally effective on mud, grass or rocky surfaces.
  • Extra shoulder lugs to safeguard sidewall and rim.


  • The tires might come in slightly smaller sizes.

The Bottom Line:
The build quality of this tire is impeccable, and it’ll serve you for many days to come. Also, the tread pattern will bite onto the slippery surfaces well, providing you the stability you need.

As for the height, the tires might not be exactly 25 inches. But other than that, the quality and longevity are just fine, so most buyers don’t seem to mind the size issue.

6. Thunderer 285/75R16 126Q TRAC GRIP M/T Mud R Tire

Thunderer TRAC GRIP M/T Mud R Tire review
Thunderer TRAC GRIP Tire

Getting a comfortable ride, longer tread life, responsive handling and all-season traction, including some light snow, Thunderer TRAC is perfect. To meet the demands of every day with the above criteria the Thunderer TRAC Grip is designed.

Tread design as well as MaxTouch Construction for even tread wear and numerous biting edges for all-season grip combine to deliver many miles of driving for pleasure. Sunflower oil additive in tread compound helps to increase the traction at low or mid-level temperatures for enhanced actual braking and handling in wet weather and perfect overall performance in snow.

The Thunderer TRAC maintain all-season tread compound which is followed by a symmetric design that combines jagged shoulders, independent tread blocks which helps to protect from detaching and chips and strong center ribs also provide a good effect on traction. In fact, both the jagged shoulders and the tread block will keep your thing lasting for years and years. You won’t need to replace your tires as nearly as often as you did before. They will also keep their air there for longer.

EnergySaver Construction, combined with a special type of tread rubber, keeps the tire cooler that helps your engine to improve fuel efficiency as well as reduce CO2 emissions. So if you’re one of those people that wants to have every area of his or her life environmentally friendly, you need to get these.

Just a high-quality pair of tires that really helps out the environment. Furthermore, fuel efficiency saves you a ton of money, and can really help out your budget.

Thunderer TRAC GRIP Mud R Tire review
Thunderer TRAC GRIP Mud R Tire

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MaxTouch Construction maximizes the tire’s contact with the road and evenly distributes the forces of acceleration, braking and cornering, resulting in longer wear.

Silica-based tread compound and small zig-zag siping provide all-around traction and no-compromise braking that results in shorter stopping distance.

Thunderer TRAC Touring Radial Tires Pros & Cons


  • EnergySaver Construction.
  • Silica-based tread compound
  • Low traction noise
  • Long term durability.


  • Less control in snow

The Bottom Line:
EnergySaver Construction, MaxTouch Construction, Using Active Sipes and Symmetric design make it highly perfect for the truck.

7. Falken Wildpeak AT3W Terrain Weighty Tires

Falken Wildpeak AT3W Terrain Radial Tire
Falken Wildpeak AT3W

Thinking of on and off-road tires, it is probably the first company that comes to mind to everyone. Compared to its progenitor, the Falken Wildpeak AT3W has been manufactured to be more aggressive.

Falken Wildpeak AT3W is a 47.8 pounds tire with 275/60R20 size sidewall which can runs flat almost everywhere all over the world. The maximum 51 psi inflation pressure present in this tire which says it can easily run through the snow. Other facts are given below.

The bellicosity it’s interwoven does not negatively impact on its quiet highway operation or the on and off-road handling. It brings a low price and is great for account minded drivers.

These tires have been made to be cut and chip resistant. This feature which couples with the identical Sloped Radius Gradient lug pattern ad adds to the overall tread block severity. This works to improve the traction of the tire on all terrain types. This works to improve the traction of the tire on all terrain types. It happens because the lugs take on and spread out pressure evenly over the tire, keeping a lot of force in, and pushing a lot out.

Now, one of the worst areas for any off-road driving is muddy terrain. The Muddy terrain is one of the zones that this tire oversteps in the massive lugs, which also peculiarity sips sport high invalid zone which works to increase the self-cleaning of stone, rocks, and mud.

While I did notice it is not rated for a severe snow ride with the envied Mountain Snowflake emblem, the deep shoulder lugs, as well as the sips, did help in delivering excellent grip while on snow, slush and ice. In fact, this grip is exactly what you need and what you have to focus on when working and driving in any kind of terrain.

In fact, if you’re a trucker who rides and drives in difficult and dangerous areas, trust us, you want these tires, as soon as possible.

Falken Wildpeak AT3W Terrain Tire

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Falken Wildpeak AT3W Pros & Cons


  • Good Acoustics
  • Long term Tread Life
  • Perfect for snow weather
  • Deep treads


  • Average mud-terrain performance

The Bottom Line:
The tires do hum while on the highway. They are gladly not as bad as I heard and had to endure with other tires. With these highlighted cons, I am happy with it’s performance.

8. Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 All Terrain and Summer tires

Hankoo -DynaPro ATM RF10 Off-Road Tire
Hankoo -DynaPro ATM RF10

The bristly terrain is no longer a vanity for automobile especially when one is equipped with Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10. These tires come with a special wrap-around design that provides the tire with heathenish appearance and guards against the effects of cuts or injury.

According to this way, these tires can provide appeasement traction, and especially in snowy and muddy weather as well as with the inclusion of the reinforced under tread gauge, this helps to provide and control any internal and external damage that arises from the keep up impacts. This under tread gauge can be a lifesaver in the right (or rather, wrong) situation and place.

The Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 tire is additional convenient for haughty puncture resistance and spare all-terrain traction capabilities for jeeps and trucks. These tires have a casing construction that makes a large and strong contact patch with the strip that is lengthy to spread the stress of the weight of the vehicle over a larger area. Because it transfers stress in this manner, you won’t have to worry about any kinds of serious damage. Furthermore, it will get your car to handle much, much better.

Another thing this means is longer tread life. Tread has lots of open space for grip in the loose material which helps to protect the tire from gravel and rock penetration and in the grooves, there are stone ejector features. All these properties make these tires super durable tread and rubber metaphrase to a great tire that can confide on in all-terrain and on the highway.

In fact, these tires are so tough, there is rarely something that can rival them in quality or intensity.You won’t have to change them nearly as often, and not their powerful sidewalls can handle anything you throw at them.

There is one point, though, that you need to keep in mind. These tires are not intended for smaller trucks. They should be used by huge behemoths of things, for hardcore truckers and off-roaders.

Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 Tire

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Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 Off-Road Tire Pros & Cons


  • Perfect for light trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles
  • best grip and acceleration for off and on-road
  • There’s a two-layer rayon casing.
  • Ideal for high speeds and cornering.
  • Hard rubber in the sidewall.


  • Not Rated For Severe Snow.

The Bottom Line:
Wraparound tread gives a rugged look and increases puncture resistance and Deep two-step sipes extend tread life and increase performance on wet roads.

9. Federal Couragia M/T All Terrain Off-Road Mud Tires

Federal Couragia Mud Terrain Radial Tire
Federal Couragia Mud Terrain Tire

The Federal Couragia M/T is a tire that has been made for off-road working in mind. It ’s perfect and consummate for drivers of all kinds of trucks. it likely the most popular tier MT tire there is. Just get up, get in your rig, and trust me, once you start riding with these bad boys on, you’ll notice. In fact, you’ll wonder how you could have ever driven a truck before them.

It brings a low competitive price and is great for the budget minded drivers. The tire has been made to be cut and chip resistant. In fact, everything about it is all about protection and being heavy and tough.

First of all, you have very large and tough looking shoulder lugs that will keep the whole thing in place until kingdom come. You will also find an incredibly strong protection block that’s found on the upper shoulder for absolute bruise, impact, cut resistance and protection from other off-road hazards. Nothing can get through these tires, nothing.

These are the characteristics which are combined with the identical Sloped Radius Gradient lug pattern, adds to the overall tread block solidity, enhances performance, and delivers serious off-road traction. This works to increase the traction of the tire on all terrain types.

Federal Couragia Mud Terrain Tire

Check Latest Price

Federal Couragia Pros & Cons


  • Perfect performance on snow and dry weather.
  • Great performance at an affordable cost
  • Enviable position handling and traction on wet and dry sidewalk.


  • Not the best for street cruising speed

The Bottom Line:
The Federal Couragia M/T is one of the tires that most of the people either will hate or love with their great passion. For most truck drivers, they have expressed a lot of opinions that are the tire provides perfect traction and excellent grip while in deep snow. It does well on both wet and dry pavement that is proved.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about All Terrain Tires

Question: What’s the difference between an off-road and an all-terrain tire?

Answer: The simplified answer to the question is, the difference is in the use. You can use an terrain on both on and off-road, but an off-road tire can’t be used on roads.

Question: How long the wear life of terrain tires is?

Answer: Quite longer than off road or on road tires, based on the tread patterns and reinforced forces. Usually, tires having compound tread patterns last long.

Question: What’re the types of vehicles that terrain is used in?

Answer: Usually it’s all bicycles, motorcycles, quads, cars, and SUVs. Mostly, it’s best to be used with SUVs or Quads.

Question: What’s the ideal diameter on an ideal off-road tire?

Answer: Well, the outer diameter varies based on the type of track and the vehicle. Usually, it’s preferred to be from 17 inches to 22 inches.

Question: How safe a terrain tire is?

Answer: It’s not only based on the tire itself, but also depended on the types of ATV you are using, and the level of awareness of the driver himself. In both the United States and the United Kingdom, there are federal safety rules that should be followed by everyone.

Question: Is there any fall in fuel efficiency while using terrain tires on road?

Answer: Yeah, as these tires consume more energy and make more noise while rolling, they will cost you a bit more fuel for the same mileage that a regular on-road tire gives.

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