Are leather car seats better than fabric? The difference between them

We can all agree on one thing, the seat comfort in your car is absolutely important! Just think of it this way: when you drive, you actually spend the whole time in your car seat, and therefore, that car seat must be comfortable and suitable for you.

However, there are several choices you can go with when choosing a car seat. The most famous choices are leather or fabric car seats. Anyhow, the real question here actually is ‘’Are leather car seats better than fabric’’? And, we are here to discuss everything on this subject.

So, let’s not waste any more time and get straight down to business. Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of leather and fabric car seats.

are Leather car seat better than fabric
Leather car seat

Leather Car Seats

As we all know, cars with leather car seats actually look better and somehow more classy than fabric ones. But, leather is not only good when it comes to looks and appearance. The leather material actually has lots of benefits and advantages as well.

However, you have to ask yourself are your car seats actual leather? Since there are plenty of different types of mix leather/synthetic car seats on the market. But, let’s see about leather car seats for now.

So, let’s see every benefit that you can experience with leather car seats.


  • Breathable – One of the most important things and benefits about the leather car seats is the breathability. Namely, breathability is very important to have, especially if you drive for a long period of time.Just imagine sitting for a couple of hours in a car seat that keeps all the sweat, it sounds disgusting, doesn’t it? But, with the leather material that doesn’t have to be the case. The breathability of the leather is only one of the many good things about the leather.Besides that, having your back and your bottom area completely dry and warm is absolutely important when it comes to driving.
  • Soft and Comfortable – We all know that leather is definitely one of the most comfortable choices that you can go with when choosing a car seat. But, the main reason why leather is so comfortable is the softness and the ability to adjust to your body type.Leather can actually stretch up to the point to perfectly fit your body profile and type. That is why leather car seats are absolutely wonderful for a bit larger people.
  • Unique smell – Some people really love the smell of leather, and that is not a coincidence. Leather actually has a really unique smell which brings a special kind of tone to the car. Let’s be honest here, we all think that leather is a bit more classy and elegant than any other material.Also, the smell of leather inside your car is something that is considered as a great thing. Just imagine if you spill something inside the car and the smell won’t fade away. Well, that can never happen inside the car with leather car seats.
  • Class choice – When it comes to class and elegancy, the leather material for car seats beats all. That is a fact! Most of the cars that are specially designed to excel in the field of luxury and elegancy are equipped with leather car seats.It is not a secret that leather is considered as the best material if you want to look like a gentleman. But, that doesn’t have to be the case every time. However, most of the time, leather really indicated to the elegancy of the car.

Now, let’s see downfalls or possible flaws about leather car seats.

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  • Costly – As you could suspect, the first disadvantage of leather material on your car seats is the cost. Namely, leather car seats cost more since they are made out of the expensive and high-quality materials.Besides that, if you take everything into consideration, it is not uncommon at all that leather cost more.
  • • Visible damages – The most annoying thing about leather car seats is that they actually have so many visible damages if you scratch them. I mean, even the smallest scratches are clearly visible.However, that doesn’t have to be the downside per se. If you take good care of your car seats, you won’t have scratches.
  • Wearing out – As some of you might suspected so far, the leather material surely is capable of tearing up and wearing out pretty quickly. If you don’t maintain it properly, your leather car seats will look like someone literally butchered them with knife.

Easily wearing out is actually a known problem for leather car seats:

  • Temperature oscillation – The most annoying thing about leather car seats definitely is the temperature oscillation. Namely, when it is summer and it is hot, your leather car seats will be even hotter.On the other hand, when the temperature drops below zero, your leather car seats will be cold as ice.
  • Hard to maintain – And possibly the worst thing about leather car seats is the maintaining process. Simply speaking, you have to clean them with special kind of solutions, take extra good care of them, and so on.Because of that, many people tend not to get leather car seats.
fabric car seat advantages and disadvantages
fabric car seat advantages and disadvantages

Fabric Car Seats

Now, for a little bit different kind of thing, let’s discuss everything about fabric car seats. As you all know, fabric car seats are mostly present in race cars and other ‘’not so luxury’’ cars. Therefore, we can conclude that fabric is actually much more practical and better in some cases.

However, let’s see all the good sides about fabric car seats.


  • Cheap – First, and possibly the best thing about fabric car seats is that they are so cheap. In comparison to leather car seats, fabric is way cheaper and everyone can afford it.Therefore, the majority of people go for this option.
  • Breathable – Same as leather car seats, fabric car seats are breathable as well. However, the level of breathability depends on the material that these car seats are made out of.There are some materials that are great when it comes breathability, like nylon, vinyl, suede, and so on.
  • Easy maintaining – It is also know that these car seats are extremely easy to maintain. You just need to clean them once in a while with a vacuum, and you are good to go.
  • Waterproof – Waterproof feature is also something that speaks for fabric car seats. Therefore, if you like to drink beverages inside your car, fabric is the way to go.
  • Good friction – Not like leather, fabric car seats actually have much better friction which will allow you to easily find the most comfortable position. Getting up and getting in the seat is also easy.
  • Multiple options to choose from – You can choose from a big specter of fabric car seats. Namely, there is suede, velour, nylon, vinyl, and so much more.And, there are some downfalls of fabric seats as well, so let’s see.

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  • Gets dirty easily – Nothing is perfect, and in addition to that, fabric car seats often get dirty very east. Therefore, you need to clean them a bit more frequently than leather car seats.
  • They absorb odors – Possibly the worst thing about fabric is that it absorbs odors. Therefore, smoking or any other bad odor activity is not recommendable inside the car with fabric car seats.
  • Heat absorbing – Also, fabric car seats absorb most of the heat that your body makes. This can be a good thing during winter. But, during summer, that is going to be a real pain in the neck.
leather vs fabric car seat
leather vs fabric car seat

Main differences

So, let’s discuss the main differences between these two car seat types. Also, let’s see are leather car seats better than fabric?

  • Price
    Leather car seats cost more while fabric car seats are way more affordable. Therefore, we must give advantage to fabric here.
  • Maintaining
    Maintaining of both leather and fabric car seats is troublesome. But, leather car seats require more effort and more tools. In that light, fabric is better.
  • Overall looks
    When it comes to looks, leather car seats are definitely better. You will be able to catch everyone’s eye in a car with leather car seats. On the other hand, fabric is not that spectacular when it comes to looks.
  • Comfort
    Both leather and fabric car seats are comfortable, but, leather is definitely a bit more comfortable and softer. In addition to that, leather is better here. You will have the most comfortable time inside the leather car seat, that’s a fact.
  • Heat transmission
    Leather car seats are great for keeping heat when it is cold, however, fabric is not that good. You have to really turn up the heat inside the car in order to be warm if you have fabric car seats.


In the light of everything we said, leather car seats are a bit better in our humble opinion. However, fabric car seats actually excel better in some other fields of performance. But, the main thing about these car seats depends on you actually.

We have just explained everything about leather and fabric car seats, so you can have the best possible insight into the problem. Therefore, your own decision will be the best. And, in that light, you will know exactly which car seat type is better for you.

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