Bakflip mx4 Tonneau Cover Reviews – In-Depth Analysis

If you own a truck, then protecting its bed would be one of your top priorities. There is not just a single need that a tonneau cover meets. Rather it plays a very important role. Whether it is about protecting the bed or keeping your cargo secure, the cover plays its part.

So, discussing all the aspects today, I will take you over to the in-depth analysis of bakflip mx4 tonneau cover. Let’s get right in!

Why need Bakflip mx4 cover
Importance of Bakflip

Bakflip mx4 Truck Bed Cover Features

The first thing that you ask about while buying a product is its features. So, let me get you through all of this product’s features. Here you go!

  • The latest feature of BAKFlip MX4 allows you to close with a tailgate (up or down). It features robust aluminum panels to cater to the elevated style and reflects an incredible matte finish.
  • The infrastructure is pretty resilient to offer a sturdy experience. Along with that, the design is sleek, flush-mount, and low-profile.
  • The foldability is just phenomenal! It gets folded upright against the cab provided. Hence, you get 100% access to your truck bed when you don’t need the cover on it.
  • Injection molding makes its latch housing even more robust. You can open the cover from either side with ease and facility.
  • The cover, when folded, does not obstruct the third brake light of your truck. Thus, it allows the safe hauling of cargo.
  • The prop rods are pretty durable. Not just that, they get folded with quite an ease, and you would not require any tooling for that.

BAKFlip MX4 Advantages

The following advantages go in when you buy this amazing BAKFlip MX4.

  • Robust latches with an automatic system ensure great security
  • When folded, you get 100% bed access to haul your cargo easily
  • The design is incredible, owing to the even distribution of load all over it.
  • The outlook is incredible when matte finish plays its role
  • Provides a decent amount of weather protection
  • The installation is pretty easy with an easy procedure


When you have tons of pros in a product, you may see disadvantages as well. Because there is always a trade-off, so, let’s look at the disadvantages of this product.

  • The rubber edge seal needs improvement momentously because it can cause leaking and damaging the stuff placed under the cover.
  • The line-up of panels may seem faulty due to variation intolerances.
  • The theft protection is limited.
  • It is not much of a low-profile cover for a truck bed.
  • The compatibility is not so vast: gets going with Classic Dodge Ram 2019 2500-3500 5’ 7” bed.

My Opinion

Let’s come to my opinion on BAKFlip MX4. I will first mention the plus points, those aspects which inspired me in this product.

My Opinion for Bakflip product importance
My Opinion

Firstly, in places where summer can be brutal, you need an extremely durable cover for your truck bed. In these harsh weather conditions, even premium grade canvas gets fade out. But BAKFlip MX4 proves to be extremely durable. It resists UV with its robust construction. For elevated strength, the premium density panel core plays its part.

Secondly,the functionality of BAKFlip MX4 inspired me a lot. I mean, it is less of a headache for you. Because just one person can operate it quite effectively. You don’t have to lift the cover to open or close the tailgate.

Thirdly, when it comes to the security part, this cover does the job quite well. I mean, not perfectly, but it does it well.

To top it off, the installation is pretty easy and impressive. You don’t have to go into some cumbersome process to install this cover. Rather if you go carefully with the right steps, it will be a piece of cake for you.

Now, if we pay attention to some negative aspects, then maybe a manufacturing fault could cause it, but I should tell you about them.

Though it is a great product with a pretty straightforward installation procedure, you might face a leaking issue in it. This is because of the bad-quality rubber seal that gets bad too soon.

Moreover, you may face issues with rail clamps. There can be engagement issues with them.

But I would say that there are more plus points than negative points. Also, faults are not encountered in every piece. So, it can be a manufacturing fault. Hence, you should readily go for it if the compatibility meets your needs and you like the features.

Let’s individually talk about every aspect of BAKFlip MX4 to help you know better about this product. So, read through by paying some attention.

Summary of My Opinion

In short, BAKFlip MX4 has many upsides and a few downsides. You get a robust, functional, and secure cover in the form of this product. Although the installation is pretty easy, there are some cons, like rubber seal malfunctioning. But overall, it is good to go product.

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Bakflip mx4 Design

The design is pretty impressive. Whether you talk technically or in terms of appearance, it is spot on. Well, when you go into technical stuff, you have to make sure about the balance of forces in a truck bed cover. So, catering for that aspect, BAKFlip MX4 is rated up to 400lbs of evenly distributed load all over it.

Basic design of Bakflip mx4
Bakflip Design

The robust material (aluminum) protects effectively against scratches and UV damages. Also, it is quite resilient to stay with your truck for a long time. When it comes to appearance, the classy matte finish catches the eye of many.

Bakflip mx4 installation

It is one of the plus points of BAKFlip MX4 that its installation is pretty easy. The evenly distributed loading all over it makes your life easier, and the installation procedure becomes a piece of cake for you. Not only that, one person can operate this cover, its installation will also not demand a high workforce. Rather you can do it your own by simply reading the instructions and stuff provided along with the product. In short, it is pretty straightforward to install.

Bakflip mx4 security

The security of BAKFlip MX4 is pretty good. Though there are negative points, once you lock it up with the help of injection-molded robust latches, it protects your cargo and everything important put under it.

