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Leather seats add a touch of luxury to the interior of your car. Since they are costly, you need to care for them adequately so that they do not dry up or lose ...

You don't need to be a Mafia don or Hollywood star just in order to do a window-tinting job on your car. Everyone can equip this feature to keep privacy in ...

Among all the damages that are being faced with a car, scratches are one of the most common ones. There could be many causes behind it. Depending on the cause, ...

A truck sound subwoofer is a piece of a truck's sound framework that gives the low bass frequencies and introducing one can enhance the level of sound in your ...

Most power tools these days use air compressor to power themselves. An air compressor can be of various shapes and sizes and which compressor in what ...

“If you want anything done well, do it yourself. This is why most people laugh at their own jokes.” Bob Edwards said it right. Many people, many minds. And ...

A lovely sunny day and you want to take a long drive along the countryside in this beautiful weather. You took your car out and started driving. Everything was ...

"A stitch in time saves nine" - as the proverb goes a perfectly aligned headlight can save you from a number of filed tickets in local authorities. I am not ...

Air compressors are units that are required to power air tools. These tools, also called pneumatic tools, use air, unlike other traditional power tools to get ...

Head gasket sealers are like a revolution to us. Whether it’s about preventing leakage of the engine or coolant or for the highest compression, the head gasket ...

If you have a car then you know very well the importance of car headlight. If one or both headlights of your car is damaged, then you must be caught by police ...

There have been many revolutionary changes in every aspect. Tires are also not simple in these days. There are a lot of categories and subcategories of ...

The tire is one of the main factors for your on-road or off-road driving. Most people search for all season or all-terrain tires. Both the tires are great ...

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  1. After reading this content, you can easily decide which one you have to purchase.

  2. Hello, Thomas!

    The lockable tops are quite secure. The reason for ambiguity depends solely on how well the job is executed. As we all know, there is always a margin of error from the manufacturer’s side, and I feel that it would be inappropriate to claim that all of them are secure. However, for brevity’s sake, they’re well secured if adjusted properly.

    This goes for the models being watertight as well.

    Some of the tops definitely flap, whereas others don’t. Your look into the reviews is very much appropriate and true, but then again, it comes around to well how well you’ve secured the cover.

    No, the tops do not scratch or warp easily. You’ll need a considerable amount of directed force to actually scratch them. However, some users often don’t pay heed to this and just throw things on board. When falling down their own weight, this can often cause scratching. So, for the best measure, it’s recommended that you put your stuff down as opposed to throwing it.

    I hope that this suffices. If you’ve got more questions, feel free to ask!

  3. Every bottle is 30ml and you have to prepare your car to apply coating like remove scratches, repair dent, wash your car before apply etc. Follow the instructions to get best and desired result. Thanks.

  4. Don’t judge a product based on only reviews. Try to identify what’s the problem. Every product has negative reviews. What’s the percentage? It has 78% five star ratings, can’t you see it? A product can get negative reviews for many reasons such as damaged product, not fit well, can fall within few days, can make noise etc. We just shared our knowledge and opinion. For some negative reviews, you can’t say the whole list was a joke.

  5. Hi Greg, my highly recommended anti fog spray for polycarbonate helmet is Optix 55 Anti-Fog Spray for Non-Reflective Lenses.

  6. Hi Ron, It depends on many things. Products quality vary from person to person. If a product great for you, it won’t be great for everyone. Products quality matters, not the size. I can’t say I tried all the products. Any product can better than which I tested, but I can’t find till present.

  7. Auto detailing shops type wash means wash like them, It will make your car looks super clean. Before applying ceramic coating, you car repair if your car has any kind of scratches or dent, otherwise not.

  8. Micro Detailer Intensity – 7-Year 9H Ceramic Car Coating System Kit, it’s also top performing but too pricey. That’s why not included in the list. AvalonKing Armor Shield IX is the best choice of technician and expert. Thanks.

  9. That’s means require preparation for good results.

  10. Hi Chris,
    Gloss has the following types to elaborate how the paint appears after the application of the product. Describing shortly the hard terms:

    9H Hardness: The 9H Hardness rating is based on the grading pencil hardness scale (0 to 9 – where 0 means softest and 9 means the hardest).

    3D Deep: Depth perception based on ‘dimension’ or “D”. You may see 3D movie or picture which looks like attractive and looks like you can jump into it or it seems to jump at you. Same effect it can create on the paint looks like deep and rich.

    Crystal: Looks like it can create a prism effect. You may hear the term in physics.

    And number #1 is the most glossy and shiny product, not the number #10.

    however, I think, all are clear now. If not, let me know. Thanks for asking to clarify it properly.


  11. Hi Paul, you can easily convert it to blower or dryer. It’s a complete car cleaning bundle.

  12. Hi kenya. There are no pro versions of these products. yap, mostly for DIY guys and for the professional users. All aren’t tested to the same models. Testing results of different users are also available in the review section of every product. For amazon, you will find verified purchase review. You can read those for getting opinions of different users. Thanks.

  13. I partially agree with you. no coating can protect fully against scratches. Thanks for your awesome informative opinion.

  14. Hi Faylinn. She should hire a professional person to dot the job. Otherwise she can do the work if she could manage her valuable time. For own painting, she can follow this step by step guide.

  15. Hi Jasmine, thanks for appraisal words. Have a good day. Cheers.

  16. Hi George, thanks for your appreciation. Cheers.

  17. Hi Jim, You are so true in your words. That’s we are always trying to provide best support from our side by sharing our experience. We are men that’s why we can make mistakes. That’s why we always appreciate the criticism of our work and inspiring everyone to find our our problems and opinions to give best support from our side. Thanks for your comments.

  18. Hi Sarah, you and your husband easily use Jaws Quick Spit (1st product of the list). It’s affordable and high quality product. Have a good day. Cheers.

  19. Thanks Sam Li. Which town are you from?

  20. Thanks Arlie. It’s a important part to make your car shinny and the initial step of coating. Have a good day. Cheers.

  21. Thanks Tyler. I am happy to help you. When someone says my writing and sharing tips and tricks help a person to know something which new for him. It makes me proud and crazy about my passion. Have a good day. Cheers.

  22. May be you missed WEN Brad Nailer. The 9th product of the list. it just $26. I think it will be beneficial for you. Have a good purchase mate. Cheers.

  23. Thanks Ramirez for your appreciation. I will inspire my team to write more awesome researched based content. Cheers.

  24. I will definitely take AvalonKing Armor Shield IX. Thanks for your appreciation Ricky. Have a nice day. Cheers.

  25. Yes, I will do. Thanks.

  26. Thanks for your appreciation. Have a good day. Cheers.

  27. Thanks for your appreciation. Have a good day. Cheers.

  28. Hi Christopher, Both are good at paint protection and also it depends on choice and color. Mainly paint protection depends on the applying process and the finishing. But they offered you higher price. I personally like Generation 3. It’s only my personal choice. However, have a good day. Cheers.

  29. Read the Whole Article at first bro. I think you will definitely find the answer.

  30. Hi Belinda,
    When had you purchased the product?