All Terrain Versus (VS) All Season Truck, Car and SUV Tires

The tire is one of the main factors for your on-road or off-road driving. Most people search for all season or all-terrain tires. Both the tires are great choices for any circumstances. But you need to know which kind of equipment will follow the options.

All-terrain tires are mostly considered for off-road driving. It is a kind of all-purpose tire. In some cases, it outlasts all other tires. But people sometimes get irritated by the noise of all-terrain tires.

Falken Wildpeak AT3W All Terrain Tire
All Terrain Tire

For on-road driving, you need to think about the seasonal circumstances. On snowy or mud roads, all seasonal tires would be great options.

Now I am going to present a comparison of the All-Terrain Tires vs All-season tires. It might make the selection easier for you when the time is ripe to choose a tire for your car or SUV.

All Terrain Tires Characteristics:

All-terrain tires are made for off-road driving. But it has more features to serve more than the said purposes. These tires are used for traction on any kind of surface to survive slippage. The open tread design it ensures great handling at the street. It could be the best for highways, paved or off-road driving. Let’s go a bit elaborative about the features of All Terrain Tires.

The design:

The open tread design improves the traction of the tires on loose surfaces. The interlocking tread elements enhance the grip of the tires on rock or mud. It also develops the handling system on this kind of surface or on paved roads as well as on highways.

The tread design of this tire is prone to noise. The block tread pattern of all-terrain tire bells a louder noise on mud road or off-road. The said tires usually radials with thick and deep tread. This feature provides added traction on dirt surfaces. It ensures the maximum grip on loose surfaces but on paved surfaces it provides fewer grips.

All-purpose tire

All terrain tires provide traction on snowy surfaces. You don’t need to replace your tire from summer to winter tires. That’s why it is also called all-purpose tire. But winter tires have some extra advantages because of the tread pattern and rubber compounds.

Fuel efficiency:

Fuel efficiency is a prime concern for all. It might rank moderate compared to other types of tires. All-terrain tires are used for off-road or mud prone driving. So, the tires have some different features like mechanical friction, wind or rolling resistance. The stiffer sidewalls may reduce fuel consumption, but they could reduce the traction too.


The more developed sidewalls add up in some models of all-terrain tires. This reinforced tire increased the carrying capacity of the tires which is more efficient for heavier vehicles or off-road driving. Campers should also use these reinforced tires as these kinds of vehicles need to have a greater load to carry. Sidewall letters meaning is available here.

Tread Life:

The tread life of the all-terrain tire is much shorter compared to all-season tires. But the tread life is more than the average of 40,000 miles. It happens because of the shorter rubber used in the tires. There are also some different tires with more mileage.

Cupping Prone:

All-terrain tires are prone to cupping as it falls for more aggressive surfaces. The design itself is reliable for this cupping of the tire. Even the insufficient controls of shock absorbers also trouble this tire. So, you should be careful and check it within every 6000 to 8000 miles of rotation.

Federal Couragia Mud Terrain Tire
Why choose all terrain tire

Why Choose All-Terrain Tires:

All-terrain tires are designed for off-road driving, but it is a great fit for both off-road and paved surfaces. The design of this tire assures the maximum grip on mud or loose terrain as well as safety or comfort on paved surfaces. The hybrid patterns are typically used for them.

The tougher compounds enhance the wear life under different rough conditions. It also features low inflation pressure on difficult terrain to reduce rigidity. After a thorough inspection and evaluation of all-terrain tire, the outcomes confirm that you need this tire while you are prone to off-road driving or running within mud terrain or loose surfaces.

The extra advantage of this category tire is the great handling and control in paved surfaces or highways.

all season tire
All season tire

All Season Tire:

If you need a versatile performance year-round, all season tires might be a great option. It offers a great balance and performance in any weather condition throughout the year.

The design and performance

All season tires are made of rubber composite that is modeled for great performance in any kind of weather condition. The tread block size and shape allow smooth performance on wet or dry condition. This feature assembles the tire confirming maximum grip on icy roads. The sipping narrow channels on all season tire increase traction on wet or dry condition. The tread patterns assure the comfortable.

Fuel efficiency

Comparing the fuel efficiency, the all-season tire would be the best one. The design of this tire allows less consumption of fuel. The tire is not as aggressive as the terrain tire. It cannot cope up with a deep or extreme condition which prevents this tire from saving fuel comparing others.

All season tire
All season tire

Performance in all season and condition

All season tires are developed and aimed at people who need a smooth ride for every weather. This category of tires offers a comfortable and noises free ride whether terrain tires are noise prone enough. The counterparts allow consistent, quiet and more comfortable driving. But in extreme conditions like deep and snowy weather all season tires won’t afford loose or dirt surfaces.

Why all season tire:

If you are interested to drive noise free and comfortable, all season tires are perfect. This tire is fit for any kind of weather condition. The tread block size and shape allow the tires to grip comfortably in summer condition. Even in winter, you don’t need to think of tire replacing. This tire is all season tire that ensures service all year round. But in extreme conditions, the tire is not going to carry the load easily.

All terrain vs all season tire
All terrain vs all season tire

Difference Between All season and All Terrain Tires

FeaturesAll Season TireAll Terrain Tire
Sound on RideSmooth and QuietRelatively Bit agitated and Inherently Quiet
Rolling ResistanceRelatively LowRelatively High
Rain TractionGoodBetter than All-season
Snow TractionPoorGood but lower than snow tire.
Dirt or Mud TractionPoorBest
SpeedFastLower than all season tire
Tread WearRelatively LowRelatively High
Tread DepthLowHigh
Tread LifeHighRelatively Short
Perfect forSuperior On RoadSuperior Off Road
CostAs UsualMore Expensive than all seasonal tire
Fuel EfficiencyBestGood
Load CapacityLowHigh

Final Thought

All season tire is used for quiet and unnoticed cabin environment. But the all-terrain tire allows both off-road and paved surface driving. It is the best option in mud terrain and loose surface as the all-terrain tires ensures maximum grip and great handling. So, in my opinion, if you are in need of both types of driving like off road and on highways the all-terrain tires are the best. When there arises an argument titling “All terrain tire vs All season tire”, all-terrain tires come out victorious backed by a sharp majority of conveniences.

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