All security system for Bakflip installation
Bakflip security

But, keep in mind that the security is not fool-proof, and you can not completely rely on it. But staying within some limits, the security system of this product is pretty good, and you do not have t worry a lot about your stuff.

Bakflip mx4 manual

So, I have seen the manual of BAKFlip MX4, and it is pretty engaging and friendly. The pictorial representation, along with written instructions, makes it quite easy to install. The manual has all the steps to follow inside it. You have to go through the details quickly, and you will certainly understand it. 

Hence, all in all, the manual is pretty easy to understand and helps you through the procedure.

Bakflip mx4 troubleshooting

When it comes to troubleshooting, the best thing to do is to reach out to the manual to find any clear instructions provide for that particular problem. But, if you are not able to find the solution out, then reaching out to the company’s services would be a better idea. 

Bakflip mx4 all troubleshoot solving system
Bakflip troubleshooting

The US-based support team is available to solve the problems that you may encounter while installing or using the BAKFlip MX4 cover. 

Bakflip mx4 problems

The main problems, as I mentioned earlier, include limited security, the bad engagement of bed rails sometimes, the issue in the lining up of panels, and the sliding of the latches. These problems might not be consistent, but some customers have encountered all of them or few of them. So, the main problem would be not getting absolute security and protection. Other than that, this is a pretty reliable product.

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Bakflip mx4 water test

How to water test in Bakflip mx4
Bakflip water test

Well, no truck cover will offer 100% waterproof property. But if you install the cover properly, it can offer that protection up to a very good extent. This cover shows leakage in some cases due to problems in rubber edge sealing. If the quality of that rubber is improved, this cover can offer much more than what it offers now.

Bakflip mx4 rebate

Rebate is not an all-time offer. But it gets ON occasionally. I have seen BAK giving great rebate offers to customers on specific days. But remember that the rebate offer is demographically specific sometimes. You may even receive a $100 rebate on the product. But you have to follow the exact instructions and process of the rebate, which may require 6-8 weeks.

But it totally depends on the offer. If it’s there, then look for the guidelines and go for it.

Bakflip mx4 best price

The price of BAKFlip is roughly around a thousand dollars. Whenever you go into the market to buy something, you always keep in mind the affordability and value for the money. It is good to think like that because quality does not always depend on the pricing. Just look for your desired features and lock the product that you find affordable in those features.

How many price of Bakflip mx4
Bakflip price

BAKFlip MX4 has a very good price when you look at the features and stuff. I would say that it is worth your thousand dollars.

Bakflip mx4 alternative

Bakflip F1 tonneau cover is considered to be an alternative to MX4. If we make a little comparison, then there is not much to compare because both the products offer similar features, like a distributed load of 400lbs.

F1 takes the level up by one step! It offers dent and scratch resistance which is a phenomenal feature. It speaks of the product’s resilience and robustness. If you are a Tyger Auto lover, you can pick the Tyger Auto T5 Tonneau Cover. It could be best alternative to you. Gator tonneau cover could also be the good alternative of it.

MX4, on the other hand, has injection-molded latches to offer a superior latching system throughout. Otherwise, both the products are incredible. You can go for any of them, but I would choose MX4 because it comes at a lower price. You can also choose from the following list of top class 12 best tonneau covers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand the product better and answer your general queries.

  1. Is the BAKFlip MX4 removable?

In fact, BAKFlip MX4 is very simple and easy to remove. One person can easily operate this cover. There is a simple pin on each side and a thumbscrew underneath. So, you can do it without tools.

2. Can BAKFlip MX4 go through a carwash?

Keep in mind the fact that they are not 100% waterproof. Otherwise, yes, you can drive through the car wash with the MX4 cover on the bed. You can make the tonneau cover looks new.

3. What is the difference between BAKFlip F1 and MX4?

F1 offers scratch and dent-proof features, whereas MX4 has very robust latches on it. MX4 offers these features at a relatively lower price. Otherwise, both these products have great designs with distributed loads.

4. Which BAKFlip cover is the best?

I would recommend MX4 owing to its features and good price. But when you ask for wide compatibility, G2 is also a good choice. Otherwise, MX4, F1, and G2 offer quite similar features overall.

5. Does tonneau cover hurt gas mileage?

A tonneau cover can improve the mileage of your truck by even 10%. According to experts, if you want to improve the mileage of your truck, then you should get a tonneau cover installed. Maybe it has to do something with air drag or aerodynamics. But it would help if you went for the cover without going into scientific details unless you love science.

6. How waterproof is a tonneau cover?

If you install and cover it properly, then it will keep the majority of water away from your truck’s bed. But you have to understand and remember the fact that no cover is 100% waterproof. So, take care of your stuff accordingly.

Wrapping Up

I have tried my best to equip you with all the necessary information and perform an in-depth analysis for you. I leave the rest upon you. Please take my advice and always settle for a product that you are comfortable with. Do not compromise on something cheap, as you may regret that later on. This product has many good features and plus-points than cons. Therefore, if you need these features, then you should go for this product.

For any of your remarks or feedback, feel free to mention them in the comment section below. I wish you very good luck in the purchasing phase. Have an awesome day!

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